12 Tips to Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy for 2020

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Social media platforms act like a virtual tech world where millions of people and businesses have their involvement. Yes, you read it right. Nowadays, business owners find social media marketing as a powerful concept to follow to reach prospects around the world.

Social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest have now turned into an ideal platform for marketing where you can interact with your audience around the world directly. If we say in numbers, then social platforms like Facebook have user engagement around 4 billion each month, Pinterest has over 300 million users, Instagram has 500 million-plus accounts.

Such statistics clearly show that these platforms have transformed the way of marketing and give the marketers several reasons to carry forward the social media strategy for the remarkable success of their business. Do you want to know? Here we have mentioned few benefits of social media.

Benefits of powerful social media strategy

  • Build a connection with your audience
  • Drive more leads and sales
  • Build a strong online brand presence on social media
  • Expand the reach to the prospects
  • Generate more traffic to the portal
  • Perfect platforms to market your brand

For a successful social media marketing of your business, it is essential to focus on points that could assist you in reaching your desired goals. In this blog, we’ve covered a few tips to boost the social media presence of your business on distinct platforms.

What’s your goal?

The first tip on our list is to determine your goals and make a proper layout of it. By doing so, you will come to know what to do and what’s the further step to follow or the goal to achieve. For a powerful strategy, this tip is a must. When you know your targets or goals, you can further create a path to your goals and direct your marketing efforts in the right direction. If you ask us, then we will suggest you make SMART goals.

Specific: Define your goals clearly.

Measurable: Build small targets to achieve your big goal.

Attainable: It should be realistic.

Relevant: The goal you identified should be relatable to the nature of your business.

Time-Based: Set time for the goal.

Know your audience

Before you present anything to your audience, you should know their needs and wants first. For remarkable success in social media marketing, it is essential to understand your audience, and it can be easily done in the following ways.

  • Do research work and know what the customers are searching for
  • Demographics will take your research to another level
  • You should involve in the online conversation in the Facebook groups or forums to grasp the attention of targeted audiences
  • You should reply to their comments on the post and feedback and resolve their queries as fast as possible
  • Prefer serving the content which they like to most

Beef up quality content

The next tip to consider while strengthening your social media strategy is to present your audience with high-quality content. By the term quality content, we mean the content should be engaging, well-written, informative, brand focusing, unique, and also use high-quality images and videos.

It will differentiate your brand from others and create a strong online presence. Beefing up quality content on social network sites will surely boost your strategy and bring you better outcomes.

Run social media contest

Running a social media contest is a great way to gain more attention from users. It is one of the best marketing tactics used by several businesses to increase their visibility on social media platforms, followers, and overall customer engagement.

You should bring such content for social media contests that can’t resist your audience for participating in it. Things to remember while running social media contest –

  • Hit their dreams, wants, or desires, asking an interesting question
  • The deadline is a must
  • Alluring winning prizes
  • Promote it at your best

Video content – Be creative

Nowadays, uploading video content is an impressive way to boost your social media marketing. Make a bandwagon jump by coming up with a flawless video that can highlight your brand on networking websites in the best way.

You can upload high-definition videos of your brand or its related products or new launch on such sites. Social media users always prefer video content to watch rather than reading lengthy written content.

Broadcast yourself with Live videos

Another way to add more points to your social media strategy is to broadcast your business with live video. Instagram and Facebook have an impressive feature of Live Videos that offers the ease to business to interact with its customers authentically.

According to Facebook, it is clear that live videos help in increasing customer engagement and interaction by six times than any other content. In short, it’s a smart move that could drive you the best results.

Captivate your audience with quality images

Create a killer post with a high-quality image to allure your audience at a single glance. Nowadays, social media posts are flooded with a huge number of HD images that gives you another way to reach your prospects. Images are more effective than other text-based content types.

We would recommend you always prefer adding an image in the post to increase user engagement, followers, likes, and more. You can upload photos or videos of your team members, behind the scene images, inspiration quotes, infographics, and a lot more image-based content to attract your targeted audience.

Build connection with audiences

Increasing the followers should not be the priority of your social media strategy. You should only focus on building a positive connection with your audience. From expanding your reach to grasping the attention of consumers, the most genuine way to achieve such social media strategy milestones is to build a connection with your audience, and this can be accomplished following the below-listed ways.

  • Join the group chats on Facebook, Instagram
  • Know your audience, doing proper research
  • Consider demographics and a lot more ways you can search on blogs, “how to build a strong connection with customers on social media platforms?”

Monitor your progress

It’s essential to track the progress of your social media strategy to know if you are close to achieving your goals or not. To determine the progress or tracking the activities of your implemented strategy, use several marketing tools specially designed for this purpose. Go for different social media automation tools options for the same. Put those tools into the practice of strengthening the social media strategy.

Create a Facebook group

Another tip on our list is creating a Facebook group. If you dropped this idea in the past, then now is the time to make a smart decision of creating a Facebook group. The giant social media platform Facebook has faced drastic changes in its algorithm that makes it difficult for online businesses to grow faster. Now Facebook prioritizes the content from friends, family, and groups instead of the public one. Therefore, we will suggest you create a Facebook group. Benefits of running a Facebook group:

  • Increase the traffic to your website and help it to grow.
  • Promote the products and services of your brand
  • Attract more audience

Customers always strive for something new every time they visit the social media platforms. So, staying ahead with trends is a great way to increase the success rate of your social media strategy. You should always follow up on the trends in line to grasp their attention. Not only this, but you should also consider those changes made in the algorithms of social networking websites.

When you take a step forward, keeping in mind those changes, you can easily lead social media marketing in the best manner possible. Some trends that businesses are taking advantage of, such as, Instagram stories, live videos, Facebook groups, virtual reality, etc.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion!

Yes. Nowadays, social networking websites such as Facebook and Instagram offer several advertisement plans to choose from. They help your brand to reach your targeted customers. Initially, the ad plans were costly, but now you can easily enjoy its benefits without putting a burden on your pocket. Users can land on your platform easily with a single click on the mouse on the displayed ads.

Final thoughts

Now you have a complete list of tips to build a strong presence of your brand on social networking websites. All these tips will assist in bringing you results that you strive for. So, what are you waiting for? Put all these tips into practice today, and create effective brand awareness as well.

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