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5 Marketing techniques that will work better for your business than others

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Guest Author
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In today’s digital world, a lot of things seem to happen on the internet, and this includes shopping whereby consumers visit the internet first to look for commodities or services they need. This means that businesses that will ignore the importance of an active online presence will lose a great chance of acquiring and retaining potential clients. As a business owner, you need to know that there are different online marketing techniques and there are those that will work for your business better than others.

Some of the eCommerce marketing techniques include social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, or content marketing among others. If you are not sure of the best techniques to apply in the business or how to apply them, you can work with a reliable digital marketing company to achieve the best results. However, while nothing comes easy, you should consider the following digital marketing tips to boost your online sales in the year 2019.

1. SEO Is All About Quality Than Quantity, And It’s Still Relevant

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the online marketing strategy that will improve your visibility when people come searching for products, services, and businesses related to you. How great is that? It is awesomely great because you will attract more traffic to your website and other online platforms where your brand exists.

However many people tend to under-utilize this strategy, and it means that they are not getting the best from it. Some of the things that you need to focus on when using SEO is content optimization because the content you make will determine how Google will rank it. It is one of the factors of consideration. Secondly, make sure your website is fast because you are not going to get away with a slow website when it comes to Google rankings. Also, consider your keyword generation process by focusing on the quality rather than the quantity of keyword.

Quality Than Quantity

With SEO, you need to consider using backlinking for improving of your SEO process, and search bots will keep on crawling to your site and eventually improve your ranking. Consider using other SEO tools that would help place your website in a more visible position on search engines. Such tools include chatbots, Google analytics, ahrefs, Moz Link Explorer, keyword planner, SERP simulator, and Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools among others. Finally, if you think that SEO doesn’t work anymore, you are mistaken. It is working for your competitors because they are using it in the right way.

2. Social Media Is No Longer An Exclusive Social Place

This doesn’t mean that people do not socialize anymore through social media, but as a business person, you need to think of social media as a marketplace as long as you use it in the right way. Why do you think almost every company including the most successful giant companies has accounts on all social media platforms? It is because they are making a fortune out of it.

However, if you want to embrace social media and generate more sales for your business, you need to do it in the right way. First of all focus on building an incredible fan base, identify the thing they love about your brand, the posts they like most, and the purpose to engage them.

Social Media

Pay attention to trust-building because, with time, clients will not only trust you as their social media partner but as a business partner as well. You see, while the comments and likes you get on the posts you publish might be exciting, you need to be able to convert those interactions into sales.

Make sure you connect your social media platforms with your website and other channels that tackle social matters or business ideas. You need to remain relevant and not boring because again if you over-advertise yourself, people will get bored with your posts. You can also use sales-boosting tools provided by some social media platforms such as Facebook.

3. Build A Positive Online Reputation

Reputation is very important for every business whether selling online or having a physical store. Do not only focus on delivering quality products or services but also focus on building a positive relationship with customers and other business partners. In this case, you need to build a good online reputation and keep it positive because that’s the only way you will win people’s trust.

When people visit your website during their shopping spree, they not only check for product descriptions and prices but also want to know what your previous clients think about you. If all you have negative reviews, unanswered queries, or rude feedback, no one will want to be your next victim.

Online Reputation

In this case, the first thing you need to do is have an online business card for awareness creation. People usually hand physical cards to real customers, but for virtual customers, you will need to provide similar information through one of the tabs on your web page. Secondly, make sure you are aware of what people are saying about your brand by being actively involved in different online conversations. Be actively available and responsive when clients or business partners want to communicate with you online. Providing feedback is very important for online marketing. Finally, provide truthful information to the clients and express it in simple and understandable terms. These tips will make current and potential clients trust you and therefore help you build a good online reputation by leaving positive reviews and comments.

4. It Is Time You Go Back To Email Marketing

Email marketing has been here for a long time and while many may have given up on its efficiency, be prepared for amazing news because the tactic is working for many who use it in the right way. Email is one of the marketing mediums you can use on the internet if at all you do not allow your own shortcomings to hinder you from gaining valuable results.

Email Marketing

The first thing you need to do is wear a positive altitude, identify all your target audience and categorize them based on age, gender, location, and favorite products among other segmentation. This will help you send a relevant email to each client and therefore eliminate the chances of being ignored or being marked as spam. Also, be consistent with your emails, and as long as you are not sending irrelevant, long, or repeated emails, clients will continue reading your emails and most probably buy something you advertised through your mail.

Try as much as you can to personalize the emails by addressing recipients by their names. This will make customers feel special and exclusive. Your emails should also end with a call to action message and a link redirecting readers to your website. Finally, your subject line should be catchy because your ultimate aim is to make the recipient open the mail.

5. Invest In The Right Online Marketing Tools

Online marketing is not easy for anyone, and there are those people who need help from experts and others will only need to buy the right tools to support different strategies. The good thing is that some tools are free. Other tools may be quite expensive and complex to use without the help of a digital marketing expert. However, the fact is that to create and sustain an effective digital marketing campaign; you will need to have the right information and tools. Just to mention a few, you will need tools such as:

Online Marketing Tools
  • BuzzSumo to help you make right and compelling contents
  • Google Analytics to help you track the online activities of your online visitors
  • Campaign Monitor or MailChimp to help in capturing data and preparing a list of mailings for easy email marketing
  • Convertkit for email editing automation among other uses, and
  • Hotjar to help you understand the behaviors and characters of your online visitors
  • Other tools include HubSpot, Trello, Hootsuite, Followerwonk, and CrazyEgg among many others.

Digital marketing has become the main thing in the business world, and you cannot afford to ignore it as a business person. Follow these tips, and you will always be ahead of your competitors, and of course, generate more sales to your business as you impress more online clients.


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