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How to Integrate Email Marketing With Instagram to Woo More Viewers

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A most innovative way of using email marketing for the purpose of business marketing is through the incorporation of your posts on your Instagram account and then onto your business emails.

Email marketing is a form of marketing that has always been based mostly on textual content in earlier times. You would be required to be writing a number of long emails in which you were expected to be explaining in detail about your specific business products and services that you offer to your recipients. You were required to try and convince your recipients why they ought to be buying your products.

However, there would be plenty of times, when your recipients will not have even opened your emails and would rather choose to forsake them completely. If you use the contents of Instagram, you will be able to solve this issue to a great extent. This article will be helping you to understand the different types of Instagram content that you can share in emails in order to increase your sales.

Uploading your business products photos which you want to sell

Uploading the pictures of those products that you sell is, of course, a preliminary step. You shall have to try and include a number of different pictures and the images of certain products that you are trying to sell via your emails. You may try sending the screenshots of the Instagram posts that you have made directly to the recipients.

Instagram Products

You can also try to give the links of your Instagram posts to your recipients, either way; it will work. However, it will be preferable if you could be giving the screenshots because this will be ensuring that the recipient does not wait long in order to view your content and that he or she would be able to view them directly.

But you must not be posting the pictures inside your emails in the form of direct attachments. The reason for this is that there will not be a lot of users who would be inclined to be viewing those photos after they download them and thus, it will not be giving you any success at all.

Photos of the contest winners from the contest that you hold

You can also try to be organizing a lot of interesting and fun contests on the social media platforms that you are in. This will help a lot in generating more awareness and knowledge regarding the various products that you would want to be selling.

This will also work as a type of added incentive for those users who are willing to participate, and you could try and share their social media profiles and their photos which they have submitted on the official page of your business on Instagram. This will absolutely elate your users, and they will love the newfound fame, and this will be generating increased popularity for you too. You can try linking the images of these winners in your emails which you send.

Instagram Contest

This will go on to reflect your recipients that these are all real people that have used your products and have liked them. It will also be encouraging a number of your casual users to be also starting to think of your business more seriously.

It is expected that you will write out the essential benefits that your users will be getting when they purchase and use your products. When you include pictures of your happy customers in your emails, the recipients will be able to see their reactions as well, and this will influence them also to try your products.

All your latest upcoming deals

You should be able to upload the photos on Instagram where it is important that you are highlighting all the different special deals or any specifically great upcoming deals for a special occasion or festival.

In the emails that you send, try to include the screenshots of these types of posts from Instagram. You must also remember to be highlighting the amount of excitement that these posts will be generating among all your Instagram followers.

This will be making your recipients take note and feel that they should be taking advantage of these deals and that they should not miss out on any of them.

All your upcoming Special Discounts

You must remember to be including all the links of your business profile on Instagram in your emails that you send out to the recipients and then implore them to like and follow your official business page on Instagram. You should be offering the users who follow you through the email links, some types of special discounts. This will be encouraging all other people to be also following you.

Thus this will go on to increase the total number of followers that you have on Instagram. It will go on to encourage more people to be following you on Instagram because these people would be noticing on their feeds that their friends have liked your page and are following your posts. Naturally, they too shall be willing to interact and get involved.

Instagram Discount

You will have to increase your Instagram followers in order to get more exposure for your business and thereby get more marketing of your brand and thus improve your business profits.


Instagram has changed the approach in which business campaigning gets done throughout the internet. Conventionally email marketing would have a risk of recipients not even opening the emails, but Instagram has helped to minimize this risk a lot. You should consider using Instagram with your email marketing campaigns. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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