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Fighting against Common Mistakes that kill Website Performance: The Samurai Way

Guest Author
Guest Author
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“Prevention is better than cure.”

This old saying holds a lot of meaning; it is trying to tell us that it is better to take precautions when you are about to make any mistake. It gives you a sense of alert that if you unknowingly make a mistake, try to avoid it from evolving out into a mistake that in the future becomes non-correctable and becomes tough for you to solve. This mistake is relevant when it comes to making a website. Once a user sees the error message or is displeased by the service you are providing.

Your site will go through a massive loss that you can’t compensate immediately because you can’t go back in time and revert what the user has faced.

These Website mistakes are silent killer like a ninja

When a website is live, you will not be able to figure out the small technical mistake affecting your website performance because you are not at all a tech geek. You are not sound with all of the technical know-how. And because of that, these small mistakes that you don’t know about silently killing your website performance. Also, are taking away any chance of success of your website. The faults, such as broken links, outdated copyright, broken images, 401 authorization, are a few of the problems that are quick and easy to fix.

So it’s not these problems that are assassinating your website performance. Still, It is the deeper technical and literary errors that are dragging a site back from acquiring a solid foundation for SERPS — typically connected to web hosting or complicated web optimizations, SEO optimizations — but as you don’t know about all the small technical problems that are there in your website they like a stealth ninja assassinate your site, and bring you and your site down on the knees ( here the second page of google ). This is where they hide the dead bodies because nobody will be able to find your site now.

I’m going to illustrate below a few of the frequent difficulties. Hopefully, clarify those quiet assassins that aim to assassinate your Google ranking. It might not be super easy to rectify the mistake that is the cause of the problem. But you’ll at least understand fundamental concerns from your webmaster or any other person handling your site on your behalf.

Let’s assassinate these mistakes

1. Don’t make long introductions to the website

At one point in your life, you have told others about yourself, or someone has introduced themselves to you. When you meet someone new, and they start telling you everything about themselves. They will tell you all the significant accomplishments they have achieved if they are state-level champions in badminton or they are the managing director of a company, all the major achievements they have achieved have been told to us by them. If they go on and on and tell you about the medal they won in swimming in 5th standard, you will be bored and lose focus at one point in time. Let’s be honest; nobody has time to hear everything because time is money in today’s world.

Apply this rule on your website too. All the users who visit your page are there because they seek the content they thought will be useful to them and can be available on your website. The first page or the home page is something because of which your website is alive. Let’s say The first page or the homepage of your website is the heart of your entire site, so you need to keep it beating; see it this way one beat of it equals one site visit if you add all the irrelevant content. Which is not at all useful for the user the one or the other day the site reach will go down. It won’t be able to survive. To provide users with the content they seek and keep, don’t waste time getting your point out.

2. Website is for content and not images

A single picture can describe what 100 words cannot, but even the 100 words you add are beneficial for your SEO. Because you can target keywords in those 100 words, which can help you to grow organic traffic. So, we can ask ourselves this question: how many images are too many images? And how adding a lot of images can also bring adverse effects.

Here are some examples of how using images can affect your website performance.

  1. Heavy images: It takes too long to load a hefty photo. You might add additional time for loading on your website if you have a lot of huge images.
  1. Unoptimized images: It is unknown that although PNG is a lossless format, PNG pictures may be further compressed by free programmes. Which lower their file size by up to 50%, providing exactly the same images. Many developers unfortunately ignore this step and leave pictures unaffected.
  1. Complex file format: Of course, some forms are bigger than others. JPG, PNG and GIF pictures may be loaded swiftly and nicely by browsers. But in your loading time heavier formats like TIFF and BMP consume enormous pieces, you shouldn’t do this.
  1. Incorrect Cache setting: As website image files seldom change, browsers and other servers of your users might cache such files along the route (CDNs, proxys, etc.). Once cached, your local copy will be seen on subsequent visitors to your site without any further downloads. Consequently, the correct cache settings are crucial for bandwidth saving and loading page accelerations.

Unfortunately, caching mistakes arise since the long cache settings cause an ongoing display of old pictures, even if refreshed.

Every other blog you will read will tell you to put JPEG or PNG formatted images. Alongside, I have one more simple and best solution: WebP image formatting. This new type of image formatting is also supported by WordPress in their recent update WordPress 5.8. Everyone nowadays uses webP image formatting to optimize the site’s/page images because the photos are compressed with superior lossy compression. It can reduce image size by 32 percent in comparison with PNG and JPEG. And therefore, I will recommend you to use WebP image formatting instead of JPEG or PNG.

3. Umteen no. of plugins

There are so many plugins that are available in the market that new website owners are taking an interest in them quickly. Unfortunately, because all these plugins are easily available and everything they want to get done is just one click away. They install more plugins than the website needs. Sometimes two or more plugins are doing redundant tasks. This plugin is unnecessary, and you should deactivate those plugins because they are putting additional load on your website performance.

Perform a frequent audit of your plugins. Deactivate those plugins that are not in use.

4. Cheap host provider

Every new user who wants to make his own site starts with a simple question. How much does a hosting provider cost?

And everybody will choose a host which costs low or is accessible. But this kind of cheap web host is usually using poor servers or stuffing in as many users as possible into one single server. And all the resources the server is offering are serving between them equally. Let’s understand this in the easiest way possible. Many youths live in rented apartments, and the apartment offers amenities like a swimming pool and home theatre. You can’t stop them from using those amenities because they are paying the rent. Likewise, you all are using the shared memory, disk space, and all, and therefore your Website performance is affecting.

This cheap web hosting provider also offers you very poor customer service. So if there is any problem occurring with your site like you have developed an advanced tool and is not working correctly and you try to connect to them. And they will take days or sometimes even weeks to respond to you back. Just because there are many other in line to get their query solved.

We all know that technology can never work all the time smoothly. After some time things will get shaky, and if your website is hosted with a shared server, and if the main server is down due to some reason all the site which is hosted by that server will be down.

Let’s say Amazon’s server

I once read somewhere that once amazon’s servers were down for roughly 40 to 45 minutes, and they suffered a heavy backlash due to this event. We know your site is not as big as Amazon. But still, there’s a risk of losing your loyal fanbase, and that also has a bad impact on your site.

This kind of server provides is not trustworthy at all, think that you have a good mass of audience for your website who regularly visit your site to download one or the other thing. And because of this weak security system, the server provided your site is easy to hack by someone. Don’t you think you will look like a fool in front of everybody just to save some of your money, you lost everything you build.

5. Not mobile friendly

Nowadays everyone is using mobile from a 5-year-old kid to an 80-year-old grandpa. Therefore your website should be ready for performing smoothly on mobile. Unfortunately, non-optimized websites for mobile visitors frequently have problems like bloated visuals, unplayable videos, and useless links.

And as per a case study, the average no. of mobile users per day is 5 hours, so it’s pretty convenient to say that most traffic to your site comes through mobile. And what’s even more shocking is that today’s date brands have started humanizing themselves. They don’t work as a brand, but on social media platforms, they work as if they are just another human being. Hence, most of the social interaction with the brand happens over mobile-only. And last but not least, Google has recently released a new algorithm that indexes a web page according to its mobile device performance.

6. Using black hat methods

Search results are crucial to business success, yet search engine optimization is both correct and wrong. The dark art of SEO has the wrong method to do it. Black hat SEO utilizes unethical techniques to reach you instead of gaining the right way to high rank in search engine result pages. Sustained use of black hat SEO methods will probably hurt you rather than increase your profile in search engines.

  • Hidden Text or Links
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Sneaky Redirects
  • Link Schemes
  • Guest Posting Networks
  • Link Manipulation
  • Link Farms, Link Wheels or Link Networks
  • Rich Snippet Markup Spam
  • Automated Queries to Google
  • Creating pages
  • duplicate content

7. Hotchpotch of Codes

The coding in areas it does not include is another significant aspect that might adversely affect the site’s performance. Over an extended period, this type of unnecessary code at unnecessary places will affect your well-kept websites. It is crucial to realize that the code is still continuing to run in the background and flooding vital resources simply because you can not see this code. This code may be reduced or deleted by periodical code audits.

Kill the mistakes which is killing your site’s performance

While these concerns appear to be rather clear, we have observed numerous websites suffering these difficulties and obstacles precisely. Factors such as appearance, usability, or website performance, or speed suffer as a matter of time or money. Therefore, begin with the fundamentals and do your homework before making your own site.

We assist you and guarantee you that your website performance is will increase and expressly will gear to encourage more people to visit your site without any problem. Hire WordPress Experts to find out how you can adapt to your existing website, how they can do WordPress speed optimization of your site.


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