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How to Become an Affiliate Pro With the Right WordPress Plugin

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We are all aware of the online platforms used to write and create our blogs or content sites. WordPress is among several online sites that help create profiles and share our experiences for millions of internet users to read and gather. WordPress is based on MySQL and PHP, which makes it an open-source content management system (CMS). It has built-in template insertion and plugin architectures that are the platform’s features.

It helps in blog writing and supports other web content that is traditional, like media galleries, online stores, mailing lists, and many more. WordPress is widely used by over 60 million users and is among the top 10 million websites, according to a census published in April 2016.

It is considered the most convenient website management software by its users. WordPress also has other applications like a pervasive display system (PDS) for better work experience.


WordPress was developed in 2003 by the founder’s Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. WordPress’s operation must be installed in a web server, whether attached to a computer programming software or an internet hosting server like wordpress.com, to serve a network host in its own right.


WordPress can be correctly termed as a factory that makes a webpage. These define and justify the work of WordPress. It also stores the contents of various users and creates and publishes web pages that only need a domain and hosting network.

WordPress is an advanced webpage creation platform with a template system with a template processor. The structure of the system is a front controller that routes the static URLs to a single file in PHP format. This helps in more human-readable permalinks.


Plugins are the structure of WordPress that helps to establish and extend the features of a webpage or a blog. According to a report, WordPress has over 54,000 plugins available, each containing custom features that make users tailor their sites for specific needs. But these plugins are not as same as the premium plugins.

These plugins help in customization to a great extent. From client portals to search engine optimization, these plugins are used everywhere to display private information to the users that are logged in and content management systems.

Here we will discuss ten plugins that can be used in WordPress by any user.

Content Egg Pro Plugin

When it comes to monetizing a website with affiliate marketing, marketers often struggle to find the best affiliate plugin since there are multiple marketplaces to manage. Most of the plugins available in the market are built for one network. To be specific, it’s Amazon. But Content Egg Pro is the exception.

The WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution for creating profitable websites, affiliate websites, price comparison tables, featured deals, and product reviews. The plugin 25 shops and popular networks for different regions helps affiliate marketers to manage all marketplace from a clear interface. This not only saves a significant amount of time but also helps to maximize the revenue.


ASA2 is one of the most comprehensive Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress. It allows the user to use the possibilities of the Amazon Product Advertising API (PA API) on their own website without special knowledge. ASA2 supports the new PA API version 5.0. The display of the products includes more than 10 ready-to-use templates, which can be customized to the layout of the website and are automatically kept up to date with every update.

When creating your own templates, ASA2’s complex template syntax sets no limits to your imagination. Of course, the templates are multilingual and optimized for AMP. With ASA2’s Single Image feature, it is possible to display only single product images, including rating stars. The products used are stored in the form of WP Custom Post Types and can be labeled with tags and categories.

This allows powerful filtering options within ASA2’s Smart Collections. With ASA2’s Geolocation feature, products can be displayed according to the visitor’s country of origin and always forwarded to the appropriate store.

Power users love to use ASA2 to update a multitude of products via a server-side cronjob so that the page is loaded as quickly as possible for visitors. To mention all the features here would go beyond the scope.ASA2 has extensive documentation and support and is always kept up to date with WordPress and PHP.

Affiliate manager

This software is best for a free experience of the affiliate management system. It has premium WordPress plugins with a long list of features that will make anyone spellbound. Installing and using it is easy and straightforward and will be very friendly to the user while using it. This affiliate manager makes managing the referral very easy as the user can control everything.

From the process of registration to payments and commission of individuals, everything can be tackled by this plugin. Tracking and paying the amounts can be done through PayPal, which can be a huge plus point. On top of these, any user can create banner ads, track ad impressions, and customize affiliate messages.


AffiliateWP is a full-length affiliate managing program that is very easy to be installed yet very flexible and agile. It makes the whole process of the referral programs very easy as it should be. It helps to set up commission percentages, affiliate pages, and cookie distribution for better working of the product.

Moreover, affiliate WordPress can be easily configured to set up sign forms as well as emails to match the needs. Other functions include reCAPTCHA to keep both roles out and automatic settings just for reasonable measures.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Of the several premium plugins, Ultimate Affiliate Pro is undoubtedly one of the best. It has an impressive list of features that can be used for management solutions, but it is both cheap and flexible. It helps in affiliate ranking, custom commissions, an unlimited number of affiliates, special performance offers, and bonuses. Payments can be made through PayPal. Other features include making banners by the users, signup referrals and multiple integrations, shortcuts, QR codes, and helpful affiliate links.


Affiliate is another full-featured affiliate WordPress plugin that is best if one is looking for an affiliate management system that is a bit different from others. Affiliate plugins give other plugins a run for their money with lots of tools and sellers, membership sites, and online stores.

It helps to track an unlimited number of affiliates at the same time. The traffic statistics help the users to see which ones are working and which are not working. This affiliate management system comes with an API to bank on the plugins to structure the affiliate management programs.

WordPress Affiliate and Referral

WordPress affiliate and referral program is clean and beautiful and requires a user to use it. It offers everything that a user needs when using a plugin. Adding and tracking affiliates is very easy in this affiliate management program, and payments can be made through PayPal without breaking a sweat.

It is a second plugin that delivers the best output that can be asked to. It also has features that can be enjoyed by the users considerably, like real-time operating and social sharing buttons and sharing of activities on the go. Awesome shortcodes and unlimited referrals are also features of this plugin. These plugins also track notifications and cookies. In short, these plugins serve a great deal to the users and help them operate freely.


It is the best-recommended WordPress affiliate management plugin ever. ThirstyAffiliates saves a lot of your time and effort by making your affiliate marketing 10x faster. The tool is designed for bloggers to make money. It offers to cloak long and ugly affiliate links securely and insert them into blog posts easily.

WP affiliate manager plugin is used to deliver and manage the material that is put inside the system. They help customize the management system to a great extent, where the users find it very easy and friendly to work with and cope with. From search engine optimizations to client portals and payment methods, these plugins help with all.


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