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How to create a converting Email Marketing funnel for your eCommerce business

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Did you know that email marketing helps an eCommerce business establish and nurture relationships with their leads and customers? It’s a type of marketing that uses one of the most powerful online sales channel, the email. This Email marketing funnel strategy includes creating professional newsletters and email campaigns that help an eCommerce business connect, engage, and build relationships with their audience.

Sales Opportunities

However, you need a compelling email marketing strategy to make it work, and that strategy will be more effective if everything is aligned with the email sales funnel. According to statistics, 96% of your web visitors are not yet ready to buy. But with a good sales funnel, you can convert leads to sales.

What is an email sales funnel?

An email sales funnel is the process of tracking your sales from start to finish. It helps you visualize the consumer’s journey from the initial stage to making a purchase. Unlike an oil funnel that forces everything it catches all the way down to a narrow end, your sales funnel should be about efficiency. You have to funnel your leads efficiently in every stage to identify which prospects are most likely to buy your product or service. Through the email sales funnel, you understand how the consumer moves through your website, which is essential to the growth of your business.

Stages in the Email Sales Funnel

1. Lead – this can be your target customer or someone you have not spoken to and visited your website.

2. Prospect – a lead becomes a prospect once he shows interest in what you offer. Signs of interest can be having a conversation like replying to your newsletters, when the person provided information like signing up to your newsletter, or when they viewed your product page.

3. Add to Cart – This is the stage where your prospect finally agreed to close the deal by adding the item to their cart, ready for checkout.

4. Transacted – This is the conversion stage. Your customer thoroughly checked out the details from their shopping cart, paid the bill, and is now waiting for the delivery.

So how can you create a successful email sales funnel? Here are three simple steps:

1. Determine your audience.

To build an effective email sales funnel, you need to know your audience. You can start by determining your target market and understanding your needs. If you don’t know who your target market is and what they need, your funnel will surely not perform well.

2. Look at your competitor’s email sales funnel

After determining your audience, do some research on your competitor’s email sales funnel by subscribing to there email lists. Know how their process works, in this way you can learn what’s useful and improve it.

3. Use every marketing tool you can

There is a wide range of tools available in building and optimizing an email sales funnel. An example of a handy online tool is ActiveTrail, a full-service marketing automation platform that provides email autoresponder, pop up and option forms for your website that can even be integrated with your Facebook Page. You can combine your marketing automation platform with your eCommerce tools to build a higher converting email sales funnels.

Email Funnel Ideas You Can Create

To help get you started on building your first email sales funnel, we listed some email funnel ideas that you can recreate.

1. Lead Magnet

Buyer Persona

To build an effective email sales funnel, you need to know your audience. You can start with determining your target market and understanding their needs by creating a buyer persona. If you don’t know who your target market is and what they need, your funnel will surely not going to perform well.

2. Abandoned Cart

Abandonded Cart

Most eCommerce businesses thought that abandoned carts mean the permanent loss of sales, but the truth is that an abandoned vehicle is an excellent gateway for creating more sales. Even though most of your site visitors won’t purchase during their first visit, it doesn’t mean that they won’t return. According to research, 75% of the visitors return. All you have to do is send a series of follow-up emails with helpful content and offers to convince them to go back and purchase.

3. Re-engagement

Nurture your relationship with your customers by constantly re-engaging with them. These previous customers can still make sales. All you have to do is set a funnel that will make them go back to your website and purchase again. Send offers similar to their previous purchase or special discounts for their next purchase. Give them a reason to come back.

An email marketing sales funnel is an effective strategy to boost your eCommerce sales. All you have to do is build a funnel that matches the needs of your business. Remember that nurturing your customers will lead to continuous sales and you can only do it if you develop an optimized email sales funnel for every step of your customers’ journey. With the right email marketing software, you can build effective email sales funnels to help your business.


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