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Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War – 7 Tips You Need to Know

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If you’ve enjoyed this first-person shooter game but want to achieve good endings now, this article is for you. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War can actually stretch your limits. The risks and the challenges you face might sometimes seem impossible.  But don’t worry; you can master the game and achieve great outcomes with the information here. 

You can also increase your chances of winning by visiting Aimclub for amazing tools to simplify the game. Thankfully Raven and Treyarch included every weapon, perks, equipment, and the item you needed to fight the cold war. Right now, everything is at your disposal to deploy and improve your performance. 

So, check the tips below. 

7 Tips for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War 

1. Tweak your Settings  

When it comes to Call of Duty Black Ops cold war, you’ll need to tweak some of your settings for better performance. The first one to check is the mouse/controller sensitivity. Depending on your skill and game style, you can choose to go low or high. Generally, low gives you more control and accuracy, while high sensitivity might be problematic for beginners or medium-level gamers. So, set it based on your choice. Another is setting is your graphics display. If you want a more smooth game, disable the motion blur, especially if you’re playing on high sensitivity. Also, don’t forget the audio settings to ensure you can hear other players’ footsteps very loud.  

2. Pick the mode carefully

Pro players recommend playing a fast mode and the one you’re good at to improve and gain more. For instance, if you play objective-based modes such as Domination, Kill Confirmed, or Hard Point, you’re sure to gain experience points faster. Also, you’ll cover more levels to enhance your guns and also gain more playing experience. But bear in mind that you might not achieve more winning while playing these modes. 

3. Positioning is the key

Your position on the COD Black Ops Cold War map will determine the outcome you’ll get. If you’re playing objective-based modes, ensure you position yourself at particular spots where you can see the objective but not too close to them. To achieve the right position, experts recommend that you understand the available spots and how to utilize them. You must study the routes, action points, and where other players stop. But don’t ever use one spot or route repeatedly if you don’t want to compromise yourself. 

4. Always pre-aim 

Pre-aiming while moving around gives you an edge over the enemies. Preaching corners and head glitches is better to prepare you for enemies who mistakenly peek from corners. Don’t wait for enemies to appear on your screen before taking action. If you do, you might now have the time to aim correctly before they disappear or drop you. 

5. Mind your movement 

Movement is also critical in this Black Ops Cold War game. The way you move can expose you to enemies or give you a competitive edge over them. Make sure you choose crouching and walking over running and sliding. Running makes a lot of noise, likewise sliding. If you don’t want to expose your location to the enemies, especially when they’re close, don’t run or slide. Instead, walk and crouch. But if you must slide in the game, let it be to hide behind the cover. 

6. Perks are necessary 

There are many perks available in this game. Try to find the best ones for enhanced performance. Some of the perks to consider are Cold-Blooded, Ghost, Flak Jacket, Tactical Mask, Tracker, etc. There are still many others available, and each one offers a great advantage. For instance, the Cold-Blooded perk offers many advantages, such as not being seen by both AI-controlled and Player-controlled Scorestreaks. It also protects you from Thermal detection and also covers you from the players who drive around with vehicles on the map. So, grabbing any of these perks can influence your performance a lot. 

7. Target the best weapons 

This Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War game offers a plethora of guns to improve your performance. Since it is a war, you’ll need to lay your hands on some of the best ones in every category. If you’re searching for an assault rifle to scale up, Krig 6 comes highly recommended. It is versatile and handles both long and close-range fights. Also, the recoil system is not hard to control. But to unlock this gun, you’ll be at level 16.

 Suppose you’re a sniper rifle lover, target Pellington 703. This gun kills enemies with one hit and is already unlocked for players. So, check the best in any category you want, and grab them to fight better. 


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has all the weapons, perks, equipment, gears, and items you’ll ever need to win the battle. We have also shared some tips above to assist you more. Also, visit the experts and grab more tools to shorten the learning period. 


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