Tips for creating conversion rate optimization for landing pages

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The SaaS market is very competitive and is increasingly dominated by large tech organizations. As such, industry players, especially the upcoming ones, have to be on the edge in terms of their marketing practices. One of the best ways to drive up visibility is through strategic SEO.

There are many ways to get it done and one of the best practices is through a good landing page. Studies show that companies that increase the number of landing pages by just 5% get up to a 55% increase in the number of leads.

In essence, a landing page could make all the difference between obscurity and success. For industry players looking to gain an edge in the market, here are tips for creating conversion rate optimization for landing pages.

1. Engage the services of a professional 

The first step to having landing pages that convert is to have a good-looking one. This sounds easy, but creating a good landing page requires some level of expertise in SEO. Luckily there are professionals out there who focus on landing page optimization.

By using such services, a SaaS company can gain access to the right tools for page optimization, and customized designs that are guaranteed to draw in clients. It is worth considering the option of optimizing existing landing pages. Here is a great cro case study from The case study examines the steps that led to an uplift in conversion rate by 17,5% against a backdrop of already successful conversion metrics of 49% for a B2B SaaS landing page.

Besides, by engaging the services of professionals, a SaaS company gets continuous consultancy service on how to continually ensure that its landing pages convert. It comes at a cost but, like every other investment for business growth, it’s worth every penny.  

2. Make the headlines simple and attractive 

One of the biggest effects of the internet on the human brain is in attention spans. Due to the easy availability of huge amounts of information on the internet, most people just flip through websites without paying much attention.

As such, it is up to a business person to come up with catchy landing pages that will draw the attention of web users and possibly turn them into clients. Creating short and catchy headlines is one of the tested and proven techniques to get this done.

The first step to developing a short and catchy headline is to know what customers want. This can be achieved by analyzing keywords that people are searching for, then capturing them in the headline. For a company in the SaaS market, Google Analytics offers a good idea of trending keywords that can be creatively included in a landing page headline.

3. Make the text informative and easy to read

Creating catchy headlines that attract attention is good, but it is not enough. The text below the headline should capture everything that potential clients would be looking for in a SaaS company.

For instance, it should touch on the main benefits that clients can receive from using the company’s services. Issues like cost reduction, security, and scalability should be a top priority. Also, avoid putting the text in a long paragraph format. Lots of people will get bored after the first few lines and move on to the next thing. Instead, make use of bullet points 

Use images in your landing pages

One of the best ways to capture user attention on the internet is to make use of images. To make the most of a landing page, ensure that the images capture the emotions of the service the company is offering.

In the context of SaaS, such images can depict efficiency and professionalism. Images should also reflect the overall message that is being depicted on the landing page. For instance, if the overall messaging is about competitive prices, the landing page images should capture the same with clarity. 

Have an enticing call-to-action (CTA)

Getting potential clients to spend some time on a landing page is one thing, converting them into potential clients is a different ballgame. One of the best ways to convert is to have a compelling call to action.

The best CTA is a clearly labeled button. The button should be in bold colors to trigger the potential clients’ urge to click. It should also be of the right size. The right size simply means that the CTA button is not too small that it doesn’t capture attention, or too large that it obscures the other aspects of the landing page.

Landing pages with extraordinarily large call-to-action buttons usually look like scams, and that’s the last message that a SaaS company wants to portray to potential clients. Lastly, a good CTA should have a message that incorporates a sense of urgency. This can be in the form of a limited discount offer or something of the sort. 

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