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Best Gadgets for the Most Played Sports to Check Out This Year

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If the manufacturers have already provided a wide range of gadgets and accessories for the runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts, the swimmers are a little deprived. Instabeat will soon correct this injustice.


Their device – a nozzle for swimming goggles – reads circles and swim distance, hand movements and the amount of energy expended. If the owner of the gadget has chosen too high a pace, during the workout, the device will advise you to slow down or take a break.

Withings Pulse Smart Activity Tracker

Another gadget from the family of fitness trackers, Withings Pulse, counts the steps and calories burned, determines the distance traveled and the intensity of the loads. It also has the function of determining the level of blood oxygen saturation – it is enough to attach a finger from the back of the Withings Pulse and wait a few seconds.

Withings Pulse Smart Activity Tracker

To use this best tech gadget, it is not necessarily using a bracelet – you can just put it in your pocket. Despite the small size, data for the last ten days is stored in the model’s memory, and you can see it directly on the touch screen. No Fluff Tech will give you more reviews about the latest and trending sports gadgets.

Running devices

Fitness bracelets, a variety of smartwatches and other devices that monitor user activity are, of course, right. But those who are keen on running know that different bonuses and stylish design are not so significant – it is more important to choose a running watch with a good heart rate monitor and GPS. The flagship Garmin Forerunner 935 sports watch is suitable for runners, but also for those who want to control their workouts. At the same time, the watch looks very classic and weighs only 49 g, which makes it different from the majority of harsh racing brethren.

Running Devices

In running mode, the Forerunner 935 can calculate the speed, pace, time, distance, dynamic characteristics of running, pulse rate, including at rest (there is an accurate optical heart rate monitor for this), step frequency and stride length, altitude and pressure changes … GPS can be turned off if in bad weather if you prefer to run in the hall on the track – there is also a special mode for this. The physical state of the user is controlled, as they say, on all fronts: the device measures VO2max (oxygen consumption), aerobic and anaerobic data, levels of exercise and physical fitness, as well as stress.

Another smartwatch adapted for running training, though not as serious as Garmin is Apple Watch Nike +, related to Series 3. In addition to the unique design, which, of course, is nice, but does not carry a useful load, the watch there is a GPS module and altimeter for tracking ascents and descents, as well as the Nike+ Run Club app. The device can play music tracks from Apple Music, talk through Siri and manage other tasks easily. Individual applications track the pulse and breathing, and of course physical activity. Also, the clock can be used in the pool. There is an “Audio Run” mode to listen to the trainer’s prompts during the training.

And if you want to listen to an audio trainer or music, while running with comfort, we recommend paying attention to special sports headphones that will not fall out of the ears and withstand some external influences. So, wireless Sennheiser CX Sport securely fastened in the ears, weigh little and promise high-quality sound for running music. The control unit with a microphone allows you to answer calls immediately. Also, the device is protected from moisture and, consequently, sweat, and ear adapters of different sizes are included.

Swimming devices

Let’s start again with a smartwatch – it’s still the primary tool that makes it easy and straightforward to count all the activity parameters and even the user’s physical condition. In the case of swimming, the watch should not only be equipped with a GPS, a heart rate monitor but also be protected from moisture to maintain a training regime in the water.

Swimming Devices

The Speedo Aquacoach watches were explicitly designed for training in “serious” pools over 15 meters long. The device counts the number of strokes, the swim distance (including indicating it “in the pools”), elapsed time, consumed calories, and also recognizes turns with a roll. The last 50 workouts are recorded in the memory to monitor progress. With the Speedo Aquacoach, you can safely dive to a depth of 100 m – a regular smartwatch does not provide such impressive water resistance.

The smart gadget watch is explicitly created for swimming and is extremely small, so we recommend to pay attention to the device for triathlon – they also cope with tracking training in the water. Polar V800 is a complete watch for running and swimming if they have a unique profile activated. They can track the pace, time, distance, pulse (when using the chest sensor), the number of strokes and even recognize the style of swimming. However, GPS in water mode will not work, data is read-only from sensors, and to calculate the distance you will need to enter the length of the pool before training.

Again we mention the device that provides the music – combined with headphones, Sony NW-WS625. You should not forget about the swim cushions that come with it. The device is wireless, withstands temperatures from –5 to +45 degrees, is protected from dust and has a built-in memory of 16 GB. The player is thin, lightweight (32 g) and works up to 12 hours without recharging, which is very pleasing.

Cycling devices

Cycling fans have long been trying to improve their “iron horse” with the help of various techniques. The most popular in this regard is cycling computers. If there is one, then even sports accessories like a sports watch are not always needed.

Cycling Devices

The Sigma Sports Baseline 1200 WL wireless bicycle computer is made in Germany, despite the low price, provides an extensive range of functions for the cyclist. He can show not only the current but also the average speed, as well as the difference between them, the distance traveled, travel time and even reports the weather conditions of the environment. The device is very easy to mount on a bicycle. It is protected from moisture by IPX7.

A more advanced model with the navigator – Garmin Edge 1030 – in general, today is considered one of the most powerful cycle computers. The 3.5-inch display (by the way, with the light sensor) only seems large at first glance – in fact, with its help, it is convenient to monitor all parameters, not being distracted by screen switching, and the cards are readable. The GPS sensor combined with computer “brains” not only tracks the distance, location, altitude, speed, counts calories, but even suggests changing the route on the go if there are any problems along the way. Well, more than 20 hours of work with an active workout – it’s just very well, very good autonomy.


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