8 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

Andre Oentoro
Andre Oentoro
Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video production company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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The digital marketing realm will continue expanding, resulting in new trends every year. As we intro to 2023, businesses of all sizes must be ready to shift strategies and approaches to stay relevant and competitive.

Some marketing practices in the previous year will continue to rise, while others may become irrelevant. To help you make a profitable year, we’ve rounded up eight digital marketing trends to watch in 2023. Let’s explore!

The Highlight of Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

The highlight of digital marketing trends in 2023 is simple. They’re all about user experience (UX) and customer experience. If they’re comfortable with your brand, they’ll most likely stay and be customers.

Nearly 90% of internet users won’t return to websites with bad UX. Meanwhile, good UX on a website can raise conversion rates by up to 400%. Most internet users want a seamless user experience across all devices.


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While your site presence is vital, your brand’s content and customer service are no less important. Nowadays, buyers want everything to be instant and straightforward. Your marketing content must reflect their preference.

For instance, hard selling is no longer a trend now. People prefer to watch and read educational content from a brand. Valuable content helps you connect with potential buyers and turn them into paying customers.

8 Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2023

The trends in digital marketing will keep changing from year to year. The vast realm of digital marketing can make it hard for you to notice and predict what will happen in the upcoming year. 

Whether you run an e-commerce startup, an explainer video company, or another business, the eight marketing trends below can come in handy to develop a new marketing strategy in 2023. Let’s explore!

#1. Short Vertical Videos 

Vertical videos will continue to trend in the future years. Major social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have encouraged users to create short vertical videos to achieve better engagement.

Short videos have a higher watch completion rate. They are snackable and powerful enough to influence audiences. Besides, vertical branded videos allow you to reach 58% more people, which also helps you to increase brand awareness.

You can create educational or entertaining videos for your audiences. For instance, providing product demo videos, trivia videos, etc. The less promotional your video, the better your relationship with prospects. 

Besides, consider gaming up your strategies by performing Instagram advertising or TikTok marketing. You can get more audiences and gather prospects on major social media platforms.

#2. Social Responsibility and Inclusivity

Showing social responsibility and inclusivity will attract more prospects and customers. Your brand must be able to state what it stands for or how it can make a difference in society. Start by taking part in creating a better change for others.

Some examples of social responsibilities include supporting the zero waste action, funding for particular communities, donating, taking direct actions to help others, and more. You can pull in customers by making them part of your missions.

As for social inclusivity, it means that you make your company, product, and service available and accessible for everyone, without exceptions. This act shows that your company is mindful of anyone, resulting in customer respect.

#3. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is among the most effective ways to secure deals with prospects. That’s why most websites use chat boxes, live chats, email personalization, and virtual assistance to give instant responses.

Even though automated systems won’t give the same experience as humans, they help answer trivia questions and solve problems. It will also be helpful for customer service in avoiding repetitive queries or problems.

Furthermore, conversational marketing goes hand-in-hand with Google’s new regulation to end third-party cookies in Chrome. This action by Google is solely to give convenience to users, so no one will be able to collect data from cookies to identify their target audience.

#4. Interactive Features

Interactive features on a website will improve user experience. You can develop specific qualities to assist potential buyers in making decisions. Features like quizzes, maps, and live chat are some examples of interactive elements.

Users can take quizzes or polls to know which product is better for their problems. They can also use maps to track the store location or order delivery. Meanwhile, live chat can help them learn a product quickly.

You can also make interactive posts on social media to engage audiences. Instagram is a social platform with the most varied interactive features. It allows you to create polls, Q&A, surveys, or games a lot easier.

#5. User-Generated Content

User-generated content will keep exploding in the following years. It refers to any content that conveys customers’ experience after using a product or service. Written reviews and video testimonials are examples of UG content.

Brands have very limited to no interference in the production of UG content. That’s why many potential buyers value testimonials, and reviews are truthful information based on one’s experience.

Still, businesses can encourage customers to create user-generated content. They can make room for customers to write reviews on their websites and give responses to them. 

Or they can also repost UG content on social media to show appreciation. Besides, reposting UG content allows you to influence prospects and build better relationships with existing customers.  

#6. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has been a marketing trend for a while now. It’s somehow getting more powerful and preferable than hiring celebrities to promote a product. 61% of customers admit that they trust influencer recommendations

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While influencer marketing is still highly profitable, businesses should consider it a marketing strategy in 2023. The key to choosing the right influencers is to look at their followers, engagement rate, and expertise.

Choose influencers that have good knowledge about your niche to build trust. You can create video reviews, product demonstration videos, collaborative vlogs, or other content with influencers.

#7. Machine Translation in Multilingual Content

The internet is a platform where people around the world gather to share and look for information. You can also get customers or buyers from overseas, but if they’re not fluent in your language, it can change their minds.

A lot of websites provide multilingual content and websites. This way, they can reach anyone across the globe. Multilingual content helps your potential buyers to learn your product or service better.

However, translating each of your content would be a load of work. That’s when machine translation comes to help. You can use machine translation tools to complete your websites and provide a better service and user experience for audiences.

#8. SEO, Images, and Video Search

Optimizing your SEO strategy with visual content becomes more necessary as SEO remains a central game in search engine practices. Images and videos can add more points to your website to be more discoverable.

Besides, keeping improving site performance is also critical to optimize SEO. Ensure your site is fast, responsible, and easy for customers.

Furthermore, visual search is also a trend to take advantage of. Sometimes, users use images to look for similar products. Google then provides similar pictures along with the site to users. Your visual asset must include relevant title and description information to appear on search engine result pages.

Also, video search will be a marketing trend for some more years. It’s in line with people’s appetite for video content that’s getting bigger. Videos are both entertaining and educational compared to blog posts or image-based content.

The best way to escalate your video marketing is by leveraging YouTube as the biggest video-based social platform. Optimize your video content with branded and relevant keywords on titles, descriptions, tags, and hashtags. 

If your YouTube video goes up in the top rank of search engines, you’ll gather more viewers and drive traffic to your site. Other than YouTube, you can also use other video platforms like TikTok.

Wrapping Up

There are many digital marketing trends to anticipate in 2023. An annual audit will help you decide which strategies to drop at the end of this year. Therefore, you can try performing some of the options mentioned above.

You may see other trends throughout 2023. So, keeping a close eye on the recent and upcoming trends can benefit you greatly. You can try the latest trend to improve your service, grow your business, and stay ahead of the curve.

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