Why You Should Leverage App Marketing After App Launch

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A successful marketing campaign goes beyond launching an app on a popular app store. It involves several channels, including app marketing.

But how vital is app marketing in today’s world? Put simply, mobile app users are at an all-time high, making it one of the biggest markets with tremendous potential to earn the maximum revenue.

Marketing to users through an app is referred to as app marketing. It involves a series of steps to establish effective communication, from the moment an app user first hears about your app to becoming a loyal customer.

To build a highly engaged, quality user base, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of an app’s lifecycle rather than solely focusing on acquiring more users. Marketers need to consider both acquisition and retention strategies and implement a mix of methods, including paid promotions, expert ASO solutions, and targeted email campaigns.

This blog will explain why app marketing is essential and list some valuable methods a mobile app marketing company uses to leverage it successfully for your app.

How App Marketing Helps Post-Launch

There are millions of apps in app stores. Beating your competition and standing out from a crowd that large requires mobile app marketing.

As a matter of fact, app owners have already started focusing on marketing even as their apps are in various development stages. They try to gauge user response and build hype by inviting them to pre-register and conducting polls.

Here are some significant advantages of app marketing after you launch your app:

Gain More Users

Over fifty percent of app downloads come from organic app store searches, and you can increase them by improving your reach in the app store through mobile marketing solutions. It will give you a robust and strategic approach based on research and creativity, whether you prefer handling it yourself or end up hiring an experienced app marketing company.

Know Your Users Better

People who end up downloading your application may have different requirements or expectations. App marketing is done with this in perspective, targeting a diverse range of users according to their interests.

The goal here is to attract and match user expectations, who appreciate the effort and reward it with increased in-app purchases and greater engagement.

Improve Client-Owner Interaction

The right strategies can boost communication between customers and business representatives. They will gain additional ways to get resolutions to their queries, reassuring them while increasing your reliability.

Know Your Competition

Marketing requires research into various aspects of the market, including your competition. Who are your competitors, and what techniques are they using to gain more conversions? Not only will you gain the answers to these questions, but you can also use this information to design better strategies to strengthen your position in the market.

Top App Marketing Techniques

Mobile app marketing consists of various strategies and methods to draw mobile engagement based on mobile-user interaction.

App Store Optimization

ASO is centered on improving app visibility, just as Search Engine Optimization focuses on improving website visibility. It is an ongoing process that offers long-term results and works by enhancing discoverability through keywords, app store icons, descriptions, and screenshots to increase downloads.

User Acquisition

It requires a thorough understanding of an app’s lifecycle to build a highly engaged, quality user base rather than solely focusing on gaining many more users. Marketers considering both acquisition and retention work on implementing the right mix of different methods, such as paid promotions, ASO, and emails.

Creative Optimization

It involves the regular application of a test-and-learn strategy to provide a better user experience and, consequently, increase customer lifetime value. Its steps include the following:

  • Working on a beautiful creative
  • Applying test and learning procedures on a consistent basis
  • Deciding major creative KPIs
  • Assessing defined KPIs with respect to different audiences
  • Repeating the above steps 

User Retention

User retention campaigns differ from user acquisition campaigns, and the two must be run together for maximum engagement. An app marketing agency can work on boosting retention through strategies like re-engagement and retargeting.

Re-engagement focuses on dormant users, encouraging them to use the app again, whereas retargeting is about locating active users and targeting them for conversions.

App Retargeting

App retargeting is about re-engaging inactive users by contributing to a sustainable growth strategy. It basically means targeting users by displaying personalized ads when they use other apps. Almost 90% of users stop using an app, even uninstall it, within the first two weeks of downloading it.

Most retargeting campaigns are geared toward getting users into the app again, but you can also design retargeting strategies to push customers a bit further toward conversion (in-app purchases).

It doesn’t end here; as an app owner, you need a strategy that covers everything, including different platforms, social media posts, and maybe even a few conventional marketing methods like printed banners and flyers.

Final Thoughts

Mobile app marketing isn’t just popular; it’s necessary because users are already exposed to countless paid ads on their devices.

Paying attention to app marketing is, therefore, a priority. Make sure to hire a mobile app marketing company with sound technical knowledge and experience to judge the right strategies, avoiding expensive and ineffective ones to ensure the best results.

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