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Event Guide to Alola to Alola Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

Jayita Talukder
Jayita Talukder
I’m currently doing a Master’s Degree in English, and have been writing on and off for years. Part-time gamer and full-time reader of obscure literature. If I’m not at my desk, I’ve probably spotted a cat outside.

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The Aloha to Aloha Quest is finally here at Pokemon Go, where Trainers are tasked with collecting Alolan Pokémon to complete the challenge within a given time period. The adventure reality game has several seasonal events and challenges from time to time for the players who are limited in duration. You will need to log into the game and unlock the quest before the Season of Alola ends in Pokémon Go on 31st May.  

The season of Alola celebrates the Alolan Pokemon that have appeared throughout gameplay. The final event is meant to be a collection challenge where players will need to collect certain Alolan Pokemon, giving them another opportunity to obtain the ones that they might have missed during the season. 

Requirements for Alola to Alola Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go 

As part of the Alola to Alola special research quest, Pokémon will appear to you in random locations, but there are ways to track them down in order to complete the challenge quickly. It’s important to note that you will need to have completed these pre-requisite special research quests in order to be eligible for the mission: 

  • A Melemele Adventure 
  • An Akala Adventure 
  • An Ula’ula Adventure  
  • A Poni Adventure  

These are all events that were released during the Alola Season, so you have time until the 31st of May to finish them if you haven’t already.  

How to Complete Alola to Alola Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go 

Upon completion of the Alolan Challenge, you will receive the Elite Collectors Medal and other rewards such as 15,000 Experience Points, 15 Ultra Balls, and an encounter with Rockruff. These are the steps that you need to do in order to finish the quest and collect all the Alolan Pokemon: 

  1. Evolve Yungoose into Gumshoos: This can be achieved during the day with 50 Yungoos Candy. 
  1. Evolve Pikipek into Trumbeak: Use 25 Pikipek Candy. 
  1. Evolve Rowlet into Dartrix: Use 25 Rowlet Candy. 
  1. Evolve Litten into Torracat: Use 25 Litten Candy. 
  1. Evolve Popplio into Brionne: Use 25 Popplio Candy. 
  1. Catch a Cubone: You can find this Pokemon in the wild. 
  1. Catch an Alolan Rattata: You can find this Pokemon in the wild, as well as in 7km Eggs. 
  1. Evolve Trumbeak into Toucannon: Use 100 Pikipek Candy. 


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