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League Of Legends Wild Rift 3.2 Update: Release Date, Patch Notes, and More Details

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
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League of Legends Wild Rift 3.2 update patch notes: Patch 3.2 appears to be one of the most important improvements to Wild Rift since its first release. The next patch will introduce numerous new features to the game, including four new champions, the addition of Control Wards, and maybe more. The new champions Nautilus, Pyke, and Ekko will be released in Patch 3.2.

Patch 3.1 was recently published for League of Legends: Wild Rift and version 3.2 will be released in the next weeks. The next update is particularly exciting since it has the potential to significantly change the game’s overall meta, including competitive play.  So, let’s take a look over the League of Legends Wild Rift 3.2 update patch notes.

League of Legends Wild Rift 3.2 update release date

The League of Legends Wild Rift 3.2 update will go live on May 12 UTC, according to the official Wild Rift Twitter account. During this maintenance, the server will be taken down for approximately 6 to 8 hours. A handful of new inscriptions would be added to the game as part of the wild rift Patch 3.2 Preview. These provide gamers a whole new set of possibilities for customizing their configuration files to fit their preferred playing style.

New Champions in League of Legends Wild Rift 3.2 update patch notes

Nautilus seems to be a strong tank supporter with the ability to stun foes every few impacts with his basic strikes. He also possesses a variety of crowd control skills that he may use to catch and pin foes. Pyke seems to be blended with the ability to hook opponents.

His maximum health is not increased by items. Enhanced attack harm will be transferred to all bonus health received from equipment. Both Nautilus and Pyke were featured initially in the 3.2 announcement video, leading to some confusion over the patch’s title. Ekko will be accompanying Nautilus and Pyke as the upcoming champions in Wild Rift, it was announced and it is at the conclusion.

Gameplay adjustments in the League of Legends Wild Rift 3.2 update patch notes

Control Wards are new to Riot Games. It should perform similarly to the PC version, dramatically improving visibility across the whole area while also offering gamers another way to reduce adversary visibility.

Leaver Mitigation was used to penalize players who abandon rated games. Players who quit a rated game will be penalized, but their team members will be able to repeat the game. This missing player will also be the sole one who will lose.

Only the first several minutes of a match will have the remake option available. Instead, Leaver Mitigation will kick in if a player leaves the game in the middle of it. Players who are impacted by the missing player will be compensated with additional incentives.

More alternatives for runes. Players will be able to customize their settings to certain playstyles with the release of the League of Legends Wild Rift 3.2 update. 
A few new rune possibilities that will be included in the future version are as follows:

  • Increase your attack speed gradually in the fight, and after a few successful attacks or abilities, you’ll get more.
  • A new minor rune in the dominance tree is Giant Slayer. Based on their opponents’ additional health, players deliver more damage.
  • Nimbus Cloak is a minor rune that increases movement speed after casting a summoner spell.

In addition, the League of Legends Wild Rift 3.2 update patch notes indicates the release of new skins including Astronautilus, Sand Wraith Pyke, Resistance Katarina, and more.


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