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17 Really Amazing Free iPhone Tools Marketers Should Use

Dhruv Parmar
Dhruv Parmar
Dhruv is a freelance content writer with proficiency in every niche. He maintains his own personal brand on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can contact him for any content writing requirements for websites, blogs, and social media handles.

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As new models of iPhone keep coming over, users get access to newer and better features. It would be best if you explored all the fun tools available for an iPhone to understand the exact algorithm behind their work.

This article will expand upon the 17 amazing marketing tools you can use on your iPhone as a marketer. Go through all of these tools and give these a try. They might change your life. 

List of Free iPhone Tools That Marketers Should Use

Being a marketer, you have a lot of tasks to perform, of which the most important one is to keep your brand value intact and promote it among other people. The promotion process may sometimes be hectic and involve a lot of stress.

Therefore, to release your stress and make things easier for you, here is a list of all the marketing tools you can use to promote and manage your tasks.


If you have been one of those people who has indulged themselves in graphic designing at least once in their lifetime, then Canva is the perfect tool for you. You can create anything on the app; literally, it is available to use free of cost. You can download it from the App Store and use it for creating banners, posters, animation videos, cliparts, and whatnot for your business.

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Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/canva-graphic-design-photo-editing/id897446215?mt=8

Canva is one of the best designing apps and offers features you can never say no to. If you are an iPhone user and wish to impress your audience with unique designs, Canva is the perfect tool.

Clips by Apple

As you know, these days, the creation and sharing of short videos have become a trend. To keep up with the trend, you can use the Clips app provided by Apple. The Clips App lets you make and share fun videos on social media. Clips by Apple is one of the free iPhone tools for marketing that allows you to add effects, graphics, and the text of your liking to the videos using clips and impress everyone with your unique video editing skill.

The app allows you to share these videos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and every other social media platform you like. Creating and sharing videos isn’t a difficult task anymore. Use the Clips tool and create interactive and exciting videos anytime, anywhere. 

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is another creative designing app that introduces you to a different world of vibrant colors, themes, designs, and templates. Adobe Spark Post offers an eye-catching template that will be fit for other themes. Switch on your creative mind and cast your magic on the templates that you will come across. An attractive, eye-catching design is just a few taps away.

Select the photos, texts, and filters of your choice. Upload them to the app and let the app perform the rest of the magic. You will receive such beautiful graphics that you will be impressed. Your business will get a boost once you use posters and templates designed by Adobe Spark Post.

Adobe Spark Video

Just like Adobe Spark Post entitles you to edit videos and graphic designs, Adobe Spark Video helps you enhance your videos’ quality. This free iPhone tool for marketing will entitle you to create animated videos in simple steps. You may follow the instructions and will have an engaging animated video available at hand within minutes. 

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Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/adobe-spark-video-animated-videos-in-minutes/id852555131

Not just this, you can edit your pre-existing videos the way you like, add images, texts, and highlights of your choice, and create a video you love. All your followers, fans, and social media users will be impressed by the quality of work that Adobe Spark Video performs. The app also has a long list of free soundtracks that you can add to your videos and make more interactive. 

Boomerang by Instagram

If you frequently use social media, you must be aware of the concept of boomerangs. Boomerang is a loop video you can create and share with your family, friends, and business colleagues. 

You can create interesting short-loop videos using the Boomerang tool. The video loops back and forth, giving a stimulating effect. Upload these videos on your social media platform, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and engage a larger audience. This tool may capture a burst of 10 photos and then convert these into a 10-second short GIF video that will play continuously on a loop. 


As the trend of sharing videos increases, newer and better video editing tools are coming into the market. One such best free iPhone tool for marketers is the Cameo. Cameo entitles you to edit and create movies and videos on your iPhone. It is a free tool that eases the process; hence you can create catchy and touching videos the way you wish. 

Creating short films isn’t a task anymore. Use the Cameo app and get your short film of superior quality with maximum effects. It has powerful editing software that assists you in creating exciting HD videos. 

It also offers a clip trimmer, audio adjuster, and file render. You can also add soundtracks to your video using the Cameo tool from their specially curated catalog. For marketers interested in short films and video advertising, Cameo is the tool of choice. 


If you are a fan of people’s time-lapse videos, this Hyperlapse tool is the one for you. Install it from the App Store and use it to create catchy time-lapse videos. You get rid of the burden of carrying a massive tripod everywhere. Use the Hyperlapse app and get mesmerizing time-lapse videos created for you. 

People generally face trouble while manually creating a time-lapse video because it shakes, and the video quality gets damaged. Hyperlapse resolves this issue by stabilizing your footage to remove all the bumps and movements that must be captured. The result is a cinematic video with zero errors and complete perfection. 


If you are interested in capturing beautiful landscapes, sceneries, sunsets, and everything that nature offers, you can use the Priime tool. It is one of those fantastic photo editing apps that adds a finishing touch and a sense of beauty to your portraits and landscapes. The app reads through the image and then edits it according to the subject, exposure, color palette, and ideas. 

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Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/app/priime/id934587545

You can then share the final result over social media and brag about your excellent photography skills. Those who are particularly a part of photography can use this app to provide a better finishing touch to their captured images. There isn’t anything better than a tool that finishes the images for you and grants you access to premium-quality edited images. 

Spark Camera

Why use a standard camera when you can switch to the Spark Camera? It assists you in capturing images and videos at unimaginable speed. This free photo editing and capturing tool is also a free iPhone tool that enables you to capture clips, apply filters, edit the video or image as per your liking, add a song you like, and put in all the effort and effects you wish to.

Once you are done with the process, you can share these videos with your family, friends, and everybody else to impress them with your exceptional skills. Spark Camera is one of the image-capturing tools that one must have on their iPhone to enhance the picture quality and learn better photography. The app may charge you $0.99 for achieving the editing and capturing purpose, but it is worth every penny. 


With an increasing demand for high-quality photos and videos, the number of tools available in the market has also risen. VidLab is another such video editor on the list, but its features are one of a kind.

You can use the app to create professional photos and videos for your Instagram or any other social media account. Customize it as you wish by adding effects, sound, text, graphics, voice-overs, etc. The finished product will be so excellent that you won’t ever return from the app disappointed. Install the tool and use it to create professional videos and photos and impress everyone around. 


Creating catchy graphics isn’t a tiring task anymore. You have to get the Over tool on your iPhone as it is the best tool for marketers and use it to create appealing graphics. Using the Over tool, you can design images the way you want, add all the special effects you need, create graphics you like, add captions to your photo, and perform all the other exciting tasks. 

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Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id535811906

You will also come across a store that gives you options to add fonts, graphics, and other such items to create a custom template. You can design these graphics and share them with your near and dear ones. It will surely drag everybody’s attention as the design, color theme, and everything will be beyond perfect. 


If you love creating templates with texts written in different styles or wish to add modified texts to your images, then you should try using the Legend app. You can craft animations following simple steps, which will leave you amazed.

Every template available on the app has been curated specifically, keeping in mind the various color and text combinations. You can try and play around with backgrounds, animations, texts, colors, slogans, etc., and produce a result to your liking. Legend is the best app for those who wish to create something different using the available elements. 


Capturing perfect images is one of the essential needs of the hour today. People put in lots and lots of time and effort to get that perfect shot. To ease the process, you can use the MuseCam app that assists you in capturing perfect images every single time.

You can capture images with this free iPhone tool for marketing that provides high grades of professionalism. The app offers advanced camera control, emulating presets, and professional-grade tools to assist you in capturing fabulous and catching images. 


The list of graphic design apps available for iPhone is never-ending. You can use the Create app to develop unique graphic designs to impress people. The designs are highly sophisticated and convey your ideas beautifully to the audience. 

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Image Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/create-graphic-design-fonts/id703295475

You can add images, text, shapes, icons, lines, and everything you like to the design and customize it. The app is easy to use and is available free of cost for everyone to use and create incredible designs. iPhone users can take full advantage of the app to cast a good impression on their colleagues.


If you have always wondered about the process of creating short GIFs, your search ends here. You can use the Clippy app available on your iPhone App Store and use it to create GIFs and short videos by downloading any video of your choice.

You can customize these videos by adding text, emojis, graphics, stickers, etc. This will make the video or GIF image more interactive and attractive. Using the app is very easy. You must follow simple steps, such as uploading a video and leaving the rest on the app. It will finish the process, and you will receive a satisfactory result. 


Creating eye-catching and attractive collages is one of the most amazing things you can do for any special occasion. You may install the Layout app by Instagram on your iPhone to achieve the purpose. This free iPhone marketing tool helps you create eye-catching and exciting collages according to the number of images you upload.

You get access to exciting layouts that you can select from and select the combination that best suits you and attracts your heart. The app is used to create instant collages for everyone. You can use the inbuilt themes to convey your story the way you want to. With this exciting tool, you can alter your pre-existing photos and give them a new shape. 


Working and responding over deadlines may, at times, become hectic. You may lose track of time and things you need to keep in mind. To solve that issue, you can use the Evernote app that helps you to add reminders, create to-do lists, and curate visual notes so that you don’t forget stuff. 

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Image Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/evernote-notes-organizer/id281796108

The app is user-friendly and helps you stay organized despite a messed-up schedule. The design and user interface of the app are impressive, and the essential point is that it helps you keep track of everything you need to do throughout the day. 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is a vast and never-ending list of all the free iPhone tools that may help marketers achieve their goals and perform better in life. Each app has its usage. However, multiple apps perform the same task. You can select the one you like the most based on your preference and then use it to make your brand rise and shine. 


Here, you have gathered enough information about all the apps and free iPhone tools you may need to use on your iPhone if you are a marketer. You should always go ahead with an app that serves your purpose and fulfills your demands. The app should also be user-friendly and keep your data private and safe. Once you check all these things, you can plan and move ahead with selecting the best apps for you.


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