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Top 5 Technologies Used to Build Robust Solution for Restaurant Business

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Mobile app development has taken the whole world by storm, don’t you think so? Every successful business entrepreneur owns a feature-rich mobile app these days; it helps them promote their business, reach more customers, interact with them, and keep their brand with the present trend. All app stores are inundated with billions of apps for users to download and make their life easier.

Statista report shows that Android users can choose from 2.7 million apps as of the second quarter of 2020. It makes the Google Play store stand first with a considerable app number. In comparison, the Apple app store stands second, with 1.82 million apps for users. As more apps are flooding the leading app store, Apple and Google App store always prefer to remove low-quality apps. Hence it becomes vital for every business, including delivery brands, to develop a high-quality app with the right technology and tools.

There is media consumption globally on mobile devices; it has continuously outpaced connected devices and desktops. Smartphone users usually spend more than 5 hours on their mobile phones; hence it’s a great opportunity for restaurateurs to reach their targeted audience in a short time.

The smartphone replacement cycle is around 21 months globally. Not a single user these days can stay without their smartphone or app. It provides restaurateurs with an excellent opportunity to expand their business and drive more traffic and success for your delivery brand.

Different Type of Apps, Tools, & Framework You Can Consider for App Development

One of the biggest questions that arise during software development is the type of app you want to develop. The development might vary on the customer’s requirements; however, it also depends on the market saturation. Few basic types of app to consider includes:

  • Native Apps
  • Mobile Web Apps.
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps

Top Tools to Use as a Restaurateur for App Development

  • PhoneGap
  • Appcelerator
  • RhoMobile
  • WidgetPad
  • MoSync

App Development Framework to Use in 2021

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • NativeScript
  • Felgo
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • Xamarin

Top Development Technologies Restaurateurs Must Consider in 2021

The COVID-19 applied lockdown and social distancing policies; it has steadily raised mobile usage. During Q3 alone, more than 28 billion smart apps were downloaded globally. Mobile users spent around 180 billion hours each month of the third quarter, with a significant $28 billion on technology apps.

The COVID 19 pandemic has the last effect on app development technology and trends; it has also changed the customers’ purchase behavior to a great extent. A well-engaged brand app will indeed improve branding and customer retention rate at the same time.

Most restaurants these days want to extend assistance, share information related to their brand, stand out from competitors, and everything is possible with advanced mobility solutions. To make your mobile accessible and user-friendly, it becomes vital for you to use modern and up-to-date technology for its development process.

However, identifying what resources you will need to make your app function, it becomes vital for you to figure out which development trends, platforms, and technology will help you serve better.

1. Python

Python is a well-liked programming language that has been adopted for making various types of apps worldwide. There are 8.2 million developers who are using Python for app development. Last September, there were around 7 million Python developers while others preferred to use Java as modern technology.

Python is object-oriented, dynamic, and open source technology. It’s pretty straightforward for developers to understand and use Python to build an application similar to Uber Eats, helping restaurateurs satisfy customers’ growing demand efficiently.

Even a fresh developer with basic programming skills can understand and build a robust solution. It includes built-in debuggers to offer flawless development to developers. The programming technology also offers multiple libraries, frameworks, community support, and many other features ensuring smooth development.

2. Java

Java ranks in the top five most used programming technologies globally, with about 40.2% users. The object-oriented language is highly secure and easy to handle; it is widely used for Android app development by developers. Java provides ample excellent documentation, community support, excellent libraries, and much more, allowing developers to craft different Android apps effortlessly and speedily.

3. Swift & C++

As a restaurateur, if you want to be app-specific for Apple users, then Swift and C++ is the best option to choose for development. Let’s first talk about Swift; it is a programming technology that provides advanced functionalities with minimal coding. Hence it becomes easier for developers to app solutions using Swift. Developers can use this technology for iOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, etc.

If you are looking to build a dynamic app, then C++ is the best option to choose. It is highly sought and used by most developers to build a multi-platform app. Developers can write code using C++ and use the app on multiple platforms, including iOS, Windows, and many more, without losing its performance.

It is a practical and straightforward compiler-based approach to develop a versatile app for multiple platform usage. C++ can be considered as the sister technology for Objective-C, which was used for Apple app development before the launch of Swift in 2014.

4. PHP & HTML 5

PHP and HTML is an easy object-oriented language. PHP mainly consists of a three-layer module helping developers to develop dynamic and web app development. PHP is undoubtedly suitable for app development that needs database integration. Developers have a wide choice of frameworks when they choose PHP as development technology. They can select from CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laravel, and Lumen.

Large framework availability makes it easier for developers to develop complex app solutions that demand exhaustive data migration. App developers prefer PHP for large-scale projects as the technology makes authentication, routing, and caching much simpler.

A wide range of tools is available for those who are thinking of developing robust app solutions using HTML 5. It is the perfect option for developers and restaurants who want to build an app from scratch. It possesses multi-platform capabilities helping you to advertise your business and reach a massive audience in no time.

5. Kotlin

Kotlin is a statically based programming technology used for building advanced app solutions for the Android platform. It is considered an advanced version of Java programming; hence it’s regarded as an adequate answer to the obsolete developers’ face with Java.
Undoubtedly, Kotlin rises fast, but JavaScrip attracts millions of more app developers. Programming technology has influenced most developers to build robust solutions making users’ life much more accessible and comfortable than ever before.

There are Many More to Consider

Software development trends and apps have become an inseparable part of day to day life of humans. Now they can use it for every purpose from taxi booking, shopping, hiring professionals, learning, chatting with friends & family, and many more. Apps are available for almost everything; hence it becomes traditional for businesses to consider app development approaches.

The restaurant business app solution can be easily developed using these robust technologies. When it comes to the restaurant business, digital solutions E-ordering and E-Delivery are two important considerations that make your restaurant completely digital and help in more accessible management. Hence, these are the technologies you can rely on for your restaurant business transformation in the E-world. 

When it comes to robust app development, then there are a plethora of aspects that you need to consider to grab attention and success on a leading app store. Choosing the right technology, framework, platforms, and much more are few essential aspects that help you bring the worth of your investment to a business app. 

Listed above are leading development technologies that you can consider to build a robust app, but understand that the list won’t end here; there are many more which you can use.


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