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13 Smart ways to boost the SEO of your WordPress Site

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We all want our site to be viewed by as many people as possible. And it is a source of generating leads we require to grow our business. Whenever we talk about making our site prominent to the masses available online, it is “Search engine optimization” we are talking about.

Why is SEO important for all the websites?

There are several websites but not every site is on the very first page of Google. Wonder why? The search engines have implemented sophisticated artificial intelligent systems which judge a website upon the several factors they are programmed with and are very difficult to dodge. These algorithms just don’t rank any site made overnight to the highest of google ranks but check for the credibility of the site.

Most of the sites are made through free open sources available online like Wix and WordPress etc. The sites developed through free open sources online are difficult to optimize rather than that of the other websites. Because they mostly contain sophisticated concise codes which are quite heavy. The large size effects the speed and efficiency of the site which are prime factors of the search engine judgment algorithms.

13 Ways to boost SEO of WordPress sites

Website SEO

So following are a few easy tips which can greatly boost the SEO of your WordPress site:

1. Structuring of Permalinks

Permalinks are the permanent URL’s that point the individuals to your site or some specific page of your website. People use these links to refer to your page. So make the URL’s more defined and descriptive so that search engine robots can make sense to them.

2. Optimize the images you use

Images convey a message that a book describes in its 100 pages. They are the most important part of the website but are often overlooked. Images make the content all the more interactive and appealing. And they most certainly play a vital role in the optimization of a website.

  • Size and Quality: For one the size and quality of the site have a direct effect on the site’s speed, which is a major ranking factor.
  • Information related to Images: Also, the search engine robots will also look into the information the images provide like the ‘alt text’ or filenames etc. while indexing your site.

Addressing these two issues with the images you’re using for the site can greatly boost the overall performance and the search engine ranking of your site.

3. Constant adding and updating of posts more frequently

Search engines never consider your site for rankings when in a vacuum. They always look for a site which is well-connected both internally and externally. Using internal and external links in your posts let the search engine robots know about your active participation in the online world. This linking also allows other websites to link with you which adds value to your site’s credibility.

4. Create user-friendly and responsive designed sites

Most of the people use mobile phones to browse the internet. So, create a responsive website which could adjust according to the size of the screen and provides all the same functionalities on mobile browsers too. It is also one of a major ranking factor.

Responsive Website

For instance, take the major websites like Forbes etc. You can clearly observe that they have responsive sites which also caters to the audience on mobile phones really well.

5. Choose an efficient web hosting provider

Webhosting server is the most overlooked area but is an important one. As the website’s speed is mostly dependent on the website hosting provider. A good website hosting can push you to the top of SERP’s.

An efficient web hosting provider also keeps your website from going down even with a rush of traffic. If you’re looking for a great web hosting provider for your WordPress site then you’re in luck because we have a recommendation for you that is “WPX Hosting”.

See more information and deals for WPX hosting here!

6. Quality Content

Plagiarized and low-quality content has a direct effect on the ranking of a site. Few of the algorithms are solely designed to check the uniqueness and quality of the content. The algorithms specifically judge a site for its content relevancy and usefulness. Pay a special head to unique content creation.

7. A dedicated SEO Plugin

WordPress offers dedicated SEO plugins which are specifically developed to boost the SEO of the WordPress sites. Yoast is the best-known WordPress add-on a plugin for SEO.

SEO Plugins

These plugins provide additional functionalities to the website which push the site to the top of SERP’s.

8. Site mapping is important

Site mapping is basically an overview for the developer of a site to know exactly what pages and content are available on the site. A well-designed and organized sitemap communicate the information to the crawlers which helps to boost the SEO of a site.

9. Design content around the keyword

Rather than forcefully introducing the keyword into the content, build the content around the keyword for more efficiency. The keyword used in Meta tags, titles and headings help the crawlers to understand the content better.

Content Keyword

Content being the backbone of the SEO need to be built very thoughtfully. When site map provides a birds-eye view of the content available on the site the crawlers certainly look for the valuable content and keywords, which in turn improves overall ranking of the site.

10. Don’t use the useless external and internal links

It’s a good practice to provide internal and external links which are directly related to our content and adds value to it but never provide useless internal and external links solely to promote product or brand. This may seem like a very small thing but it hugely affects the ranking of a site.

The whole purpose of SEO is to increase the traffic which leads to conversions. And people to get resented of the useless promotional links and ads. If you want to lead the traffic to your site and want them to stay then don’t add promotional ads or if have to keep it to the minimum.

11. SEO Optimized theme – A basic step towards better SERP

A theme plays an important part in the overall appeal of the website and also the SEO. You all must be wondering how? The graphics, photos etc. can greatly affect the site’s speed and size. And these are the major ranking features.
So use proper SEO optimized and appealing theme to improve the overall functionality of the site.

12. Long- Form content

Usage of Long-form content also tends to increase the SEO rankings. How? For example, you want to read about SEO and its techniques. You ’d go for a guide which describes it all rather than going from link to link in order to gather information.

Long meaningful content with induced high-density and least searched keywords are also a good practice for SEO boosting.

13. Also, use Long tail keywords

The use of long-tail keywords also communicates to the crawlers and helps increase the ranking. Long-tail keywords are mostly user queries. So use more of the user queries in your content or write a communicative content developed from the user point of view.

I hope this article helps you to optimize your WordPress site and drive you the expected results.


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