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Free Fire OB39 Update Patch Notes: All Character Changes Explained

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
An enthusiastic gamer who enjoys writing about games and playing BR genre games.

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Free Fire’s latest update, the OB39, brings with it a host of exciting changes, especially when it comes to character adjustments. The game’s developers have made several modifications to enhance the overall gameplay experience. In this article, we’ll be discussing all the character changes from the official Free Fire OB 39 patch notes to help you get a better understanding of what’s new.

Free Fire OB39 Patch Notes: All Character Changes After New Update

Xayne – Enhanced Battle Endurance and Canceled HP Decay

Xayne has been adjusted to become an ideal choice for close-range assaults, with the enhancement of her battle endurance and the cancellation of HP decay. The game’s developers have made it easier for users to operate Xtreme Encounter, which will now get 50 temporary HP for 15 seconds. During this time, HP-healing effects are enhanced by 75%, with a cooldown of 75 seconds.

Otho – Added Enemy Location Marking and Movement Speed Reduction

Otho has also undergone several changes in this latest update, with the addition of enemy location marking and movement speed reduction. The game’s developers have added another scenario to activate Memory Mist, which will mark enemies within 20m of the knocked-down enemy and slow down their movement speed by 25%. This effect will last for 4 seconds, making it easier for players to come up with diverse battle strategies.

Dasha – Enhanced Rate of Fire and Movement Speed After Elimination

Dasha has been reworked to have a rate of fire and movement speed boosts after eliminating an enemy. If she achieves a kill streak within a certain time, the skill will get a further boost, making it easier for her to clutch moments in the game.

After eliminating an enemy, she will enter Highlight mode, which increases the rate of fire by 18% and movement speed by 12%. Following a successful knockdown, pressing the button again will increase the rate of fire and movement speed by 4% and 3%, respectively, for a total of 5 seconds.

Ford – A Brand New Start Restores HP When Taking Damage

Ford has been modified to restore HP when taking damage, making it easier for players to deal with improper behavior of intentionally taking zone damage. The Iron Will skill will provide players with 16 HP per second for 3 seconds when they take damage, with a cooldown time of 290 seconds. The active skill will reset immediately after players release it.

Kenta – The Training of a Swordsman

Kenta has been adjusted to become the #1 swordsman in the game, with the Swordsman’s Wrath skill forming a shield of 5m width that reduces 50 to 60% weapon damage coming from the front. When firing, damage reduction reduces to 10 to 20%. The effect lasts for 5 seconds, with a cooldown of 70 seconds.

Alok – Less HP Recovery After OB 39 Update

Alok has been nerfed in this latest update to give Drop The Beat a clearer skill focus. A 5m aura that restores 5 to 3 HP every second for 10 seconds while accelerating movement by 15% is created by the Drop the Beat ability. Effects do not stack, with a cooldown of 50 to 45 seconds.

Santino – Spawned Mannequin Can Now Travel on Its Own!

Santino’s teleporting ability has been reworked to enable the spawned mannequin to travel on its own. This will provide players with more flexibility in moving around the fighting pit. The Shape Splitter skill will now spawn a 200 HP mannequin that moves forward for 12 seconds, then allow players to teleport to the mannequin’s position. The mannequin will be destroyed after use or after the 12 seconds are up, with a cooldown of 80 seconds.

Final Thoughts

The Free Fire OB39 update patch notes have brought about significant character changes, providing a new and exciting gameplay experience for all Free Fire fans. The developers’ dedication to improving the game’s mechanics and strategies is evident in each character’s adjustment. Whether it’s Xayne’s improved battle endurance or Kenta’s new swordsmanship skills, each character’s changes have a purpose and add to the game’s overall excitement.

Free Fire players should take note of the character changes in OB39 and adapt their gameplay accordingly. With the adjusted abilities of each character, players can explore new strategies and gameplay styles. So, gear up and get ready to play the updated version of Free Fire with renewed vigor and excitement.


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