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How to pick the best gaming router for the lag free gaming

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Gaming routers have been around for well long enough now. Well, they continue to keep our devices connected and so much more. But it’s easy to take for granted what a gaming router can do.

They will capture, process, and retransmit the data to different devices. Your choice can vary from wireless antennas, an Ethernet, or USB ports; it all depends on what you want. Others will come with a processor, especially the latest models. And you can count on the RAM and ROM aspects in some of them too.

But most of the Best Gaming Routers on the market always have a lot more to offer. And it all comes down to picking just the right one. This is where things become a bit complicated for many people. Nevertheless, this doesn’t have to be a challenging undertaking.

All there is to do is looking into a few must-have aspects in any gaming router you want. So if you are looking to upgrade or you are just getting started with these routers, you are at the right place. Here are a few ideas on what to look for and how to get the best gaming router out there.

The 802.11ac is the way to go

When setting out to get your next gaming router, make sure to go for the one that supports 802.11ac or Gigabit Wi-Fi. These types of routers can give you an unparalleled throughput, sometimes up to 1300Mbps. So when it comes to the need for speed, these routers are sure to deliver where it counts.

Better yet, most of these routers are compatible with other older devices. But keep in mind that in this case, you may not have the advantage of speed as such. Well, you may not have devices that can help make the most out of the speed now. But buying later doesn’t hurt either.

Most of the smartphones, PCs, tablets, or video streamers on the market right now can easily deliver the 802.11ac. These routers still have something more up their sleeve. They can take on concurrent connections. This can be a very handy addition if you will have many devices linked to the network. With the array of these devices around, you can at least keep the concern over any future upgrades out of the way.

Choose between the single and dual band

The choice between single and dual-band is another area where you really need to keep an eye on the detail. Keep in mind that the gaming router operates on frequency bands. Most of the older versions will likely feature 2.4GHz, and the newer ones come with 5GHz. The good thing about the newer band is that it suffers far less congestion than the former one.

As such, it can guarantee a higher connection speed. If you want to get the best of both worlds, you can always lookout for some gaming router types that enable the use of both bands. However, the dual-band always does the trick for users in highly populated areas or ones with a high number of devices. But for those living in secluded areas, a single band router will do just as fine. The choice is all yours here.

Faster is always better

Faster Gaming

In gaming, speed is everything, and connectivity speed is no exception. If you are playing online games, then speed is of the essence. And the transfer rate that you can achieve between your router and the gaming device could mean all the difference. Most importantly, go for a gaming router that comes with beamforming performance.

It can be very handy in transmitting robust waves, with higher internet speed and on-target precision. Thanks to the maximum specification in this design, you can get high efficiency with the multi-user as well as the multi input-output devices.

Check the connectivity too

Talking of the speed, you might want to look into the connection options available. Some will connect to as many as in excess of four Ethernet connections options. They can also have well in excess of 32 wireless connections.

And will mostly feature either dual or tri-band system. You will also find some routers with several USB ports. These are a great pick for affordable and higher efficiency. However, if you will be playing 4k videos, then a 4k streaming router could be your best bet. It is all about getting ideal connectivity for smooth gaming free of frustrating drag.

How good is the mobile and VPN compatibility?

Compatibility in gaming routers always goes a long way in making things easier and fun for you. Most gaming routers will come with maximum compatibility with mobile devices thanks to wireless connectivity. Best of all, you can prioritize the maximum bandwidth and speed as you wish. To get the best of speed, throw in a combination of the beamforming tech, and a little bit of QoS too.

For even better performance in the speed, bringing onboard the VPN, especially in the 5GHz internet mode, can be very crucial. This helps reduce external interference to little or no interference at all. And if you want to be in charge, then this feature will let you take control. You can always enable it whenever you need to get the best of online gaming.

So you can customize the settings to your advantage depending on the brand you are using.

Go the “smart” gaming router way

Looking for a fast and robust router? Well, a “smart” one could be all you need. These routers will allow you to connect to the internet easier and faster. So you can get ideal control when it comes to setting up your connection. Moreover, such routers offer the much-needed prioritization, more so for your bandwidth.

This way you can make the most out of your online gaming or any other such activity. It depends on what deciding device sucks up more juice on your bandwidth or which one should get top priority. However, if you do not need the much-complicated connectivity, the other routers offer for basic connection use.

Look out for the best gaming range

The main idea behind going for a gaming router is to get the best above what other routers can offer. These routers promise an outstanding performance. Most top gaming routers on the market support uses like MMO, RTS, and simulations. They can also work fine for stealth shooting and play virtual reality games as well.

Go for the Ethernet NIC type, and you will be able to play multiplayer Xbox One games online.

Most of all, you will hardly ever have to worry about a dip in the speed, timing, or accuracy. The lack of any of these could be every multiplayer game enthusiast’s worst nightmare. But most of these routers have smart processors, top-end hi-tech firmware, and sufficient RAM behind them. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any frustratingly slow or inaccurate gaming.

An expandable range could mean all the difference

While still at it, it’s crucial to stress that “dead spots” on your router can be a real deal-breaker. There’s virtually no better way out than getting a high-end router that packs in a wide range.

Mostly, the signal quality has a lot to look into than just the router itself. After all, no one wants to sacrifice an ideal signal for a cheap offer. But if this is the best option for you, then you can consider going for two routers instead.

Then top up everything with power-line adapters to boost the signal for top performance. Another great way to sort this problem out is to ensure the ideal positioning of your router. Usually, consider having it placed in the clear, far from any obstruction as walls for the best signal delivery.

Apparently, finding the perfect gaming router out there doesn’t have to be that much overwhelming. The market has a whole lot of options to offer. So you can always pick one that can fit your needs the best.

All it takes is to know what to go for. Consider fronting the extra cost and get a high-end option that can get your needs covered. The additional cost is always worth it. Take your connectivity to the next level, any of the high-end gaming routers out there will take you all the way. And just like that, online gaming becomes super fast and seamless.


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