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How does website speed help boost business?

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Does websites’ fast speed pay off? Is it true that by spending money on technology, you can grow your business? 

It is known that the website is an elementary part of your business.  You might be developing a new website or customizing the old one. You must be trying your level best to build an actionable website to gain the visitor’s attention. Have you ever thought about the speed of your website? Do you know that speed is a primary factor to accelerate your website business?

Website speed is an important factor in this new technological age for seamlessly executing the tasks. User’s expectations have increased a lot and their patience decreased substantially. If a website loads too slowly, users will instantly switch to another site instead of waiting a few more seconds. Always remember that a slow site disappoints and causes frustration when he needs to find some information in a great hurry. 

Google clearly states that the website’s loading speed is an important ranking factor. Fast loading websites appear in the top search results of Google. Slow-loading websites are punished with a low ranking, marketing budget gets wasted and you can lose your customers’ at their first visit. 

It is estimated that almost 47% of the users expect the web page to load in less than two seconds.  40% usually leaves the website when it takes more than three seconds. 52% of online shoppers consider that website is loyal if it loads faster. So we need to find out how website speed helps in business growth? The major thing lies while developing a website is that it will generate revenues in the future that will boost business growth. So, the aim of this article lies in WordPress website development by following the ways as defined below to speed up the website speed.

Table of Content

  • Increase your website speed with the following ways
  • Fast Loading websites are the Foundation For SEO
  • Building A Huge Network of Satisfied Customers
  • More Positive Reviews
  • Use a premium web hosting
  • Supercharge your website with Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • regularly update CMS
  • Increase your website speed with the following ways

Fast loading websites are the foundation for SEO

It would not be unfair to say that faster websites and search engine optimization are interdependent. All your website optimization efforts will bring no results if your website or its pages are slow. Modern Internet users and search engines hate slow loading websites. Google, the world’s leading search engine, wants to give users a positive Internet browsing experience at all times. 

So, they choose fast loading websites or web pages and display them in search results. So, all SEO professionals keep in mind that faster websites are needed for the success of digital marketing campaigns. Regularly track the loading speed of your website and take all possible measures to make it faster. Fast loading websites, if optimized well, appear in the top search results of Google, which is essential for lead generation. 

Building a huge network of satisfied customers

In the modern business world, customer satisfaction is a sine qua non. Business organizations that don’t turn to customers cannot grow and develop. The driving force that drives businesses to innovation and production is customer loyalty and continuity in consumption. Continuity is only possible with customer satisfaction. So, many businesses have to develop policies and strategies according to their business method. 

Always keep in mind that faster websites help visitors to find the desired stuff easily and effortlessly. They can browse several web pages on the site quickly, read the available content & make transactions quickly. A satisfied customer is the brand ambassador of your company. He/she recommends your company to new customers and helps you to get more business opportunities. 

More positive reviews 

These days, before buying anything online, customers tend to read reviews and ratings given by viewers. Positive reviews give a better impression of your brand to customers. So, they love to buy from you and remain associated with your brand for a long period. On the other hand, negative reviews demonstrate flaws in your products and services.

So, it drives customers away, which is a direct loss to your business. You can work on issues escalated by negative reviews and make your products and services better. Always keep in mind that faster websites make customers pleased. So, they give positive reviews on your website, which opens up new business opportunities for entrepreneurs. 

Use a premium web hosting

Web hosting is the heart of your website.  Web hosting provides a fast loading time to a single visitor among millions and helps generate more traffic. It should be noted that if the user is running its websites on a single host such as Bluehost then advanced packages such as Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Managed WordPress hosting should also be introduced. Get complete hosting solutions via Bluehost and discount offers on Bluehost Birthday sale – UP TO 60% OFF HOSTING AND MORE!

Get Started

There are other premium web hosting, like, Siteground, WP engine, RackSpace and Media Temple.  Make sure to have an accurate hosting choice at the initial stage. Your website might suffer from slow load time if it does not have a stable infrastructure. And the time when traffic peaks, the visitors will face a slow loading speed that obviously will affect the website growth.

Supercharge your website with Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN is a geographically distributed server that works collectively to deliver fast internet content. It permits the immediate transfer of assets for the loading of internet content (javascript file, images, HTML pages, videos, and images). CDN is growing at a faster pace and most of the web traffic these days is served with CDN. 

CDN with proper configuration can protect the websites from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. CDN can decrease the bounce rates and enhances the amount of time that visitors spend on the website. Faster website~more visitors~Business growth.

Regularly update CMS

While using WordPress or any other CMS, it is important to update them on time. Hanging on the existing CMS version could be safe but for website maintenance, it is important to update. In a tech-savvy world, constant CMS updation is a necessity to avoid compatibility issues. Upgraded CMS is not secure if susceptible to attacks. 

A crack in the website security can make you suffer from business loss.  Regular updating CMS results in money savings, increased security, and unique advanced features that lead to better user experience. 

Final words

Faster websites are the foundation for a stabilized and resurgent online business. Customers can easily visit faster websites and deal with offers made by companies. Make your website faster to excel in the web-based business and maintain a dominant position on the web.  When it is a matter of website performance, speed is money!


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