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How to become Instagram famous: 12 expert tips from real influencers

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Of course, you might contemplate the situation in which you are so popular on Instagram that you will do little to nothing to engage your audience. And to tell you the truth, followers on this platform can turn out to be a fantastic community. Moreover, it can help you boost your revenue in no time. But you need to keep in mind that becoming famous on Instagram doesn’t happen rapidly unless you check the best place to buy Instagram followers.

The secret to success on this platform is to keep a close eye on small details. Implementing the following expert tips can help you achieve the best results on your Instagram account. Hence, let’s see how you can become famous on Instagram according to influencers.

1. Upload a personal profile photo

Indeed, it might be tempting for you to use a fancy logo. And, of course, that logo might showcase a hidden talent of yours. But experts say that to entice your followers to engage with your content, you will have to upload a personal profile photo. And this is a practical tip as this social media platform is more of a personal environment.

Followers here avoid any ad-like content, and they might even unfollow you if you implement a promotional approach. This is why one of the most important tips from influencers is to create an account with a personal touch and focus on truthfulness.

2. Upload photographs that showcase you as a person

Many accounts on Instagram have plenty of photographs that show the wealth of an individual. But if you aim to become famous on Instagram, experts say it is always best to show a glimpse of your real life. Make sure you provide insights on a skill you have or on an activity you enjoy doing daily. This will definitely keep your audience engaged and boost your exposure on the platform.

3. Make sure your BIO is up to date

It is tempting to write a BIO on your profile and never update it again. But did you know that all those followers on Instagram take the time to check your BIO from now and then? Well, this section will offer insights about you and your account, which is why everything needs to be perfectly written. New visitors will look at it, and if it is not convincing, they won’t take the time to look at your account furthermore. Thus, make sure you use your imagination and creativity so that you entice your existing and new audience to engage and follow your account.

4. Discover your audience

Gaining lots of followers starts with your understanding of the audience and expectations. And the best place to start is with your passion. Follow accounts and hashtags with which you resonate, and make sure you engage with relevant content. Also, share content that matters to you, but at the same time, it should be applicable for Instagram users.

5. Define your audience

When you have a glimpse of your audience, it is time to define it. This means that it is essential to connect with like-minded people. Share anything you feel like they look forward to discovering about you, and make sure you are consistent with your posts. Overall, followers aim to interact with accounts that offer value and an interesting perspective for their lives.

6. Always be truthful and honest

Popular influencers on this platform always stick to being open. This signifies that if you plan to establish reliable connections with your followers, you should do your best to share honest posts. Most Instagram users look forward to connecting to something that others do so that they get the inspiration they need to improve their lives. Thus, one reliable connection is more valuable than a bundle of fake followers. Experts say that being truthful will make your audience follow you and check out your content regularly.

7. Implement call to action

At this point, you will have to keep your audience interested in your account. And influencers on Instagram say that a compelling call to action is all you need to keep everyone engaged. This can help with your account discovery, trustworthiness, and many other aspects of this social media platform. Based on your needs and expectations, you can ask your audience to tap your content if they like it or share it with their stories for others to see.

The fastest way to boost your followers’ database is always to keep track of the engagement in your account. You have to respond promptly to all queries, and you can even do that on reposts from your account. This will only put the basis of a great relationship with your audience. So, make sure you like and comment on relevant content. And, of course, you answer all comments on your profile.

9. Get inspired from similar accounts

Keep in mind that you should never duplicate any content from other accounts. But getting inspiration from other famous accounts can help you achieve the best strategy for your purposes. Also, if you discover some influencers who are relevant to your account, you can share their content so that you put the basis of a new type of engagement, which ultimately will boost your account’s exposure.

10. Planning is your ally

Popular influencers on Instagram admit that their success comes from planning their posts. This helps you gain perspective on your account, but you will teach your audience about the time of the day when you share new interesting stuff. And the best part about planning your Instagram activity is that you can use special tools so that you program your content to be published at the same time every day.

11. Select a reliable brand partnership

Well, if you want to attract the attention of new Instagram audiences and become famous, you should consider joining a brand partnership. This boosts exposure, but at the same time, you will manage to gain an important place in your niche. It will tell your audience that you know something about this field, and they will continue to check you out for additional relevant info on the subject. 

The secret to creating a brand partnership is to think thoroughly about which business can help you the most. Experts say that if you feel like a particular brand resonates with your account, you can always reach out and propose a collaboration. This is one of the most successful approaches for Instagram followers.

12. Be prepared for some negativity

As is the case with everything in this life, there will be plenty of people who will look forward to expressing their disapproval in regard to your account. So, when there is a lot of hate coming towards you, you shouldn’t overlook it. Instead, adopt a constructive approach and identify how that negativity can help you improve your accounts activity. And as mentioned above, answer any comment on your account no matter if it is good or bad.

Summing up

The bottom line is that becoming an influencer or famous on Instagram can be achieved by following the tips mentioned above. Of course, you will have to do your best to share authentic content that will add value to your audience.

Content is key to creating the best engagement, so don’t be afraid to use your creativity at its best. Our advice is to manage your account and save some time with the help of Instagrowing, where you can find a big variety of high-quality social signals packages, choosing the one most appropriate for your case. You will be amazed by how fast your followers’ database will increase with these expert tips!


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