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Beginner Vlogger guide for that quality blogging without breaking your bank

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Are you thinking of launching your own vlog but have little to no clue about where and how to begin? 

Many people from different walks of life, from celebrities to regular people, have joined the vlogging industry for their own reasons. It could be to showcase their skills, share their knowledge about a specific subject, or make money out of vlogging through selling ad space or becoming a YouTube partner. 

Whatever the purpose, the goal is for them to be seen. To do that, you need to find ways to stand out and make a name in the increasingly saturated vlogging landscape. Below, we’ve listed the most valuable tips that can help you launch your vlogging career as a beginner. Let’s get started! 

Find your niche

Before you start a YouTube channel and set a name for it, think about what your niche will be first. What are you most passionate about? What subjects are you most comfortable and confident to talk about for hours on end? Do you have a skill or talent that you’d like to showcase? Choosing your channel’s theme is all up to you. 

If you research online, you’ll see that there are popular channels that focus on one niche, while there are others who cover a broad range. This part of the process should help you get a clear image of what you want to do with your channel and the type of audience that you want to tap to help give your vlogs the views it needs to get on top. 

Keep watch for trends

Those who succeed in vlogging are where they are now because they’re able to foresee and hop onto trends. This means you have to get involved in your niche, conduct research, and check out the content of those who share your niche to see what’s happening. 

Find out what types of content piques your target audience’s interest. Trends like mukbang videos, ASMR videos, shopping hauls, Q&A videos, and more can catch viewers’ attention. You can also collaborate with a famous vlogger to help attract more views. 

Use the right tone

To connect with your audience, you must find the right tone and voice that represents your identity. A candid and casual tone can help establish a more friendly relationship with your audience. When you sound like you’re just talking to a friend, that’s how you can connect with your viewers’ hearts. If you prefer to add a bit of humor, you can do that, too. 

Interact with people

Vlogging does not stop and end with creating and publishing videos. You need to get immersed in all aspects of the process – that means interacting with your audience in the comments section and commenting on other blogs or vlogs. 

Exerting additional effort like this is crucial, especially since you’re a newcomer in the industry. Engaging in the comments on your vlogs and other content creators’ can help you raise awareness about your channel and give you visibility. Do keep in mind that you need to be genuine with your comments. Otherwise, people will think you’re just leaving spam comments.

Use social media to grow your followers

Social media platforms are powerful tools vloggers can take advantage of. No one started a vlog with thousands or millions of subscribers; it takes great effort, hard work, resources, creativity, and time. What a waste it would be if you don’t promote it on your social media networks, right? 

A lot of people use social media, which makes it a good marketing channel to share and promote your vlogs. When you manage to grow your social media following, then you’ll have more people (and potential subscribers) to share your videos. 

Post quality videos regularly

You must plan your content ahead of time so that you can manage your shooting schedule, your content, and the frequency of your posts. Know that viewers subscribe to channels that post actively. Moreover, they like content that shows it’s created with passion and hard work. These are factors that entertain and attract viewers to keep checking your channel for more. 

Affordable Vlogging equipment to invest in

When it comes to vlogging tools, you should learn to invest in quality tools that will last you years to get your money’s worth. Additionally, quality tools will make your vlogging easier. The good news is, you can find great equipment without breaking the bank. You just have to thoroughly research the products to find the best one that fits your budget and needs.


This is one of the tools that will cost you a lot but is worth it in the end. You have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a camera to shoot your vlogs. You have an action camera, an SLR camera, digital, and even a smartphone. Action cameras are best for extreme travel adventure vlogs while you can make also do it with a quality smartphone if you’re shooting makeup videos. 

You can opt for a mirrorless camera like the Sony a5100 16-50mm Mirrorless Digital Camera (the US $448). This is one of the more affordable ones out there that has great features and can capture videos in high resolution. 


You don’t have to shell out a lot of cash to improve your videos’ audio. In fact, you can find good quality external microphones under $30. You can check this BOYA BY-M1DM Dual Lavalier Universal Microphone, which retails for about $30 on Amazon. It’s a lapel microphone perfect or when you plan on doing interview videos, reviews, and other types of content.


Can you really create an excellent video without a tripod? Possibly. But a tripod could help you place your camera in places and angles that best compliment your space, the lighting, and yourself. Something as simple as an AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod ($14.99) can make a huge difference in your videos. 


Finally, you need a laptop for video editing. If you’re planning to invest in a new one, you can opt for a refurbished Macbook, which can go for as low as $569. Macbooks are great laptops for designing and editing your vlog materials and videos. For most artists, the Apple computer is their go-to device when it comes to videos, graphics, and more. You can also check out free graphic design tools online to use for your logos, stickers, icons, and more. 

Summing it up

The vlogging industry can be tricky to navigate for newcomers. Whatever you choose to blog about or tools you shoot your videos with, the most important thing is to let your personality shine through. This is a significant factor that encourages your viewers to watch more of your vlogs and subscribe to your channel. 

Take note of these tips to help you establish your presence online and help you with your blogging journey. Good luck! 


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