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Apex Legends Mobile 5 best legends to equip on the battlefield

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
An enthusiastic gamer who enjoys writing about games and playing BR genre games.

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5 Best legends in Apex Legends Mobile: Apex Legends is now accessible on mobile devices, and the greatest thing is that the changes between the PC and mobile versions are minimal. Apex Legends Mobile features 10 Legends available from the start, allowing players a variety of skill options. Apex Legends Mobile, like its PC version, has a wide range of legends, each with its unique set of passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities that may help them win the battle.

The mobile version includes an exclusive character named Fade in addition to the other legends from the PC or console versions. Players are eager to know which of the ten legends accessible in the game is the finest option. So, in this article, we’ll list the Apex Legends Mobile 5 best legends that you should be aware of.

Top 5 best legends in Apex Legends Mobile


Octane’s health is slowly restored by his passive, which grants the user 1 Health Unit every sec. His tactical ability allows him to improve his velocity by 30% for six seconds at the expense of a few of the users’ hp. Octane is said to be more difficult to trace in practically any battle circumstance. It is among the best legends in Apex Legends Mobile. Octane’s stim and launchpad make it virtually tough to beat him in a nearer duel or against a sharpshooter. He has been the only Legend that has the ability to drain and restore his health based on the situation.


Gibraltar is a must-have for any team aiming to put up the best lineup. Because most teams will be trapped with other aggressive legends, the optimum lineup will likely be an assistant, a defender, and a damage dealer. Gibraltar’s shield is extremely effective in the game as your comrades can exploit the extra measure of assurance to take down the enemies. It also gives the whole squad a time to relax and recover health and armor if you’re caught in the field and are about to be carried off. Gibraltar is among the best legends to equip in Apex Legends Mobile.


Bloodhound’s passive skill may detect opposing players’ footprints on the ground, allowing players to either follow for a possible surprise or escape the confrontation. Its ultimate skill is ‘Beast of the Hunt,’ which acts as a combat mode, enhancing the player’s instincts, allowing them to move quicker, and highlighting their target for a brief period. Bloodhound is one of the best legends in Apex Legends Mobile. His skills are all useful, yet they aren’t extremely complicated or difficult to use.


While engaged in intensive weapon fights, a recovering legend is vital, and Lifeline is the greatest suit for such scenarios in Apex Legends Mobile. The ultimate skill of Lifeline is extremely useful because it summons a Care Package with durable armor and supplies. It is among the best legends in Apex Legends Mobile. Combat Revive, Lifeline’s most powerful skill, enables users to revive two comrades at once while fighting with the DOC drones.


When Fade’s ability is activated, it causes a blast that transports anybody inside into a vacuum realm where mobility is hindered and no one may harm another person. The ultimate skill, Phase Chamber, has the potential to cast other legends into the abyss, which comes in handy while conquering specific areas, particularly in the closing zones. FlashBack allows players to return to a former location, which may be great for keeping out of cramped circumstances or planning a surprise assault. Last but not least, Fade is among the list of best legends in Apex Legends Mobile.


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