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Marvel Snap: Top 3 most irritating locations

Jay Kakade
Jay Kakade
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Marvel Snap was released in October 2022 causing a sensation in the mobile gaming industry, giving players a unique experience, and allowing them to start enjoying the game within a few minutes.

Marvel Snap is a card battle game with over 200 unique cards, which play a crucial role in determining the victor. However, the location on the board also plays a significant role in determining the outcome. Dominating two out of three locations with the sole objective to end up in victory.

Despite that, the game features some locations that are coveted by players, while others are loathed for their frustrating abilities and unfair advantages.

Marvel Snap: Most Hated Locations on the Board

Danger Room

Danger Room (Image via Marvel)
Danger Room (Image via Marvel)

The Danger Room says “Cards played here have a 25% chance to be destroyed”. As a result, players must take risks when playing their cards in this location. This may not cause any significant problems or guilt when playing cards at a cost of 1 or 2 energy. However, the game can be much more challenging when players draw cards that cost 3 or more to play.

To navigate this difficult location, players must have powerful cards like Armor or Colossus in their deck. These cards can provide the necessary protection as these can’t be destroyed even in the Danger Room.


Ego location (Image via Marvel)
Ego location (Image via Marvel)

In the Marvel Snap, the Ego location has a unique rule where it takes over and plays the player’s cards for them. This feature is the primary reason why players dislike this location, as it essentially turns the player into a spectator. Moreover, it disrupts the strategy that players have developed as the location randomly draws a card from the deck and plays it, without any input from the player.

However, in some cases, the location may favor players by recklessly drawing a card that happens to be advantageous in the current situation. However, this is not always the case, and players often find themselves frustrated and powerless when facing Ego.

Bar with no name

Bar with no name (Image via Marvel)
Bar with no name (Image via Marvel)

The dilapidated establishment known as the ‘Bar with no Name’ possesses a unique ability to crown a victor with the least amount of power. This implies that players can emerge triumphant by abstaining from drawing cards in this location.

In fact, they may face no challenge whatsoever if the location’s powers are unveiled during the initial turn, as players can avoid playing any cards at this particular site. Nonetheless, if the location occupies the third position, it may result in unrest as players may have inadvertently drawn cards.

Given are some locations that might frustrate players due to their abilities. Marvel Snap is a digital collectible card battle game, available on platforms such as iOS, macOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows.


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