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Top considerations to make while calculating the cost to hire mobile app developer

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Mobile App and Web Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain.

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In today’s time, almost every business has its own app. Most of them are looking for a means to reach out to more customers and boost their sales and revenue. At one point or the other, having an app for your business is a great idea, and you should consider hiring a mobile app developer for this particular project.

But the most crucial aspect of doing so is the expense that you have to bear. Hiring a developer and developing an app is a costly venture depending on the type of app you want for your business. So, you must be wondering how much will it cost you for mobile app development.

Most of people use their mobile phones for different purposes like shopping, booking tickets, making bank transactions, etc. and there are billions of mobile phone users all over the world. A significant portion of them performs searches through mobile phones.

Costs of app development are dependent on how much complex your app is to build. It also includes the cost of designing, incorporating design features as well as the experience of the developer.

If you are a business owner who has an innovative app idea in your mind, then you should consider these costs for app development. For path-breaking mobile app development, you need to hire mobile app developers from a reputed mobile application development company that will assist you in the growth of your business.

The developers should be experienced and enthusiastic who can make the best use of IT for development and growth. So, let’s look at how to calculate the cost to hire a mobile app developer.

1. Complexity and scope of the app

Does your app require any type of complicated and complex API integration? Does it require high-quality features and functionalities? These are a few of the questions which determine the complexity of the app. In case you aren’t experienced to scope the app project or anticipate any challenges, then you can engage an expert app developer who has experience in different languages.

API Integration

The complexity of the app is the major factor when it comes down to estimating app development costs. There are three primary factors which are technical complexities, the requirement of custom design as well as animations, and the number of operating systems and devices.

These help you in determining the complexity of your app. You need to do thorough research to find out which are features and functionalities that you wish to add to your app. This will help you in providing you with the scope of the app.

2. Location of the developer

Most of the developers in different places have their own specific range of development charges. For example, an experienced app developer from the USA will be charging as per the standard of the USA.

However, he might be charging higher than one from the South-East Asian countries like India. It is due to different economic conditions of the countries that determine their charges. Also, most of the apps have proven that if they are separated geographically, there isn’t any barrier to creating innovative, successful, well-designed, and effect apps.

The development of the app by a developer in the USA can be of the same quality as the app developed by a developer in India.

3. Defining the tasks of a developer

App Developer Tasks

In most of cases, the more the experience of the developer is, the higher is his rate. This can significantly increase the cost of app development. The developer’s rate will certainly be defined by the different tasks he will be performing.

If he is adding or just updating an existing app or creating an app all from scratch or whether he is fixing bugs of existing apps, these tasks will significantly affect the rate. In case the app developer needs to have UI and UX experience, and how much experience he has in server-side scripting or the database, the rate of an app developer will vary.

If you are creating an app from the start, then you require an expert app developer who has the experience to take the app development project right from the beginning and also see it through its completion.

4. Platform and type of app

App development companies often estimate the rates of developers based on the skill and experience of the developer. The charges are different for Android and iOS developers as the stages are a lot unique.

Android app developers charge higher than iOS developers since it is quite difficult to develop a particular Android app based on different platforms. The entire development as well as the testing process also takes a large amount of time and hence affects the charges which tend to increase. Also, the apps can be divided into different categories according to their types which also affects the cost.

A simple messaging app will cost lower than an eCommerce app or enterprise app. Mobile gaming app will certainly cost higher than these apps. Mobile app development services will charge you for the type of app you want to develop.

The cost to hire a mobile app developer

The price of the app is actually calculated on the basis of 5 days a week with 8 hours a day that means a total of 40 development hours per week. An average app development time can be near 4 to 5 months.

Depending on the above-mentioned factors, like the complexity of the project, features, and functionalities, as well as the type of the apps, platform, and location, the cost of hiring a mobile app developer, can range from $10 to $100 per hour. It doesn’t include web services, database costs, and CMS.


These are the key factors that help in determining the cost to hire a mobile app developer. Defining the app project upfront will certainly assist you in accurately finding time as well as cost estimates whenever you are finding an app developer.

If you are developing a business product, you need to hire mobile app developers with immense experience from a reputed mobile development company, but you shouldn’t break the budget.

There are various benefits of developing an app for your business. However, it is important that the mobile app is professional as well as functional effectively. So, hiring the right app developer is quite essential, one who can easily understand your requirements and then successfully deliver a unique app.


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