Show Your Appreciation: Rewards and Gift Ideas for Employees

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Employee Appreciation Day is March 4, 2022, so it’s time to start thinking about some ways that you, as an employer, can show your staff that you appreciate all of their hard work. It can be hard finding a gift that will be loved by all of your employees which is why some employers choose to go with rewards or bonuses for their staff. Only you know your staff (especially if you work together in person), so only you will be able to decide the best way to show your appreciation— but here are a few ideas.

Throw a Staff Party

What better way to show your employees that you’re grateful for all of the hours they pour into the company than by having a celebration? Office parties are a fun way for all members of your team to get together for something other than work. Complete the social event with food, drinks, and other treats with input form your employees, and skip out on the office pizza party— unless it’s what your staff really wants.

To top off your Employee Appreciation Party, verbalize exactly how much and why you appreciate each and every employee. An award or rewards ceremony will make your employees feel like a valued part of your company, and you don’t even have to have specially made trophies— a simple certificate of appreciation can speak volumes. This type of recognition is one of the many ways to make your employees more productive.

Gift Ideas

Maybe an office party isn’t feasible, so giving a gift to all of your employees may be a better option. When it comes to employees’ gifts and rewards there are so many possibilities, so here are a few ideas.

Flowers and Plants

A bouquet of flowers (small or large) has always been a guaranteed way to put a smile on someone’s face. Since Employee Appreciation Day is right before spring, this is a great way to bring spring into the office early. Surprise your staff with flowers to show your appreciation, or even with potted plants that they can keep on their desks.

Indoor plants make a great gift because they’re beneficial to both physical and mental health. They’re great for indoor air quality and they are natural stress relievers. Studies have shown that plants can also help boost productivity in the workplace, so this gift is a win for both you and your staff.

New Office Supplies and Equipment

One way to really show your employees that they’re appreciated for their hard work is to make their work a little less hard. Getting them office supplies (especially if they have to provide them themselves) and updating your equipment will be greatly appreciated by your employees. Of course, not all businesses will be able to afford to get every employee the latest computer for their desk, but there are other less expensive items necessary for work that you can supply them with.

Promotional Items

Something like this may not interest many part-time employees, but for those employees who are dedicated to the business and see a long future with the company, company-branded items can be a very unique gift idea. Sure, T-shirts, hats, and coffee mugs are classic gifts, but you can get creative with promotional items and put your company logo on things like :

  • Shot glasses
  • Tumblers
  • Ponchos
  • Yoga mats
  • Beach towels

You can even gift a personalized Christmas ornament with your company logo. This festive memento is something that they will keep for years.

State Your Appreciation

Nothing says that you appreciate your employees like actually saying it to them. You don’t have to wait for a special day to recognize your employees when you can acknowledge them whenever you notice they’re doing a good job. A personalized, handwritten note is also a thoughtful gesture to let your employees know that you care about them. Handwritten notes are scarce nowadays, and it shows that you took the time out to state your appreciation.

Because your staff is made up of different types of people, it can be hard to please everyone. More often than not, all of your employees would appreciate any of these gestures, but you can also do a combination of two or more to show your appreciation. Again, you know your staff best so you’ll know the best way to show them your appreciation.

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