Top 6 reasons you need to invest in a VoIP service provider

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The communication processes in the past few years have taken a massive leap in the form of VoIP, transforming business communications and effectively improving them in the best of the business interests. A two-year-old study revealed VoIP successfully replacing 41% of traditional landline ownership and while there aren’t any new figures to corroborate a positive trend, estimates show that businesses could save as between 40 to 80 percent by switching to a VoIP service.

If you are running a business that calls for international client collaboration, you need to get a VoIP service like Axvoice as they are one of the best VoIP service providers right now.

Having said that, here are the top 6 reasons you need to invest in a VoIP service for the business or more importantly, AxVoice:

1. Enhanced functionalities in a communication network

VoIP makes sure that employees conveniently and efficiently collaborate with their clients and colleagues. As for AxVoice, it allows the users to enjoy more than 30 calling features at a great price. You can forward calls in multiple ways, manage your calls on the go, transfer calls easily, and a lot more. VoIP usually comes with an expansive range of communication features and tools at your disposal so that you don’t have to remain glued to your desk to manage your calls.

You can rest assured that after making the switch to VoIP, you can enjoy excellent call quality. As VoIP operates using the internet, issues will arise. But you can tackle them quite easily. One of the reasons AxVoice successfully ranks among the best VoIP service provider is that it allows the user to switch to low-bandwidth codecs such as G.729, GSM, G.711u, and G.711a if your internet connection is acting outYou can spot a problem before it converts into a bigger issue and creates problems in the communication process.

2. Effective Scalability

No business can grow unless it has room for evolvement. To become successful, a business has to achieve many things such as flexibility, adjustments to new technology, and communication trends. A regular landline does not allow you to do so. Also, it becomes difficult to determine how much the phones are going to cost the business. Then you have to add the cost of installation, the labor expense, and the cost of each line as well. The landline systems have fixed phone systems, and you cannot scale them up or down according to your needs. VoIP is free from this hassle. You could be flexible and use the calling features the way you like according to your business needs.

When you incorporate a VoIP service provider in your business operations, you could hire a line when you recruit an employee and reassign it to someone else or get rid of it altogether when he leaves.

3. Smooth business application integration

There are many business applications and software that you use in daily business operations. VoIP smoothly integrates with them without any hindrance or issue. The reason: these applications are also internet-based like VoIP. AxVoice, with its smart calling features, is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to make and take hundreds of calls every day. With AxVoice, however, the call management process becomes quite easy as it can seamlessly integrate with business applications of the business. AxVoice allows the business to modify their communication structure effectively.

From easy maintenance to substantial saving in phone bills and easy integration with business software, AxVoice is quickly becoming a renowned name among the best VoIP provider.

4. Easy Configuration and Installation 

Contrary to regular phone lines, the installation process of a VoIP system is quite easy. A traditional PBX system is costly, as installing phone lines involves hiring technicians, for setting up cables and equipment. A lot of manual effort is involved in the process.

There is no need for hardware installation with VoIP. If you choose AxVoice, you get the equipment for free. You just have to pay for the shipping though. All you need to do is give your internet provider and network-related information to AxVoice. As AxVoice comes with a plug-and-play service, it makes everything quite simple. 

After you set the equipment, a prerequisite for configuration of the internet phone service, you can get to calling right away. You would need a fixed or cordless phone, high-speed broadband or internet connection, and a VoIP phone adapter to get started.

5. A Cost-effective solution

Businesses have to weigh down all the consequences, pros, and cons of a decision before implementing it. When an expense arises, even if the business has set a budget for it, every business tries to go for the most cost-saving option. And as aforementioned, businesses could save up to 80% when they switch to VoIP from the landline.

Traditional phone set up comes at a high price and becomes expensive for business with the maintenance, installation, and repair costs. As for VoIP, it is an internet-based service. That is why the cost is economical no matter if you are making local or long-distance calls.

6. Communications on the go

With a VoIP phone, you are not restricted within geographical boundaries. Using AxVoice, your employees can work from anywhere. They don’t have to be at the desk to attend calls and manage business communications. They can take it along with it by car, bus, or train. All they need is a laptop and a strong internet connection. Calls can be easily redirected to anywhere as AxVoice uses cloud-hosted VoIP phone service features.

Getting a VoIP phone surely has its perks, and if you go with AxVoice, you can save significantly in phone bills. 

Let’s take a brief look at AxVoice’s features and pricing plans:

Call Forwarding Features:  Failover, Call forwarding and find me follow me.

Incoming Call Features:  Anonymous call rejection, Blacklist, Caller ID, Call waiting, Call filter for unwanted calls, Do Not Disturb, and Separate ring for particular contacts.

Outbound Call Features: Codec, Caller ID blocking, Alternate Caller ID, E911 Support, Three-way calling, 7,10 and 11 digit dialing, and Music on hold. 

Advanced Features:  Call logs, BYOD and softphone support, enhanced voicemail and free in-network calling

Residential VoIP Plans

Residential VoIPHome Phone ServiceUS/Canada 200Pay as You Go (Monthly)Residential InternationalResidential International Plus
OffersUnlimited calls to anywhere in the US and Canada200 minutes to anywhere in the US and CanadaCalls at 1.5c/minute to anywhere in the US and CanadaUnlimited VoIP Calling to 45+ international destinationsUnlimited VoIP Calling to 60+ international destinations

Business VoIP Plans

Business VoIPSmall Business PlanHome Office Plan
Offers1500 minutes to anywhere in the US and Canada1.5c/minute for an additional minute200 minutes to anywhere in the US and Canada1.5c/minute for an additional minute

Optional Features

  • AxVoice allows you to add any number from any area code to your account for $3.99/month.
  • AxVoice provides the users with toll-free numbers within the U.S. and Canada at $3.99 and $5.99 per month, respectively. 

Final Thoughts

You cannot go wrong with AxVoice for your business. The need for seamless and responsive communication is expected to grow soon, and VoIP is going to help with that. It is an ideal substitute for a landline. New technologies in the communication sector are emerging at a fast pace. We can expect a merger of AI and IoT with VoIP to boost the communication processes of the business.

The right VoIP service provider for your business could allow a substantial reduction in your phone bills, AxVoice has budget-friendly packages for long-distance calls and plenty of calling features you can use to call throughout the U.S. and Canada. The service delivers value for money with excellent call quality, over 30 features, and affordable price.

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission if you make any purchase by clicking our links. Please see our detailed guide here.

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