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Top 10 indispensable features of a good PPC keyword research tool

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Are you happy that you have finally finished working on the keywords for your PPC campaign? Maybe you are finally sitting relaxed, listening to music, wondering if you can take a short break. We are here to give you bad news. It is never possible to finish keyword research for a PPC campaign and move on. The shifting trends of keyword research command constant attention from the campaign managers, SEO experts, and brand marketers.

The research process needs to be highly data-driven to eliminate any form of guesswork that might reduce the efficacy of the targeting mechanism. Since the search trends on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo keep altering, there is a good reason for you to get off your vacation mode and start looking at a fresh list of actionable keywords for tomorrow.

How to begin the keyword research?

Keyword Research

A lot of businesses lose out on the big bucks because they shy away from asking this question. There are a few ideas you need to keep in mind at all times for a rewarding keyword research experience.

  • Manual research is excellent, but it limits your opportunities to a great extent.
  • You need specialized keyword research tools for PPC that can show you the trends in keyword use and corresponding bids.
  • Minding your keyword strategies is not enough; you need to monitor your competitor’s keyword accounts as well for effective strategizing.
  • Each keyword research tool has one or more salient features. You need to pick one or more for conducting a comprehensive research.

How to select the correct keyword tool?

SEO Keywords

Here are few of the qualities all top PPC keyword research tools share –

1. They should have multiple tested keyword lists for all niches

A great device can help you with keyword research for Google AdWords and Bing Ad campaigns. Therefore, they must have an impressive collection of keywords from different genres. To achieve short-term and long-term PPC targets, you need to have a set of competitive, low-intent, high-intent, and brand keywords.

2. Complete information about each keyword

These tools should provide full details on each keyword and not display the word only. Search trend charts, keyword difficulty, CPC, and a number of results in SERPs give a better idea of keyword performance. The tool you pick should be able to display all the information about the keyword for your PPC Campaign.

3. Comparative keyword usage by other brands

The tools should have a feature for showing which brands already use the keywords for their existing campaigns. That will help you create AdGroups for higher CTAs. Check out PPC agency Los Angeles for a practical idea on tools that can help you find hyper-local, competitive keywords in a jiffy.

4. The tool should be able to evaluate your keyword ideas through custom inputs

Your tool of choice needs to be able to accommodate customization and variability. There is no way a PPC campaign can survive without advanced filtering options for creating a diverse set of phrase-match keywords. The tool should facilitate the addition of various input texts and find multiple keywords using different combinations.

5. The tool must be “aware of” keyword difficulty

There are different difficulty levels among keywords and their groups. One of the most common mistakes in PPC is selecting high CPC keywords that cost more than they make. These are extremely difficult to rank for, and they charge considerably more than the low-intent keywords. Using a keyword difficulty guide, you should be able to locate keywords that have moderate competition and amicable price tags.

6. They should be able to suggest long-tail keywords

There is no way a brand or a business can perform well without investing in long-tail keyword research. Since you are already looking for a tool for your PPC campaign, you might as well look for one that has support for long-tail keyword searches and suggestions. In fact, it should be able to extend its support, if you want to create new long-tail keywords for your brand campaign. Adding a generous portion of long-tailed keywords to your PPC recipe will help you monitor the CPC rate and rank better amidst the competition.

7. It should be able to support regional and multi-national keyword searches

Localized PPC keywords is a trend that can show a significant profit to your business. The tool you pick should be able to suggest a pool of local, national, and multi-national keywords for boosting regional traffic. That is required for any business, whether it targets regional customers or a global buyer-base.

8. It should support dynamic searches

No modern keyword tool for PPC is enough for your campaign unless it applies dynamic searches. The latest keyword research tools should help you figure out AdGroup competition and avoid it. It should allow you to automate a few daily functions.

9. Export of research reports in different formats

What good is an online campaign without any data, analytics, and reports? Your tool should enable you to access research reports and share them with the rest of your group. Your tool should have fundamental reporting and sharing features that allow the export of multiple statements, incompatible formats. Having a graphic interface cum interactive dashboard is the best way to go about it.

10. It should support multiple languages

A great tool supports more than one language. This feature is especially necessary when you are trying to optimize your campaign for several regions. In short, your tool should support whatever language the majority of your audiences speak.

Any tool that meets all ten requirements is the best for PPC campaigns. Interestingly, you might even find these features in one or multiple tools that are complementary. Several marketing agencies and SEO teams utilize numerous tools with overlapping features to increase the reproducibility of the data and their results.


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