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Battlefield 2042 Update 3.2: Everything You Need to Know

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Battlefield 2042 is gearing up for new content that has been ready to hit your device. We’ve gathered the release date and early patch for brand new update 3.2; while the DICE team was relishing great Christmas eve over there in their place, not much longer before, fans have been whooping Battlefield 2042, which is one of the greatest disappointments that gaming history has ever faced.

However, the DICE team has proffered its endeavors to put forth the game. Whether it might be an update or a big issue, the responses are on the dot, but what has been dearth is the content the team is offering to the players is not middling. Moreover, if you’re a fervent fan of Battlefield 2042 and want to witness the game as wholesome content, you could not have been enthralled with the last update. The DICE is back on its foot to pick up the felicitous copy for their game once again. Recently the team released an update in early December; however, after a week, fans have started to lambast the game updates. With a lot of hope, Battlefield 2042 has much more to deliver in 2022. 

Update 3.2 Release date: 

Battlefield direct communication announced on Wednesday 19th January that the new update 3.2 Update for Battlefield 2042 will be available on Wednesday 20th. You can download the latest version once it has arrived on Steam.

An official Twitter post of The Battlefield Direct Communication reads 

“XP in Portal

Further to the changes made at the end of last year, we’ve got more changes set to go live with Update 3.2 tomorrow that will enable more servers and game types to progress on Mastery and Weekly Missions

Details on this will be posted here later this afternoon.” 

Gameplay and bug fixes: 

As of now, there is no official information or even speculation on the new gameplay changes on Update 3.2, but the commitment put by the DICE could bring numerous gameplay changes into the game, albeit they haven’t yet been announced officially. Still, there are a lot of bugs that need immediate fixing from the developers.

Battlefield 2042 update 3.3 

Patch notes

  • A lot of minor fixes and improvements focused on the game’s stability. 
  • Changes to XP in Battlefield Portal, enabling more servers and game types to progress on Mastery and Weekly Missions.

Battlefield 2042 update 3.2

Patch notes

  • Made improvements to ensure Aim Assist is more consistent during console gameplay 
  • Ranger’s effective combat range and overall health has been decreased
  • Players that are not the Party Leader can now cancel while waiting in a queue 
  • Fixed an issue where load outs would sometimes be empty on the spawn screen after joining a server, preventing weapon selection 
  • Xbox – Cross-Play can now be enabled/disabled in the Options menu on Xbox with Battlefield 2042 Update 3.2 Patch Notes. 
  • Your sort settings will now be correctly remembered when refreshing the Battlefield: Portal Server Browser


  • Adjusted dispersion values for most weapons, which results in a faster dispersion decrease when tap firing or doing short bursts
  • DXR-1 and NTW-50 Bolt Action rifles reload animation increased by 0.2 seconds
  • Adjusted dispersion increases for most weapons. It now takes slightly longer for weapons to become overly inaccurate in sustained fire
  • 40mm AP Grenades now properly damage vehicle
  • Fixed some weapons displaying wrong ammo counts for specific magazines


Frag Grenade 

  •  Increased the time to detonate a Frag Grenade from 1.1s -> 1.4s after the first bounce on a hard collision
  • Increased damage of Frag Grenades across game modes to deal 120 damage and guarantee a kill on armored players too 
  • Reduced Frag and Incendiary Grenade max ammo count from 2 -> 1 

DICE has also announced that it will bring a new Scoreboard for Battlefield 2042 through its Update 3.3, which is expected to come out in mid-February 2022.


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