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12 Best Practices for Boosting Your Android Phone

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Your Android phone or tablet was probably faster when you first bought it. But, with increasing time and continuous usage, it becomes sluggish and low in storage.

Your Android phone works just like your computer. As you fill your phone with stuff like photos, videos, apps, and other files, it starts becoming slow. It also leads to low storage and quick battery draining issues. Therefore, just like you take care of your computer, you must also take care of your Android device. There are a few simple tips that you can take to boost your Android phone. These tips can make your phone more efficient and longer-lasting.

1. Free up space

Android Free Space

Your smartphone may become sluggish if it’s loaded with too much stuff. Also, the more cluttered your device is, the harder it is to find important files when you need them. Removing unused apps, duplicate photos, and unnecessary files can help you gain storage space. Your device will also run faster if its memory isn’t full. At this time, you can also back up your data by transferring it to another device.

2. Clear the cache

With Android phones, you can do multiple things such as downloading new applications, playing games, surfing the internet, etc. This results in large junk and cache files over time. Accumulated cache makes your phone slow and leads to freezes and crashes. Super easy cache cleaner can really help in making your device faster and smoother. This method is especially helpful in the case of heavy apps like Facebook and Instagram, which store several images and data on your device.

3. Delete unnecessary apps

Delete App

All of us have a habit of downloading multiple apps every now and then. Most of the time, we don’t even use these apps. The apps do nothing; they just remain on your smartphone and use your device’s resources. They consume a major part of your device’s memory. Hence, you need to get rid of these unwanted applications in order to boost your Android’s performance.

4. Close apps you aren’t using

You might have a habit of keeping several apps open at a time. This makes it easy to multitask, but if you close open apps, it can really help you gain speed. Closing apps and clearing the RAM of the phone can give you an instant performance boost.

5. Disable pre-installed apps

You can disable the pre-installed apps to reduce the usage of system resources by useless apps. Many apps on your phone come pre-installed by the manufacturer and hence cannot be uninstalled. One way to delete pre-installed apps is to root your Android device. But it can be risky as it voids the warranty of your phone. However, there is another safer way to disable the pre-installed apps on your phone, preventing them from launching in the background. You can often disable an app by going to App Properties.

6. Use lighter versions of apps, if available

Lite Apps

Many popular apps, such as Facebook, Opera, etc., also offer their ‘lite’ app versions. These lightweight apps are developed for entry-level smartphones or for users who want to save space. Using light versions of applications can reduce storage usage and improve your phone’s performance.

7. Disable widgets and animations

Just like apps, disable the widgets that you don’t need. The widgets you use may provide animations and special effects that look very attractive, but they can slow down your smartphone. Hence, disable these extra widgets to gain more speed.

8. Format your SD card

If you’re experiencing frequent slowdowns and crashes on your Android smartphone, it could also be due to a corrupt SD card. Therefore, format your SD card as it would delete the useless junk files created by the Android system, eventually boosting your device performance as a result.

9. Update your OS

Operating system and software updates are highly recommended to keep your Android device performing optimally. Updating your device operating system to the latest version not only gives you the latest features but it also fixes the security patches.

A newer version of Android gives various performance improvements. Depending on your device, carrier, and operating system, the update process might be a bit different, but it’s very easy in all cases. Hence, keep checking OS updates and update notifications. Also, make sure to disable the auto-update option, as it is a huge battery drainer.

10. Don’t fill your home screen with stuff

Filling your smartphone home screen with apps, and widgets, and applying live wallpapers may look nice, but in actuality, all these things put extra load on your device and affect its performance. Sometimes, your device may struggle to load the contents of the home screen while running some heavy app or games. Hence, keep your home screen as empty as possible to speed up your Android device. When you do this, your phone doesn’t have to load all the content every time you return to the home screen.

11. Restart your device

Restart Mobile

Sometimes your phone just needs a simple restart. Just like computers, restarting devices can help them make their way through and perform optimally. Rebooting your device cleans your phone memory and deletes the temp files to speed up your device.

12. Use a phone cleaner app

Instead of trying to boost your device by manually doing all the above steps one by one, make use of an Android cleaning and boosting app. ITL Phone Cleaner is the best phone cleaner and optimization app that lets you clean and boosts your Android phones and tablets with its advanced optimizing features.

This free phone cleaner app for Android offers various cool features such as Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, Battery Saver, CPU Cooler, and many more. Using these features, you can boost your Android phone in an instant. Download the free app and experience a boosted device now.


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