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How is the Smartphone Taking Over the PC?

Swapan Kumar Manna
Swapan Kumar Manna
Swapan Kumar Manna is the Founder and CEO of Oneskai. He is an expert in Digital Strategy, marketing, brand building and helps brands to transform digitally for the future.

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Ten years ago, if you said your phone was better than a PC, you would have been laughed out of the room. However, with how advanced smartphones have become over the past few years, saying yours is better than a PC can easily be true. 

With everything from mobile gaming to work and lifestyle capabilities reaching a level we have never seen before, smartphones are quickly starting to outclass PCs in more and more aspects.


One of the most significant and obvious differences between a smartphone and a PC is the price. While specialized editing, video creation, or gaming PC can be very expensive, if you want something that is relatively simple or easy for tasks, you might be better off choosing a smartphone. 

Phone contracts are incredibly affordable, even for higher-end and newer models; combine this with a phone that has a large screen, and you have something that is better than a PC in many ways. 


A smartphone is clearly more portable than a PC, allowing you to do work, create presentations, attend to emails and tasks, and almost everything in between, no matter where you are. 

While a laptop does something similar, many people will opt for a smartphone instead as you can use an actual phone and everything else it offers. 


Another area that has seen remarkable growth in smartphones is their power. Once again, back in the day, a phone could handle a few basic games, text messaging, and calls. Nowadays, though, you can do so, so much more.

Smartphone User
A user using a smartphone | Image credit: Elly Brian/Unsplash

You are able to watch and edit videos, create and edit documents, make presentations, and almost anything else that you can do on a laptop or tablet. Smartphones have reached the point where they continuously prove to be capable of doing more than we first thought. 


One factor that has always held smartphones back was their storage options. Many never had enough storage to be a viable replacement for a laptop or computer. Again, this has all now changed, especially with the newest Samsung and Apple models. 

Users can buy phones with over 500GB of space, and some offer 1TB and 2TB options, all as standard. If that still isn’t enough, you can slot in a large MicroSD and expand your memory way beyond what you may need. 


PCs are so useful due to the number of programs and applications you can have. There is something for almost every task, and that is now becoming the norm on smartphones. There are now applications that do everything from scanning documents to writing novels. 

Even simple applications like the Google Suite, such as Google Docs and Sheets, have completely changed how and when people work. Depending on what work you do, you can go a few days, even a few weeks, without ever having to turn on your PC. 


While Apple and Samsung may be the giants in the smartphone space, there are far more competitors now than ever before. Old favorites like Motorolla are still making phones, with Huawei and Google now making their mark as well.

Mobile Phone User
A person holding iPhone | Image credit: Oliur/Unsplash

This means consumers have multiple options available and can buy a phone that fits their needs and budget. The big benefit of this is that whether it is a Google Pixel 6 or a Samsung S22, you can still get the same editing apps, Google Suite, etc.  


As alluded to already, smartphones are quickly becoming better for productivity, and this is down to one simple reason; we are always on them. There is no need to have access to your PC if you can do the work you want to do on the device that is in your pocket. 

While this isn’t a “feature” of a smartphone, it is something that is becoming more prevalent; why do a task on your PC when you can do the same task on your phone? The next question is, why do I need a PC at all, then?

While this doesn’t apply to every individual and job, many people are starting to realize that their work isn’t as PC-dependent as they once thought. 


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