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7 Best Exif Viewers to scan photo details without any fuss

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What is the need for an EXIF data editor?

Social media has become a platform for sharing photos and videos. In the wake of uploading the right photo, there are times when we upload several photos. Now, since these photos come from a variety of cameras, smartphones, and other tech gadgets, they come with tons of information such as time, identity, date, and location. In short, this information is consolidated as EXIF data.

Now, here comes the part that you should know. A lot of this information is visible to the person watching your images which might not be exactly what you would want. This is why you need an Exif Data Editor with the help of which you can view the intrinsic EXIF data and at the same time even remove EXIF Data when required.

Here we have consolidated a list of some of the best EXIF Data editors with the help of which you can view metadata of images and even make tweaks if required.

Best Exif viewers and editors

1. Photos Exif Editor 

Coming in at number 1 is Photos Exif Editor. It is a fast and simple way to remove EXIF, XMP, IPTC metadata of thousands of images. You have the ability to add folders or drag and drop images to edit. Here are some of the notable features of Exif data editor – 

starting exif editor
7 Best Exif Viewers to scan photo details without any fuss 1
  • You can include image formats like TIFF, JPEG and RAW
  • The tool makes reading and writing of XMP, IPTC and EXIF metadata possible
  • It even supports image in their RAW format as well
  • With this software, you can manually input GPS coordinates for all images
  • It is available for all the versions of Windows and Mac

2. ExifPro

Another tool that can help you edit and view metadata of images is ExifPro. This helps you describe, display, manipulate and tag your collection of photographs. 

  • There are several view modes like image details, previews, and thumbnails 
  • The tool can show information which is embedded in photographs such as different parameters that the digital camera has used
  • Using the preview bar, you can quickly access all the loaded images and using the light table you can keep selected images
  • Split the view into four panes so that you can inspect multiple images side by side  
  • It even allows you to remove EXIF data

3. FastStone Image Viewer

It is a user-friendly, stable and fast converter, image browser and EXIF data editor which has an assortment of features such as image viewing, comparison, emailing, resizing, retouching and cropping. The tool also has functionality using which you can remove EXIF data.

faststone image viewer
7 Best Exif Viewers to scan photo details without any fuss 2
  • Image browser that looks quite familiar like the Windows explorer
  • It has an innovative and intuitive full-screen mode with help of which you can have 
  • Supports all the major popular formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and many others
  • It has a one-click magnifier
  • You can easily remove EXIF data and IPTC data especially when emailing images 

4. EXIFPurge 

It is a great EXIF data editor for both Windows which lets you view, edit and remove EXIF metadata from several images all at once. Needless to say, if batch photo editing is on your checklist, this tool could be your best bet –

exif purge
7 Best Exif Viewers to scan photo details without any fuss 3
  • It has an extremely easy to use interface that doesn’t take much effort to understand
  • You can change Exif data like date, time and location as per your desires and requirements 
  • It is one of the few Exif data editors that even lets you use a USB pen drive as well 
  • Great for batching editing the metadata of images 

5. Picture information extractor

When you know that your digital camera and smartphone can speak loads about your images in the form of metadata, it’s time to have an EXIF data editor in the form of Picture Information Extractor, also known as PIP.

picture information
7 Best Exif Viewers to scan photo details without any fuss 4
  • Has an attractive interface where details such as XMP, EXIF, IPTC data is extracted from TIF, JPG, and RAW files 
  • You can review pictures from just the metadata from cameras from all models 
  • You can even remove Exif data to protect the privacy of your pictures
  • PIE is also a file manager and lets you browse through several folders and sort, move, delete, copy and rename picture files 
  • It also has an integrated picture viewer. With this, you can zoom into pictures, pan function keys, and switch between browser Windows.

While we have tried to enlist some of the best Exif data editors, there are several others available in the market too. You can choose the one as per your discretion and the one that you find suitable. But we’ll advise that you analyze their features, ratings, and price before going for any EXIF Data editor.

6. Metadata++ 

With this tool you can copy, edit, extract, modify and view metadata in Windows. This tool allows you to get quick and smooth painting panels and thumbnails.  

view metadata in windows
7 Best Exif Viewers to scan photo details without any fuss 5

  Features of Metadata++ –  

  1) This tool allows you to create sidecars containing your metadata.  

  2) It supports formats such as RAW, PNG, WEBM, JPEG and TIFF.  

  3) This tool supports formats such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 on 32 bits as well as 64 bits.  

  4) It also supports video formats such as WebM, DivX, AVI and MP4.  

7. ExifTool GUI (Windows)

This tool supports various kinds of metadata formats such as XMP, ICC, EXIF, JFIF, IPTC, GPS, GeoTIFF, ID3, AFCP, Photoshop IRB.  

exiftool gui
7 Best Exif Viewers to scan photo details without any fuss 6

Features of ExifTool GUI

1) It supports various metadata formats like IPTC, EXIF, GeoTIFF, GPS, JFIF, XMP and many more 

2) Easily edits all types of metadata tags  

3) It is secure to use and is available for Windows users


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