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How to Convert WEBP to PNG For Free Without Quality Loss? 

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WebP (Google Web Picture) is the native Google image file format that offers the best image compression to load web-based images swiftly, even if it is loaded with a small file size while maintaining image quality.

But the downside is that this image format is not supported by all programs and image viewers. So, it’s best to convert the WebP files to PNG image format to fix such compatibility issues. However, this WebP to PNG converter by the online converter functions to convert Webp files to PNG without reducing the quality.

Well, no matter the reason for turning WebP into PNG format, the below-mentioned ways assist you in making conversions for free.


Get this freeware utility that allows you to perform WebP Google picture conversions within a matter of seconds. This program even proceeds with quality preservation features while converting WebP images to PNG files. The steps are quite simple to save WebP as PNG raster file format:

  • First of all, you simply need to open TinyIMG using your browser.
  • Then, make drag and drop the WbeP files into this WebP converter.
  • Finally, your images are transformed into PNG files; make a single click to download them.


It is a well-known web-based application that loaded with a free WebP to PNG converter to make optimal conversions. It even lets you proceed with additional settings for converting Google WebP pictures to PNG images. The upside is that it does not compromise the quality of the original image file while creating a PNG image from the uploaded WebP file.

The Online Convertor
The Online Convertor Website | Image credit: theonlineconvertor

In addition to that, now users can easily make conversions for audio, video, images, PDF, eBooks, and PDF files for free of cost. No matter how frequently you want to process with this online utility, it always provides you with high-quality results. These are the couple of steps that allow you to change webp to png online; let’s find them:

  • Fetch WebP to PNG converter from the source of theonlineconverter
  • Once reached, upload webp files that you want to convert to PNG images
  • You can even make additional settings prior to conversion (if required); otherwise, simply click the Convert button.
  • Now, you can make click on the Download All button to save all the converted PNG images at once

Convert WebP to PNG on Windows:

Saving WebP as PNG on Windows is no longer an issue, as you simply have to change the file name extension from .webp to .png. But, prior to that, you ought to make a copy of the image to avoid any disruption related to file saving.

Image Convertor
Online Image Convertors | Image credit: Online Convertor

Additionally, you can turn WebP into PNG on Windows by using its default MS paint software. All you need to do:

  • First, you ought to open the Paint default program. You can access it from the search bar of the given Windows Start Menu.
  • Next, navigate to File > Open to open your WebP file, or drag the file into the Paint Window.
  • Then, simply navigate to the File > Save As > JPEG picture to save the file as PNG and select the location where you want to save the file

Convert WebP to PNG On Mac:

The default (built-in) Preview program in mac is used to convert your WebP files to PNGs without any hassle. The following steps ensure that exporting WebP as a PNG file becomes quite easy with this program:

  • To start, you need to open the Finder on your mac and choose the WebP image file
  • Very next, just hit double-click on the image file to access it on the Preview app.
  • Click the Choose File and navigate to Export
  • Now, navigate to the export menu settings option to choose Format > PNG;
  • At last, save your converted PNG on your desired location


Additionally, no quality loss occurs while reporting WebP as PNG with this free WebP file to PNG converter. If you’re excited to know how easily it converts WebP to PNG, then you should stick with the given steps.

Xnconvert is the most reliable source that provides you with the best online WebP to PNG converter for making PNG files from the uploaded WebP images. In addition to that, this handy tool lets you make some additional customization regarding output file size or quality for optimal file conversion. The most apparent thing is that this tool never compromises the quality of the resultant file while turning WebP into PNG.

Well, if you’re still thing how to use this tool for converting WebP Google picture to PNG, then follow these steps:

  • You can start by uploading Webp images into this toolbox; just make drag and drop or add files from local storage, GDrive, and Dropbox.
  • Once the image file is completely uploaded, click the Convert button and let this tool serve you with the best results
  • Now, your converted PNG raster-based graphic file is ready to download; make a single click and save your transformed image with this WebP to PNG converter.


Aconvert is another multi-files conversion platform that allows you to deal with a wide array of file formats to provide users with ease of conversion. It is loaded with an online webp to png converter that works efficiently for converting one or more webps to png files. This online web-based application offers 100% secure file transformation as all the processed files are permanently deleted from the server source.

Additionally, this program is fully compatible with all devices and operating systems, which means you can make conversions anywhere and anytime. The upside is that users do not prone to file size uploading issues as it lets you add small and large file sizes for conversions. Even users now adjust the height as well as the width of the image file prior converting WebP to PNG image format. You just have to stick with few simple steps that we mentioned below to change WebP file to PNG with this online converter source:

  • Just hit the Choose Files button from the toolbox of this converter and add the WebP files that you want to convert to PNG. Besides that, you can now drag and drop the image or directly add from Google Drive or Dropbox, or add by simple image URL
  • Once the uploading process is completed, you simply have to choose with choosing the output image format. Then, you can make additional settings regarding image quality and size. Apart from that, users can make further customization to the original file size or simply choose the “Change Width and Height” option and add the customized file size.
  • The convert Now button is ready for you, make click on it to start the conversion from Webp to PNG online. Once you go through with all the steps, pressing the Download button enables you to save the converted file to your desired location without any hassle.

Technically, both WebP and PNG formats are used for sharing web graphics around the internet. But, the time comes when a web file is not more accessible; this is the place where you people start seeking to save it to a more regular image format like PNG. Thanks to all the above-mentioned WebP to PNG converter sources that takes care of converting WebP file to PNG without any quality distortion.


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