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How to Use a Survey App Effectively to Improve Your Business

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A clearly defined customer goal is the foundation of a successful business. Running a business without streamlining the customer goals is like shooting arrows without targets. Based on solid customer goals, you can easily plan your marketing strategies and deliver your customers exactly what they want.

When it comes to setting customers’ goals to make a business customer-centric, customer feedback plays a crucial role. Taking customer feedback through a survey on a regular basis will help you to understand your customers’ opinions (both positive and negative) about your products, services, and brand. Thus, interaction with customers gives you an opportunity to learn more about them, and ultimately, do better business with them.

When it comes to improving business growth, companies need a strong customer feedback database. Based on the data, you can streamline your actions to resolve and address the concerns of the customers and close the customer feedback loop on a positive note. Thus, conducting large-scale surveys through a survey app will help you to get customer feedback easier and faster.

What is a Survey App?

Survey App is an application to collect data and capture feedback that enables people and businesses to conduct customers, employees, and marketing surveys. This type app of works on Kiosks, Tablets, iPads, smartphones and can also be used to send SMS and email surveys or get feedback on websites and through QR Codes.

With the survey application, you can set up stunning forms, take feedback in real-time, and get instant reports to close the feedback loop.

Surveys apps on Kiosks, iPads, and tablets, are hugely popular but are often not considered due to a concern that businesses must have Internet connectivity to capture the data. A good Survey App though will also run in the Offline Mode, i.e. it will work without Internet connectivity and store the data in the tablet which automatically syncs later when the connectivity is restored.

Why Use a Survey App?

Harnessing the power of a Survey App is a positive move for collecting customer-powered data and feedback. Survey apps don’t just cut down the mess of paper-based data collection but also make the reachability of the surveys quick and advanced.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to switch to survey app:

Captures Accurate Data Quickly –

The efficiency and quality of data depend on the promptness of data availability.

When it comes to acquiring accurate customer satisfaction or performance analysis data in a very short time span, survey apps provide you with the high-end capabilities to collect, manage, and analyze the data quickly. This helps you to address the issues at the right time.

Provides Quick, Reliable & Real-Time Insights

Usually, respondents are not in the mood or state to give feedback, or sometimes due to social pressure to conform, respondents avoid their true feelings or he/she is not in the mood to give reliable feedback. Here, survey apps come into play. It provides survey channels (especially on-premises feedback channels including iPad, Tablets, and Kiosk) that enable you to get instant real-time customer feedback.

Analyses the Survey Results Quickly –

Nowadays, the functionality of the survey app is so advanced that the results of the survey are ready to be analyzed at any time. It offers real-time reporting that will monitor every feedback and get an in-depth analysis of all responses to swiftly resolve issues and improve customer experience.

Enables you to take Feedback Without WiFi

An ideal survey solution can be deployed without the Internet connection and WiFi. Backed by strong functionality, survey apps store all the customer feedback data and syncs to the cloud once WiFi is back up.

Ensures Flexibility in Designing Survey

Survey design is another considering factor that determines the rate of response. If you make your survey audience-appealing, then only you can drive maximum response.

Effective Ways to Use for Boost Business Growth

Before deploying survey apps effectively, it is important for you to understand the purpose of using the app. Various users employ survey apps for different purposes. Like businessmen will use the app to take customer feedback, an organization can use it to take employee feedback.

Different survey apps offer more functionalities and different features that cannot only augment your business growth but also improve the survey experience of your customers and employees.

Let’s get started to see what features your survey platform must offer to meet the needs of most customers and win more business:

Survey Templates

Templates play a crucial role in enhancing the survey experience of the customers. A nice solution will offer you a platform where you can create customized surveys from scratch. If you are short on time you can easily select a template from the library that enables you to effortlessly create surveys.

Be it a customer satisfaction survey, Net Promoter Score survey, or employee survey, an online survey development cloud-based software can offer perfectly crafted questions to acquire customer-powered data that can help you to improve the customer experience.

Question Types

A properly crafted question is the most prominent factor in the customer feedback survey. It’s your questions that determine the response rate from your survey. If you pose an irrelevant question, then respondents may abandon the survey without filing the entire questionnaire.

Survey questions have their own pre-defined structure that can help you to ask relevant questions from your customers. There are various supported questions that can be used in different situations and according to the audience. Supported question type offers you the right mix of question types to create a survey that not only allows your customers to give feedback but also engages them in your brand.

Types of Supported Question Types

There are broadly 3 types of Supported Question Type:

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) is a question type in which a respondent has provided different options to answer the survey. Either he selects one (single select multiple choice question) or many (multi-select multiple choice question) responses from a given list of options.

Star Rating Questions

In this Question Type, respondents are provided with a star rating to rate their experience or feedback. The higher the number of stars, the higher is the agreement with the statement.

Net Promoter® Score (NPS) Questions

Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer perception and customer loyalty towards a business based on one simple question: “How likely is it that you would recommend [Organization/Product/Service] to a friend or colleague?” NPS questions help you to determine the loyalty and satisfaction level of the customers.

Thus, a survey app is equipped with supported question-type templates that help you to make your survey more friendly and customer-oriented.

Skip Logic & Branching

If you are looking for a really awesome survey app, then take Skip Logic & Branching feature into consideration. It allows you to skip or hide a few screens of the survey based on respondents’ answers. For example, If the customer had a bad screen, they could continue to the next screen where you ask them questions about how you can improve. Whereas for customers who had a good experience you can skip the screen. You can easily direct respondents through different paths (page or questions) in a survey based on their experience.

Skip Logic Types:

There are broadly three types of skip logic that make your survey relevant enough to drive maximum responses.

Question Skip Logic

Based on the response to a previous closed-ended question, it automatically skips respondents or customers to a specific question on a later page.

Page Skip Logic

Unlike Question Skip Logic, the usability of Page Skip Logic never depends on respondents’ answers. It’s automatically activated when respondents reach the specific page and click next to go to the next destination.

Advanced Branching – This Skip Logic enables the business to customize the behavior of the survey based on situations. Advanced Branching is being widely used to disqualify respondents that aren’t relevant to the survey’s goals of users.

How to Use Skip Logics in a Survey:

Let’s say you want to send a survey to 2 different groups:

Group A – Men

Group B – Women

So, In this case, you’ve to create 5 pages:

Page 1 – Introduction page that defines the survey’s goal.

Page 2 – Posing MCQ questions to ask respondents to choose the group they belong to. Here you will apply Question Skip Logic to each answer choice.

Page 3 – Set the question as per your survey goals that you want to ask only to Group A (Men). Here you need to apply Page Skip Logic to send respondents to Page 5 after clicking the Next button.

Page 4 – Set the question as per your survey goals that you want to ask only to Group B (Women). Here you need to apply Page Skip Logic to send respondents to Page 5 after clicking the Next button.

Page 5 – At this survey end page, if you have any common questions you want to ask from both the groups, you can set it up here.

Feedback Report & Analysis

The customer-powered data retrieved from the customer feedback surveys have a huge impact on business growth. Thus, it is important for you to analyze customer feedback data. A detailed feedback analysis report helps the business to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business, products, and services. This further helps you to streamline the marketing strategies to improve the level of the product and services along with the customer experience.

When it comes to analyzing survey data, Survey Apps are incorporated with a web-based dashboard that enables you to view real-time reporting and get an in-depth analysis of all customer feedback. Thus, the Feedback Reports and Analysis feature of a survey app helps you to monitor how well you’re doing and what areas you need to improve on. This also helps you to take corrective measures for negative feedback to swiftly resolve issues and convert your unhappy customers into happy customers.

Close feedback Loop

Did you know? 57% of consumers said they share a negative experience with their friends and colleagues, whereas 42% of them stated they’d recommend a product/service. Having unhappy customers can risk your business a lot. As they easily spread bad word of mouth among their friends and relatives. This may take a toll on your brand image and business as well.

The Net Promoter Score is the best way to close the customer feedback loop. When you conduct an NPS Survey, it helps you to check the loyalty of your customers through their willingness to recommend your brand, products, services, and business to their friends and family. NPS helps you to know whether your customers are Detractors (who scored you from 0-6), Passives (who scored you 7-8), Promoters (who scored you 9-10).

Survey Apps provide you with the NPS platform where you can identify your detractors and swiftly address their concerns to convert them to promoters. Here, the Close Feedback Loop feature of a survey app helps the business to share the negative feedback quickly among the team. So that they contact them personally through call or by personal emails to address their issues and improve their customer experience.

What’s Next?

As you’ve realized, the Survey App plays a major role in streamlining your all survey efforts, right from designing to implementing to sharing and analyzing. We have also listed how you can make the best possible use of a survey app to boost your business growth. All you need to do is choose the Best Survey App that captures customer-powered data for you.


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