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Best Smart Home Devices Available Today to Automate Your Home

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Smart homes are the future and this is something we can’t deny any longer. The need to automate things and make them comfortable and “automatic” is taking over every phase of life there is and this covers how we live as well. Smart homes help you get things in routine and make more effective use of your free time at home.

There is no doubt that given the choice we all would readily grab on to the opportunity of revamping our homes with the latest smart gadgets and technologies but the only thing stopping us is probably the overall cost it would incur.

Smart homes do not come cheap but the overall price is not the same in every case. Depending on the number of innovations you would want to add to your home, the overall cost can go way above or below the estimated budget.

One misconception

There is one common misconception that we would like to discuss here though is that adding a couple of controllers and smart lights in the home would magically give you smart home.

This is not how it works. If you are going for a smart home in its truest form then let it be known that it is not as simple as it seems. It requires trials, a lot of planning, and research. While lights and controllers do add a good touch, the real technique is to think critically and in the features that bring you comfort without coming on too heavily on your bank account.

Smart Home devices and the estimated cost of such features

Since there is no plan that would fit all the homes and demands, you need to start with estimates. The features you decide to add to your home would actually decide on how much the project would actually cost you.

Smart thermostats

Smart Thermostats

This is one of the most commonly used features for smart homes. People have been saving heavily on their energy bills simply by making use of the advanced technology the thermostats bring with them. In fact, it is one of the most alluring things for many to get them excited about the possibilities of smart homes.

They allow you to control the temperature around your home and automate things for better regulations. You can always pair about the thermostats with the locking systems at your home for better regulation of energy. On the whole, this project should cost you around $250 if you are thinking of the minimalistic features for this addition.

Smart lights

Smart Lights

The moment you think of smart homes, the first image that comes to your mind is of the lights being turned on and off automatically. This feature allows you to set the lights around the home as per your sleeping routine and have it follow the pattern that you like. This is rather convenient if you want things to follow a particular order and enjoy the perks of automation even when you decide to go to the washroom in the middle of the night. Depending on the brand you would choose to go with, on average, ten smart lights and bulbs cost around $500 and above.

Smart security

Smart Lock

Security is not just protecting your home from burglars or trespassers. From the automatic locks, camera doorbell to devices to detect the moisture levels in your home, you have so many options worth considering here. These devices come with many sensors each one adding another layer of security for your peace of mind. To talk about an example, a smart security system with locks and around 3 sensors should cost you around $600 at the very least. The price is nothing compared to the amount of protection it would bring you and your home.

To add up these basic features of the smart home, you end up with an average cost of around $ 1350. This cost was weighed against the cost of renovation in an average home in the USA and it was deduced that the conversion to smart homes is not as expensive as one usually is led to believe.

Good research to find out about the technology and things that you really need can prevent you from spending money on things that you might not need after all. So be smart and choose the right smart home devices to save money and make your life a lot convenient.


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