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How to convert PDF to Excel sheet without using external software?

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There are many ways to convert PDF file to Excel sheet data, we have noted down a free and online way to do so without using any external software. The Portable Document Format a.k.a. PDF is one of the most popular. And at the same time, one of the most annoying file formats there is. 

It’s popular because of its obvious advantages for sharing and exchanging important documents: if you share an important file, such as a budget plan, in PDF, you can rest assured that every recipient will see it just as you intended. It will look neat and finely formatted on any possible device running on any operating system.

Additionally, since PDFs are ubiquitous, most digital file users have a PDF viewer installed on all their devices (mobile and desktop). That means they will be able to easily and quickly able to open your file on the go. Even while they are sitting in their car waiting for the traffic light to change. 

On the other hand, if you decide to send your budget plan in MS Excel format, the recipients may not be able to open your meticulously planned budget on their mobile device simply because they don’t use Excel on their smartphones. By the time they reach their laptop or PC, they may forget all about it or provide their feedback at the worst possible moment.

Even worse, if they open it in a different version of MS Excel or in one of the alternative spreadsheet applications readily available online. And on a different operating system, your neat and perfectly formatted rows, and columns may come across as a hurried and messy spreadsheet. That’s exactly why you and your collaborators will choose to present your work in PDF. In short, a PDF makes our documents – and us, by extension – look professional. That’s exactly why we love it and use it more often than other file formats. 

However, what if you are the one who receives and needs to approve that budget plan nicely tucked inside a non-editable PDF? What if you want to check how reducing some of the planned expenses and increasing others would impact the budget plan? 

Well, that nice looking PDF table will not be of much help. It’s not like you can quickly change the numbers in some of the cells and automatically get the correct sum where you expect it. Oh, no, the PDF file won’t let you do that. You’ll need the good old editable Excel spreadsheet for that. Sometimes you’ll be able to procure an original Excel file. But more often than not, you’ll find yourself stuck with only the PDF table. What do you do? Retype everything in Excel? That can be very time consuming and work-intensive.

Most professional spreadsheet users will use a PDF file converter software that will enable them to import their PDF tabular data into Excel without retyping. The software for converting PDFs to other formats generally requires installation and maintenance, and it usually costs money. Furthermore, if you want to convert your PDF files to Excel sheet on multiple devices, you need to purchase, install and maintain the chosen app on every device that you use. This further increases the potential expense, effort and time you plan to invest.

This leads us to the conclusion that a busy professional will want to convert PDF to Excel without a major software program. Looking instead for an app that does not require any maintenance and that can be used on various devices. If you’re that busy professional, you’re in for a treat!

Import PDF data accurately to Excel online free

Looking to export PDF tables to Excel without the software? Meet PDFtoExcel –  a website that will allow you to convert any PDF file to Excel sheet data online, completely free of charge. It will not ask for your email address or phone number or any other contact information. PDFtoExcel vouches for the safety of your files, as well. Namely, all files are removed from the site’s servers promptly after conversion. In the meantime, during the conversion process, your files are accessed by software agents only. In short, it’s free, safe and anonymous

The tool is super easy to use: 

  1. Upload your PDF using one of three available methods: the Upload button which allows you to select a PDF from your computer. Then drag and drop feature, or the import feature to upload the PDF from Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. The conversion starts immediately and automatically upon upload.
  1. Download the output (.xlsx file) by clicking on the red Download button and choose where you want to save the Excel file. 

When you open the converted spreadsheet, you are likely to notice that the column and row structure from the PDF is accurately transferred. The best part is that PDFtoExcel works with scanned PDFs as well (thanks to its OCR technology). 

As you can see from the above, you don’t need any software to convert PDF to Excel sheet. You don’t need any budget either.


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