Diablo 4, One of the Most Promising Games

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Diablo 3 was launched about seven years ago by Blizzard. Diablo 2 was released in 2000. Because it is one of the most known franchises of all time, it looks like it will continue with Diablo 4 soon.

The Diablo video game is one of the most popular series. Cross-platform, the creation of Blizzard is a benchmark among RPG fans. Unlike Call of Duty or Battlefield, however, we don’t have a new game at short intervals. In addition, Blizzard officials are also very reluctant to publicize details about future projects.

Other game companies like Nintendo, Electronic Arts, or even Novomatic, the famous casino games developer, might be more open about the features of the games that they are going to release in the near future. For example, Novomatic makes sure to introduce new slot games with a higher quality each time. But of course, their trademark will always remain Sizzling Hot, the well-known fruit-based slot game.

This game is easy to play because it doesn’t have complicated features or rules. It is very simple: a game with ripe fruits, stars, and numbers. In other words, the game symbols are classic, as you’ve seen in many online casinos. Sizzling Hot is not particularly special due to a multitude of features or complicated game action, it is so popular because like other Novoline games, you can play it on your phone, laptop, tablet, whenever and wherever you want. Even if Blizzard doesn’t prefer to announce everything before releasing a new game, the fans are still excited about this one.

Diablo 4 – short description

The fog-covered landscape slumbers peacefully to itself – the village church bell echoes through the deserted place. Dilapidated houses, creaky doors, and a hectic whisper pervade the ominous idyll. The appearance is not deceptive: A short time later, the protagonists are rushed through the catacombs – the first narrative climax unfolds: “Blood is the key”. When, a few minutes later, Lilith, the daughter of hatred, formed of blood and shrouded in epic sounds, looks majestically at her subjects, we rejoice: Diablo 4 will come – and it will be great.

These are the images that fuel hopes on the first day of BlizzCon 2019. Darkness seems to have fallen over Sanctuary – ARPG heart, what more do you want? Well, as emerged after the “Systems & Features” panel: a lot. Welcome to a first review.

Diablo 4 – mechanisms after the BlizzCon 2019

In the course of the BlizzCon 2019, the curtain was lifted, and Diablo 4 announced. While we gained a few insights into the upcoming Blizzard ARPG on the first day, numerous mechanisms were introduced in the following “Systems & Features” panel. We have already summarized them in principle, therefore I would like to show here only a short excerpt:

  • “Enhanced Affixes” – The Affix system of Diablo 3 is adopted and extended by several aspects.
  • “Seasons” – There will be seasons in Diablo 4, with a focus on working out stronger differences between seasons to increase the replay value.
  • “Runewords” – The rune words known from Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction are making a comeback and are being extended to include Condition Runes and Effect Runes.
  • “Keyed Dungeons” – The concept of the (big) Rifts remains to us. The difference: Keys are now dropped by any henchmen and we know at the beginning which dungeon (meaning: which layout) awaits us.
  • “Object Progression” – The goal is to find different iterations of the same item. The “ancient” mechanics from Diablo 3 are used here and are now extended to include mythical objects – only one of these objects can be worn, which is really powerful.
  • “Talent trees and upgradeable skills” – In Diablo 4 we can now upgrade skills and talent trees. There are also synergies between talents and items (+1 on skill X).
  • “Open Game World” – To make Sanctuary as a whole and to delve deeper into the world, Diablo 4 will become an “Open World” game – the crossings between the zones are fluid and we will, therefore, resort to mounts.

The first published information shows that almost all mechanisms have already been used in the Diablo universe. At first glance, the big change seems to be the “open game world”.

Old mechanisms – repackaged

The open game world is probably the biggest innovation of the now announced Diablo. This feature is intended to make Sanctuary a “big and dangerous” world – and I think that’s a really exciting concept. Immersion can only benefit if, for example, we actively experience the changing climate/weather zones when descending into the valley.


“Tradition instead of Innovation” really seems to be the credo. We have the affix system, the rune words, the keyed dungeons, the treasure goblins, the seasons – all of this we already had. In my opinion, Diablo 4 feels more like the best of the last 20 years. But to be honest: you can not even blame Blizzard, because the return to old values ​​(and games) is probably in the year 2019 to the good sound.

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