How hiring freelancers could help your business

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Running an enterprise is not a one-person job because many areas require different types of skill sets. Though you can be knowledgeable about all areas of your business, it may be impossible to handle all of them all by yourself simultaneously. If you want to grow your company, hiring employees is vital and necessary.

Whatever type of business you’re in, many individual talents could fill job positions to help your company. They don’t have to be employed on a full-time basis. You can now take advantage of the so-called ‘gig economy’ and hire freelancers worldwide. These free agents offer their varied expertise to numerous clients.

Here are some ways hiring freelancers can help your business:

1. Boost business growth

When you want business growth, you need experts to boost all parts of the enterprise. That means employing people with specialized training and enough experience to complete tasks that require specific technical knowledge.

boost business
How hiring freelancers could help your business 1

From marketing to accounting to customer service, you need people to supervise such departments. On top of facilitating these usual management structures, you need to keep up with industry trends and make your brand visible. You could learn how to post announcements on social media accounts, but those basic efforts won’t be enough to attract potential customers.

Instead of spending extra time learning new skills and tracking all trends to grow your business, try hiring freelancers who could do these tasks for the company.

These telecommuting workers can use their respective expertise to get your miscellaneous jobs done. If you need design and content work, tap graphic artists and writers. If you need administrative facilitation, hire virtual assistants. Let your business grow by employing search engine optimization (SEO) experts who can help your website rank high on search engines. The talent pool options are vast and deep.

2. Reduce costs

Another way a freelancer can help you is by reducing your overall business costs. Unlike salaried workers, freelancers don’t need to go on a lengthy training and hiring process. These usual processes can cost you time and money, which could be wasted if they’ll resign after a while. Moreover, freelancers don’t require paid leaves, dental, medical, and other benefits that regular employees receive.

reduce cost
Reducing cost concept| Image credit: diki_pt/Freepik

However, because of the lack of such benefits, some freelancers adjust their fees to accommodate some of those benefits from their end. But since they’re often hired on a project-based contract, it’s still lower than paying for full-time regular employees. Besides, their fees are worth it so long as you hire the best to complete the task.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of tapping freelance experts is the elimination of buying equipment to set up workers in a physical office space that would entail overhead costs.

Some of them already have high-quality tools to create error-free output like free accounting software or other digital tools needed in their craft. For instance, graphics designers have their design tools, while writers have their word processing software. You can run a virtual business with high-functioning virtual workers.

As for hiring freelancers, you can use reputable freelance talent pool websites that screen out and verify profiles. With such, you only need to subscribe and post the job for freelancers to apply. Then, you can quickly check their profile to choose which could be the best hire.

3. Create more time for doing business

Freelancers can help you focus on your side of the business, making you run your enterprise smoothly and more efficiently. Instead of doing miscellaneous tasks or small paper works, your freelancers take care of those activities. You can then handle your entrepreneurship side of things and manage the bigger picture.

take time for business
Image credit: pikisupersta/Freepik

If you need to do tasks regarding growing your business or conduct seminars for potential clients, then you can do so because you won’t have to worry about the other elements of your enterprise. Moreover, you won’t have to stress out about your business because someone else is taking care of things.


There are many ways freelancers can help your business run and grow, and these are but some of them. Discover how they can help using their expertise. And since you can practically hire people based anywhere in the world, you could avail of a global talent pool to enhance and expand your business operations.

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