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CES 2020: Top Gadgets and Tech Innovations We Should Look Forward to

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Every year, Consumer Electronics Show brings us some amazing tech innovations, and this year, there is also no exception. CES 2020 has introduced a number of amazing gadgets and technologies in Las Vegas, USA. Here is a list of top gadgets and innovations that could surely be on our bucket list for this season. Let’s check them out.

Samsung Ballie robot

This rolling robot is one of Samsung’s top innovations that could lead us into a better future of personal care. The tech giant introduced Ballie on January 6 on the occasion of CES 2020 at Las Vegas. It is small in shape, supports AI and rolls around the house on our command.

Ballie uses the mobile interface, on-device AI, in-built camera and voice activation to carry out its work. With the help of these features, this tiny ball-shaped robot can recognize its users and follow their commands.

It could easily wake us up with the alarm, assist us as a fitness guide, record with its camera or even manage other devices connected to it. The most amazing thing about it is, it can be a buddy to our domestic pets when we are out.

Ballie may be small in size but it can be our household helper by completing multiple tasks under strict data protection and privacy policies. Being a human-eccentric product, this small robot can change our way of living in a positive way.

Samsung AI invisible wireless keyboard

Though we tend to use our smartphones more often for everything we do. But it is much time consuming when it comes to typing a long document on your phones rather than using a keyboard. However, Samsung has come up with a solution for it.

The company has introduced SelfieType which uses AI and our phone’s camera to track down the finger movements as we type using an invisible keyboard. With it, we don’t need any physical keyboard now. Just grab your phones and start typing individually.

However, we are not sure how Samsung will manage to track the movements of the fingers accurately. The existing keyboards using laser projection fail to deliver accurate results while typing. We still have to wait until its production and release to witness its magical actions.

Shure true wireless earbuds

Shure is a USA based audio manufacturer, best known for its professional audio products. The company has recently showcased its new products at the CES 2020.

It has launched two new audio accessories- Aonic 215 and Aonic 50 as a part of their Aonic line. Both of these products will be available by the spring of 2020.

The Shure Sonic 50 has noise-canceling features besides being a wireless over-ear headset. This amazing product comes with a price tag of $399. On the contrary, Aonic 215 has the earbuds as SE215 that use detachable cable. It has a claimed battery life of 8 hours and comes with a charging case with additional three charges to the earbud modules.

This has a market price of $279 which seems a little bit pricey.

Nintendo Switch like Alienware gaming PC concept

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile hybrid game console that pivots between a big-screen TV and on the go portable. It is a kind of ideal gaming hardware that makes it easy to use. It seems like Dell’s Alienware Concept UFO prototype might be the next Nintendo for PCs.

This concept UFO demonstrated at CES 2020, can reportedly stand up on a kickstand and can attach to a small central unit turning into a decent gamepad. Signals can also be sent out to a bigger display using the UFO. However, it runs Windows games and gives you access to its library.

Wemo WiFi smart plug

Wemo has recently showcased its WiFi Smart Plug at the CES 2020. This product is quite similar to the previously launched Wemo Mini Plug.

The Smart Plug supports Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Wemo app that can control plugged-in devices. This amazing product comes at an affordable price of $24.99.

Along with it Wemo also released the Wemo Stage, a remote for controlling smart home setups. This retails at $49.99.

Belkin smart speakers and wireless charging pads

Belkin and Devialet have announced a collaboration with their latest product at CES 2020. This product is named Soundform Elite which will be a Hi-Fi smart speaker + Wireless charge. This product reportedly combines Google assistant, smart speaker, and a wireless charging pad all at once.

It will get woofer configurations to emphasize the bass quality without any vibration. The charger charges up to 10W which is quite satisfactory. This amazing product comes at a price of $299.

Danby parcel guard smart mailbox

Danby’s new innovation will surely come handy for many of us who fail to get their parcels been delivered at the right time if we are not at home. The Parcel Guard was demonstrated at CES 2020 and this is going to be quite famous among its users.

This smart mailbox not only keeps our packages safe, but it is also able to catch anyone who pretends we aren’t at home at the time of the delivery. Its alarm goes off if anyone tries to snatch our delivery of even the whole device itself.

Once the delivered package is placed at the unlocked top area of the device, it automatically moves to the bottom part which cannot be unlocked without a security code. The device also contains a camera and motion sensor that will alert us via the Parcel Guard app when anyone approaches it to deliver any package.

If anyone needs to deliver a larger package, we can easily provide them a one-time use code to use the bottom part of the mailbox. This amazing product is only available in the USA for the time being at a price of $399.

Roll Bot: Robot that brings us toilet paper

Suppose we are in the toilet and toilet paper runs out and there’s no one there to hand it to us. Nothing can be more disgusting than that, right? Come on, we all have faced similar situations like this once in our lives. Well, seems like Charmin has got something to save us from this embarrassment.

The Roll Bot from the company will now deliver the toilet papers personally to us. It can be enabled with Bluetooth and bring us some toilet paper whenever we want.

Additionally, Charmin has revealed VIPee, a premium porta-potty that has a VR headset and surrounds sound speakers along with SmellSense, a device that can warn us if our bathroom smells or not.

Wello solar-powered electric tricycle

Wello has unveiled its solar-powered electric tricycle at the CES 2020 at Las Vegas. This seems to be a cross between a bike and an electric car. This has a built-in rechargeable battery and solar panels on the roof of the vehicle. It has three wheels and is driven with a pair of conventional pedals.

well electric power tricycle
CES 2020: Top Gadgets and Tech Innovations We Should Look Forward to 1

This electric car has Bluetooth connection and can update us with live traffic updates. It can deliver a speed of 15-20 kilometer per hour and is available for preorders at $8,820.

NextMind brain-sensing headband

NextMind’s new headband is the world’s first brain-sensing device. It enables AR or VR with the help of the user’s mind.

It is comb-shaped and sits at the back of the head and clips to any headband. It extracts natural brain signals without sending anything in return. This surely will be on our bucket list for this year.

Air Pix: the Airselfie drone

At CES 2020, AirSelfie introduced a flying drone that works as a selfie camera. Air Pix includes autonomous flying capabilities at an affordable price of $99. It’s an improved version of its predecessor.

Along with it, AirSelfie has showcased two new products – Air Pix+ and Air Duo. Air Pix+ adds up an adjustable camera gimbal, and Air Duo comes with both dual parallel and bird’s eye cameras.

I hope this list will help you to check your must-have list for this coming season. Let us know your views and concerns.


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