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Marketing In 2020: Why you should make the digital switch

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Guest Author
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Anyone in the business scene will consider marketing as one of the most crucial aspects of their business, and for good reason. It’s marketing, and good marketing especially – that can not only get your company and brand to fame, but it’s marketing that helps you acquire both leads and customers.

A successful marketing campaign can transform your brand into the next Apple in terms of innovations, or Wendy’s in terms of connecting with their audience. How exactly can you pull this off today, though? Well, a huge first step might be switching to digital marketing. Why, though?

Digital Marketing for Brands: Why This is Every Brand’s Next Best Step

Why digital marketing, though? What exactly is in digital marketing that makes it quite a game-changer for brands over the past years? Surprisingly, while these questions sound a bit “basic,” they do make sense for companies who want to try digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing For Brand

In fact, digital marketing keeps on surprising brands with the kind of progress they can help these brands reach… provided they use digital marketing in a way that best suits their goals. How exactly does this work? And moreover, why digital marketing? Here are some of the reasons: 

Develop and grow brands much easier through online platforms

Your brand gets to reach out to your leads and customers through your marketing campaigns. As such, it’s important to have a marketing strategy geared toward showcasing the best of your brand to as much of your audience as possible.

Grow Online Business

Digital marketing can be a handy tool if you want to reach as many people as possible, especially given how social media, online communities, and niche forums can expose a ton of people to your brand. With the right strategy, you can direct brand growth to include the participation of your audiences – which not only increases engagement but also improves your standing with customers.

  • With a global digital population of around 4-billion, you have a huge potential of reaching a huge audience through digital means. This means your brand can have the potential of being extremely recognizable given the right approach to marketing.
  • With a careful branding and marketing campaign, you can actually create not just a stunning website, but a social media presence that can make it memorable to your customers. Traditional marketing methods don’t give you enough room to formulate a “voice” or a “personality” for your brand. Digital marketing, however, can help you form a community with your fans and showcase your brands and services with a voice unique to yours, thanks to various online content. 

Costs of migrating and improving digital marketing are affordable.

Perhaps one of the most attractive and compelling qualities of digital marketing would be its affordability, especially given the accessible nature of tools and professionals. There’s always a way to tackle a digital marketing campaign in as affordable way as possible without sacrificing quality, the potential for returns, and appeal to the general public.

Cost For Online Business

This also means that when you do spend for digital marketing, you’re likely going to get more value for the buck – including efficient monitoring tools, customer support, and even advanced features. It all depends on the kind of digital marketing approach you want to pursue, which makes converting into digital, a means of expanding and making your brand much more flexible.

  • Investing in the right tools, especially in digital marketing, can help you reap a lot of profit. For instance, 64 percent of online consumers will likely click on Google advertisements while shopping online. This might not seem big, but it’s also said that businesses can make an average revenue of USD 2.00 for every USD 1.00 spent on Google Ads. And this is just on ads alone.
  • If you try expanding your digital marketing options to using campaigns in social media and content marketing, you might see more profit for spending less. In fact, content marketing can generate thrice as many leads as outbound marketing for costing 62-percent less.
  • And even if you’re having a bit of a bind migrating to digital marketing, you can also rely on digital marketing companies for their services. These professionals offer a wide range of marketing expertise and can share their knowledge with you. Their technical expertise would likely cost a bit to avail. However, you can even teach yourself digital marketing strategies by reading sources like this article online. 

Integrate your campaigns across a wide variety of tools, and applications

Unlike other traditional marketing methods, digital marketing tools tend to be extremely interconnected where different tools can actually be used in tandem with others. This makes for a powerful tool you can use to make very tailored and very calculated campaigns in the most efficient way possible. If you have a small marketing team, you can have an extra guarantee they’d be able to pull off their tasks well given digital marketing’s nature of having interconnected and integrated tools.

Online Tools And Application
  • Various marketing tools exist that allow you to monitor the way your campaigns are actually performing. Some of them are all-in-one tools that might cost a bit, and others are separate tools for separate tasks that allow you to check on various elements of your campaigns. 
  • You can take advantage of organizational tools like Trello and other applications that allow you to organize tasks for easy viewing of your marketing team. Likewise, communication apps like Slack allow you to have a mobile workforce, especially if your team works remotely.
  • Likewise, you can use applications and services like Google Analytics to check the performance of keywords. Meanwhile, programs like Ahrefs are also highly-regarded in SEO resources and tools.
  • One of the most enticing advantages of the “digital switch” is its ability to provide you a means of being more quantitative with your campaigns. For businesses and brands that rely on meticulous research for their management, this is extremely important. Being able to monitor and measure goals, returns, and other relevant aspects of operations can make campaigns more efficient. More importantly, these numbers can also help brands target their audiences more carefully and make sure they make campaigns specifically geared for their needs. 

Expand your products, and services into mobile, and multimedia platforms.

Most of the extremely popular brands out there tend to branch out into various niches – and this isn’t just because of sheer popularity, but because of good marketing. Digital marketing offers brands the kind of flexibility they need to branch out into using different platforms and technologies out there.

For instance, you can take advantage of multimedia platforms to create more enticing content, be more accessible via mobile apps, and even expand into the realm of eCommerce. This kind of flexibility can give your brand and its offerings a considerable advantage over the competition.

  • Brands are already taking advantage of the huge market potential of mobile for their campaigns. For instance, 77-percent of adults in the United States alone have smartphones – so imagine being able to have a percentage of that audience looking into your brand when you release interesting content. In speaking of,
  • You practically have a worldwide audience thanks to the internet, so you may want to take advantage of this opportunity to utilize social media and other means of connectivity to reach your customers. Consider using videos, infographics, and other forms of multimedia to diversify your content offerings.
  • You don’t necessarily have to rely on just social media, forums, and online communities. You can also take advantage of a wide variety of online media to expand your marketing potential. For instance, if you have a car repair shop, you can put advertisements in sites where you can play online games like Madalin Stunt Cars 2

Digital Marketing For You: Let 2020 Become Your Year

With the above reasons in mind, we’ve hopefully convinced you to make the switch to digital marketing, especially when it comes to your brand’s growth.

You’re actually in perfect timing, as while we’re just a few weeks away to 2020, you still have just enough time to plan a good digital marketing approach for your brand and company. Remember, switching to digital marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Rather, good digital marketing campaigns often take advantage of available resources, maximizing time and manpower, and ensuring you’re targeting the right audience with the right kind of content.


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