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DJI Dock Receives New Chunk Of Feature Updates

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DJI wouldn’t have received any significant updates had it been through several outages as it is yet to attain what it has been meant for; the DJI Dock has received a big feature update plated out to be in the number of feature containers that improves its portability and capabilities.

The new feature update brings off Flight controls, which lets users remotely wield their drone and gimbal with the assistance of DJI FlightHub 2 and resume flight from Breakpoint, which enhances mission construction and accuracy between the maximum range. Let’s delve into the feature it has come with,

Live Flight Controls

Live Flight Controls is a feature that made users hold on for a long time before making it into FlightHub 2 platform. You can control the aircraft and gimbal from an isolated region through the cloud, which can deliver the functionality of DJI Dock operations. This function is also accessible through the cloud API for developers.

The Live Flight Controls function classifies into FlyTo tasks and keyboard controls to manually swirl the aircraft and gimbal.

Fly to Flights:

Fly to Flights is a bit puzzlement to users; if an aircraft is in the dock or on a scale mission, the users could opt to use a FlyTo location by seeing the particular events on the map. If a situation is made to encounter multiple points of interest or multi-unit operations, you can also use the PinPoint feature to proliferate visual reference points to FlyTo lately.

Live Flight Control of the aircraft:

In a flash of an update for the DJI Dock, there comes the Flight Controls providing the operator the skill to flatter the drone into the sky where it derived with a FlyTo function and keyboard controls; perhaps PC gamers could find it more familiar as they aren’t compliant to be a watchdog.

  • Forward (W)
  • Backward (S)
  • Left (A)
  • Right (D)
  • Up (C)
  • Down (Z)
  • Aircraft Yaw Left (Left rotation) (Q)
  • Aircraft Yaw Right (Right wheel) (E

Gimbal control

In addition to the above argument, yet another has sculpted its succumbed entry without any hindrance. When you’re in Live Flight Control mode, you can also be trimmed the version of the operator to the drone’s gimbal. In FlightHub 2, you can check the target and feed by double-clicking.

You can transport the zoom bar or scroll the middle mouse wheel to zoom in and out. There are also buttons for redirecting the gimbal to the original posture; you can swap between photo and video modes and change between zoom, wide-angle, and infrared feeds. 

Resume Flight from Breakpoint

Suppose the drone cannot meet outstanding success with its current route mission, perhaps from the low battery indicator. The drone will automatically reiterate to the dock for a quick recharge. If you have switched on the breakpoint function, the system will automatically save the location of the breakpoint and generate the task to be implemented. Once it’s back to form, it will resume its set-off.

The DJI Dock is available from June; if interested, you can place your next order


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