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Here’s the list of 4 best Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifles (ARs)

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
An enthusiastic gamer who enjoys writing about games and playing BR genre games.

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In Modern Warfare 2, Assault Rifles are thought to be the greatest weapons since they are quick, adaptable, and suitable for all kinds of battle range situations.

Because of their strength and adaptability, assault rifles in Modern Warfare 2 have an obvious advantage over most other alternatives in the game. It is challenging to select the strongest AR among the eight offered in MW2. The top 4 best Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles are listed below to help you decide which one is perfect for you.

Top 4 best Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifles (ARs)

1. Kastov 74u

The Kastov 74u is an excellent choice because of its little recoil, excellent mobility, and quick time to kill. It has a staggering 77 headshot damage, which is more lethal than any other Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2.

kastov 74u
Here's the list of 4 best Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifles (ARs) 1

The mobility and easy control of an SMG combined with the ability to deploy all of the AR attachments make it one of the best Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles. This does tend toward the somewhat faster play style, giving the player a little more assurance when swinging corners.

2. M4- The most flexible Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifle

The M4 is one of the most well-known AR guns in the Call of Duty franchise, and it has made a fantastic comeback for Modern Warfare 2. Depending on the attachments you add to it, it is a dependable, potent, and precise weapon appropriate for both mid and close-range fights.

M4 Rifle
M4 Assault Rifle

It is also one of the game’s most flexible weapons, so players may carry it anywhere they want with a high degree of confidence that it will work in whatever situation they need it to.

3. TAQ-56

TAQ 56 is a killer with a long-range and pinpoints accuracy that exceeds the M4 in terms of overall power. But accuracy is the main distinguishing feature that makes it stand out and hence making it one of the best assault rifles or ARs in Modern Warfare 2. The weapon may be used at a distance as well as up close and has a negligible amount of recoil while firing shots.

TAQ 56
TAQ 56 in Modern Warfare 2

It has a somewhat slower rate of fire and doesn’t have the most damage. Despite this, it possesses a very quick TTK to the upper chest and head and, if you get acclimated to the weapon, a very low recoil, making it a great weapon for shredding.

4. Lachmann 556

The Lachmann 556 is a great AR weapon for both longer and close-quarters warfare owing to its extensive selection of attachments. The gun is generally simple to operate, whether for MW2 novices or experienced players with years of expertise.

lachmann 556
Here's the list of 4 best Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifles (ARs) 2

The only disadvantage is that it lacks the M4’s punch and the STB 556’s laser-like precision to the same extent. Despite the fact that it is a little drawback for an otherwise fantastic rifle and hence placed last in our list of best Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 2.

We hope this list of the top ARs will assist you in selecting the weapon that best suits your preferences and help you win more battles in Modern Warfare 2.


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