Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (Guide 2020)

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Sellers who plan to offer products on Amazon’s marketplace for the long-term would profit by establishing a brand tonality, brand story, and brand values. This brand-related content could be added in the form of visually enhanced images or strategically placed appealing text to create a sense of credibility and reliability amongst customers. 

What is Amazon’s enhanced brand content? 

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, also known as EBC, is an added benefit that permits sellers to customize their product listings with an opportunity to uplift their products’ visual, textual, and aesthetic appeal. 

This feature assists in helping sellers to make their products stand out against niche-relevant products. Not only does this lead to profitable PPC campaigns, but also greater lead conversions and, eventually, sales. 

Amazon enhanced brand content guidelines  

To start with, only sellers with products registered in the Amazon Brand Registry can use EBC features. This discourages small-scale sellers from selling a similar product as a seller who can avail of the EBC feature. Some may say this gives private-label sellers a lower hand. Factually speaking, enhanced brand content can also be used by small-scale sellers. Keep reading to know more. 

Small-scale sellers who have not been registered as a brand can get approved to use the EBC feature as long as their brand has a registered trademark that is live at the time of applying. 

Make sure to double-check whether the desired trademark isn’t already registered, neither does it possess mutual attributes with an existing trademark. All this can be cross-checked by accessing the Trademark Search Registrar. Another important aspect is to ensure that Amazon Brand Registry will permit the registration of a trademark issued in your operating country. 

Not to forget the perks of the Early Reviewer program. Usually, reviews have a critical role in your product’s selling price, despite 99% of purchasers not writing a review. This Early Reviewer program charges you $60 per SKU, and then Amazon randomly assigns a shopper to write a review for your item. They get the money, and you get the review! On an even brighter note, prospective customers are more likely to make an effort to drop in a review. 


1. Currently free 

Amazon currently has not priced to EBC feature, and it’s thus free of cost. Before they put up a price tag on this feature, you must indulge in designing catchy and customer-centric creatives to maximize your possible spike in sales. 

2. Evident brand value 

This is by far the most relevant and vital attribute of the EBC feature. If you see 2 products, one simply stating the features in textual format and generic images, whereas the other provides eye-catching visuals, a brand logo, and quality images for each feature, the probability of choosing the latter is higher. 

EBC empowers your product listings with a range of customer-influencing features that would otherwise be unavailable to an ordinary seller. 

3. Cuts down the bounce-off rate 

Bounce-off rates are the worst enemy for any seller on any marketplace on the internet. Due to diversity in formats of product listings, content creation, strategic placement of eye-grabbing aspects, and several product listings even on a product’s main page, chances are a prospective buyer will click on an alternative option if not immediately satisfied. 

The sight of a brand story depicted with a series of pictures that requires no product page navigation and minimal scrolling will pull a buyer deeper into your sales funnel. Though the product may not be sold to the client in the first attempt, the client has generated a fair amount of interest and probably would buy it in the future or recommend it to another buyer. 

Basically, the chances of greater sales receive an improvement in some form due to the reduced bounce-off rate. 

4. Eradicates negative reviews and product returns 

As long as you exploit every attribute the EBC feature offers, the probability of providing greater customer clarity increases. This will reduce the occurrences of buyers returning orders due to inaccurate product descriptions, be it in the form of faulty mentioning of features or poor depiction of the actual product design. 

Creating the most easily descriptive creatives for your product listing would cancel the possibility of acquiring negative reviews from unsatisfied customers. 

5. Greater ROI on paid product Ads 

Suppose you’re from the category of sellers that relies on paid product ads. In that case, the greater range of creative options provided by Amazon’s EBC feature could reward you with a greater ROI on ads, productive CTRs, and better brand value propositions. 


There are downsides to EBC too. However, the positives far outweigh the negatives. 

  • There is a strict limit on the number of templates (5) that can be used for customization. This considerably limits your design options, and as a seller depending on the EBC feature, you will have to work around the in-built templates provided by Amazon. 
  • Sellers have no facilities to use interactive modules that offer an extended scope of creating more brand-centric and extremely captivating product listings. 
  • The biggest downside is probably the prolonged durations that Amazon can take to approve your product page. Even worse is when your submission is rejected. Going through the grind for the EBC feature again is as bad as it can get. 
  • Even if small-scale businesses do have a registered trademark, they would need to invest in hiring someone proficient in building catchy product creatives. Sadly, this investment may or may not pay off, depending on the industry the seller is catering to and the intensity of the existing competition in the niche. 


There are a set of rules to follow for the images and videos you create. Make sure you study the exact requirements to successfully put your EBC-enhanced product listing on the Amazon market. 

If you’re wondering whether you need to get EBC, ask yourself your goals, analyze your product’s complexity, and check whether or not getting the EBC feature on-board will actually make a difference to your final product representation. 

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission if you make any purchase by clicking our links. Please see our detailed guide here.

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