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Are you tired of seeing those flashy, intrusive pop-ups which appear in the middle of your webpage out of nowhere? Are you one of those who ignore the pop-up message? Well then, let me shed light on the fact that the Internet has come a long way since we last witnessed those.

We do have the popup banners which appear while we’re engrossed in reading the information that web page has to offer, but pop-ups today are a lot smoother and gentler. In fact, these have earned the likeliness of being one of the most desired digital marketing techniques, especially in eLearning industry. It’s actually no surprise that pop-ups still work, provide real value to customers, and deliver good results. 

The benefits of pop up banners for eLearning companies and other industries are vast and can be availed only if these are implemented in the right manner. So, to help you make the most out of your popup banner ads, have a look at the best practices mentioned below and implement the right popup strategy which converts.

Define your marketing objectives

The first step to carry out any marketing technique is to have a well-defined objective else it’s just another distraction for your visitors. Different businesses have different marketing objectives, and popups could help achieve some of those goals like driving more sales, harvesting emails, generating leads, improving customer experience, and others such. For instance, while the ultimate goal of a B2C eLearning company can be driving more sales of their courses, the objective of a B2B eLearning company shall be improving customer experience. 

Target your customers with the right type of popup

You might not be aware of it but, there are actually five different kinds of popup banners you can use, depending on your customer personas and price range. These are:

  1. Entry pop-ups: Show up right at the moment your visitors land on your website. Usually very intrusive in nature, these might work in some cases like language selection, major news, exceptional offers, and others such.
  2. Scroll-based pop-ups: These are typically activated after a visitor has scrolled to a certain extent and works well on blog posts and articles. 
  3. Delayed pop-ups: Similar to scroll based pop-ups, these occur only after a proof of engagement, i.e. after the visitor has spent a certain amount of time on the web page. 
  4. Interaction based pop-ups: These are the ones triggered after a visitor has clicked or hovered over a specific element.
  5. Exit-intent pop-ups: As the name suggests, these are triggered only when the visitor is about to leave your page to generate leads or even collect email addresses. 

Provide value to your audience

Opting and implementing pop-ups just for the sake of it needs to be stopped right away. Unless you’re providing some value to your prospects, they are of no use. Your prospects would definitely appreciate something which turns out to be useful for them. For example, your offering can be as simple as information about the next part of the course they had recently undertaken. Hence, it is best if you empathize with your target audience and deliver content accordingly. 

Optimize for a good mobile experience

As marketers, you must be aware of the mobile-first indexing announced by Google, but at the same time, you must also be aware of the fact that Google’s algorithm also penalizes the intrusive pop-ups. These tend to hide the main content of the web page and in turn, hamper the user experience. Hence, it is vital to include pop-ups that do not hide the main content or negatively impact the user experience. Moreover, before you launch any new pop up banners on mobile sites, do check the mobile version of it and ensure that page load time is not affected. 

Keeping all these best practices in mind, you are ready to run popup campaigns to enhance the user experience and achieve your business objectives.

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission if you make any purchase by clicking our links. Please see our detailed guide here.

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