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How does Point of Sale Software work for your company?

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It is necessary for any company selling products and services to have a point of sale software. This technology is not only a machine or process; it is a combination of tools that simplify operations. Because; it helps to complete customer transactions with ease and connects the teams.

The POS application will have a different look and feel depending on the software or customization. It depends on your accepted payment mode, invoice process, or how you process sales. Additionally, it also depends on how you manage inventory, daily tasks.

In this blog, we will dive deep into how does point of sale software works.

What is the point of sale software technology?

Point of sale technology is a combination of software and hardware where the customer completes the sales. For instance, it is the checkout line or payment counter at the retail stores. This technology has various benefits for a retail business than the traditional processes.

In the first place, the software assists the retailers; to record, distribute, save, report, and analyze data. For instance, it is a central server to store customer data and their payment and sales transaction. POS system helps the team scan the product, add it to the bill, select the payment mode and accept the payment. Moreover, this system is also capable of printing invoices, tell the payment status, and tell the change in amount.

The point of sale software reduces the task of your team and hence saves time and avoids duplication; of work. As a result, it will increase the productivity and accuracy of the retail team; to perform the task. Additionally, it also removes the errors in inventory, ordering, and reporting. Furthermore, it also has the tools for your retail team to provide top-notch customer service.

What is the hardware in the POS software?


Irrespective of how potential the POS software is, it might need hardware support. For instance, it could be a cash register with buttons or a touch screen desktop or mobile. The screen is where you can log in to the system and process the transactions.

Cash register

This drawer will come with the POS system to keep all cash denominations, cheques, vouchers, or card slips.


After the transaction is complete, the printer will generate an invoice with all the necessary details. Retailers also use this hardware to close the POS for the day and get an overview of the daily transaction.

Barcode reader

All the retail products have a barcode that the team member can scan and create a bill. The POS software will have an entire list of products with the barcode as soon as the team member scans it gets added to the invoice.

Card machine

It is crucial for the POS solution to have a card reader integrated to process the card payments.   

Connection devices

Irrespective of your deployment type of the POS system; whether it is on-premises or cloud. You will need a network device to connect the POS with other devices and systems.

How does point-of-sale software work?

As discussed earlier, POS solutions assist your retail business to accept payments and track sales. Though it might be a simple concept, it can impact your business in different ways. Indeed, it depends on how do you conduct your business whether it is online, offline, or both.

The modern POS system does more than just handling the cash; it can track the digital footprints. Furthermore, you can check the customer profiles and transaction history from anywhere. As a result, your team will need a compatible device with an internet connection to access the POS.

Let us now look at how does point of sale software works?

Customer finalizes the products

When you have a physical retail store, a customer might visit the store to window shop. The customer walks in at your store, explores the shop, and might want to buy a few products. He can then proceed to the checkout counter and use POS software to complete the transaction.

When you have a physical store; and a customer comes looking for a specific product, he couldn’t find it. He approaches your retail team members to help him to look for the product. Your team will use the POS system to check the availability or merchandising of the product.

When you have a digital store for your business; then the customer might explore the option and add it to the cart. This step is where the POS solution will come into the picture, accept payment and send delivery instructions.

Scans and creates a bill

After the customer finalizes the products, he goes to checkout to complete the transactions. Your retail team will use the barcode scanner to scan the products. The best point of sale software will provide a customer-facing display to increase transparency. Once your team scans the products, they will have an overview before processing the transactions. The customer can add or reduce the products in the basket to adjust the bill price.

Customer payment

One of the crucial steps to complete the retail sale transaction is successful payment. Once the products are scanned the POS software will allow the customer to pay and generate the bill. The most advanced software will accept all forms of payments, including digital, cash, phone wallets, and bank transfers.

Transaction complete

After the successful payment transaction, it is a hurray for your team because you made a sale. If the customer pays through cash, the system will allow you to enter the denomination given and let you return the exact change. The system generates a hard copy of the invoice or allows you to send a digital copy on the email.

Updates the inventory

Inventory plays a crucial role in the retail business because it allows you to not overstock or have less stock. After the transaction is complete, the POS software will update the inventory. It helps to have real-time access to the availability of the product according to the size and color.


It is a basic necessity for every retail business to have a point of sale software to simplify the operations. The purpose of this technology is the same, but the working mechanism might differ according; to the deployment type.


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