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6 Conversion Rate Optimization tips you must know in 2022

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It’s been nearly two years since Covid-19 first appeared and forever changed our lives and the economy. Since the pandemic’s beginning, people moved significantly from shopping in physical stores to online stores. That helped the digital marketing industry to grow too.

In 2022 it’s clear that the trend is going to continue. More and more people shop online, creating more competition, which means there’s a need for better marketing too. When we think of digital marketing, the main focus is how to make the websites’ conversion rate higher.

In this article, we will talk more about conversion rate tactics, methods, and optimization. We will explain how to make more visitors convert and make more sales. Read on if you want to know more.

1. Website speed improvement

One highly important issue that the website developers must address is improving your site’s speed. Stats show that slower loading pages see fewer conversions compared to those that load faster.

A good conversion rate is around 3%, and you may see almost 1 percentage point less just because your website loads slowly. If the industry average is higher than you get, then ask the developers to find a way and improve your website’s speed. They have many options to do it, from resizing images to taking down plugins that are slowing you down. Additionally, faster pages are rated higher by Google, which is also extremely important for your website performance.

2. Pop-up ads

One of the best ways to increase your conversion rate is by implementing a pop-up ad. You can’t miss the pop-up ad, and with proper development, the visitor will not be able to get out of the site until they interact with the ad. Whether they go through the funnel or skip it, they must pay attention to it.

Paying attention to what you offer to consumers is the biggest problem in today’s marketing. Consumers’ attention span is shorter than ever before, and you need to be efficient in attracting them. Learn more about pop-ads and how they’ll improve your conversion rates.

3. Minimalistic landing page approach

The landing page is an essential piece of the puzzle called a conversion. It has to be flawless. In this case, flawless means a minimalistic approach. The developers and designers must create one that will highlight only the product and the check-out button.

There’s no need for distractions, additional options, banners with ads, or anything else for that matter. Only the product and a clear indicator of what the user should do next. That’s how a landing page should be optimized to get the most of it.

Watch out for some product and service landing page examples and learn how the pros do it. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice how obvious it is what the customer is about to buy, and what they should do next.

4. Chatbox implementation

Did you know that chatboxes are a vital part of today’s pages that aim to earn online? Many consumers will have questions about where to find a particular product or service but won’t call your company on the phone or try to search for it themselves. The chatbox is the tool that they find highly valuable.

There are two kinds of chat options – employees ready to answer all the questions for your customers, and chatbots, which are programs ready to answer instantly some of the most commonly asked questions.

Some of these chatbots are developed to perfection. They are run by AI and can handle all kinds of questions by visitors on your page. In many cases, people are unaware they are talking with a computer, but AI is still not developed to the point where chatbots can handle everything themselves.

However, having any of the versions we mentioned will increase your conversion rate. People that hesitate will turn to these programs, and some of them will find the answer they are looking for and proceed to the check-out.

5. Optimizing products you offer if working in affiliate marketing

One sure way to increase the conversion rate is to pay more attention to the products you offer on your affiliate marketing blog or website. When people come to your blog, they want to see your content, but your products can significantly affect the consumers’ interest.

It’s crucial to find the best affiliate programs and find the best products on the market to offer to your readers. There are many options online to make this ideal. Search for affiliate marketing marketplaces on the Internet, where you can find all kinds of solutions for this problem. Click here to check the tutorial on how to start with this marketplace.

6. Optimize the payment process

Unlike 10-15 years before, today, there are many various payment options. There are different credit and debit cards, different cryptocurrencies, and other payment methods. However, an essential part of the online payment process is to offer simplicity.

Hire a developer that will connect all the dots to make it as simple as possible for your customers. Lots of them will abandon the shopping if they find out that they need to provide tons of information just to click the order button.

If it is possible, make the payment process seamless. Get only the most valuable information without which you can’t make the delivery, and let them finish the process fast and easy.


We live in a truly digital age, and eCommerce will only grow. In 2022, conversion optimization is a must for every serious online entrepreneur. Finding the best tools and implementing them on your website will help you grow your business and see your company thrive.

Consumers are ready to buy from you, but if you don’t know how to make the entire conversion process seamless, you’ll surely not get the most of the market. On the other hand, using available tools will make your chance for success much bigger. Learn about conversion optimization, implement the possible improvements and see how your business flourishes day by day.


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