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Master your Virtual Reality skills in 5 minutes a day

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We are living in an era where people can teleport themselves anywhere in the world! Yes, you have got it right. We are talking about revolutionary technology – Virtual Reality (VR). It has made our lives easier and better. With apps like Google Street View, Oculus Cinema and AltspaceVR, one can experience a whole new world right from their phone screen.

This is just the beginning! Virtual Reality is here to stay for long. So those who are aspiring to learn Virtual Reality development have a bright future. But have you thought how will you master virtual reality skills? We have brought some tips for you. This article provides some crucial skills that you must know in order to become a skilled virtual reality developer.

Start with understanding the applications of Virtual Reality

Many people think that virtual reality is limited to gaming. But it is much more than just a technology that can enhance your gaming experience. Virtual Reality holds the scope in animation, simulation, advertising, real estate, construction management, video conferencing and much more. Smartphones are also incorporating VR technology today. There is a lot to look up to. So, if you are aspiring to learn some VR skills, you must know where you will be going to apply those skills.

Master the VR App Development

We all know mobile apps are already a hit. Virtual Reality apps are also gaining momentum as mentioned at the beginning of this post. Hence, VR App Development is a skill that every VR developer must know. To master the VR App Development one needs to master a 3D engine. Hence you must have a good knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript and C#.

Begin with developing a simple app and once you have conquered that, start reading about game development. Experts recommend that an easy way to learn game development is by picking up a book related to this niche. It can be challenging to manage time but reading a book will give you a complete idea of game development.

Learn Cinematic VR

360-degree videos are a must to learn for VR. A 360-degree video is unlike normal videos that have affixed frame. These videos offer a panoramic view which is a must in virtual reality applications. Hence, your knowledge of the creation of 360-degree videos will help you while creating VR applications. Cinematic VR is a video editor for that purpose. If you want to create a short film or a movie using VR technology, you would definitely require video editing and Cinematic VR will be your savior at that time.

Creativity factor with Graphic Designing

Your knowledge of graphic designing is going to help you a lot in VR development. If you know this art, you will be able to communicate your messages in a clear way. Graphic designing includes everything from pictures to infographics and typography. Today’s internet age allows you to learn graphic designing right from your computer screen. Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy are top choices from where you can find courses of graphic design. Graphic designing brings that creative mindset in virtual reality development. Designing is an indispensable part of VR whether it is used in gaming, movie making, advertisements or education and training.

Brush up your Coding Skills

Learning technology will be incomplete without learning to program. To create a virtual reality app, you must understand what programming is and you should also have good knowledge about certain programming languages. Some of the most popular languages for VR are JavaScript, C++, C#, and Java. Learning a programming language is not that tough. One can find hundreds of tutorials on programming languages on YouTube. Online learning sites such as Coursera and Udemy also offer programming courses for free. So you can begin learning any day!

The art of Storytelling

Storytelling is a skill with which the teller conveys their message in the form of a story. The story is told in an interactive way so as to engage the audience. But you must be wondering how storytelling is related to VR. Virtual Reality is all about immersion. The better a user gets immersed the better they participate in the VR experience. Another element that links Virtual Reality with Storytelling is Empathy. Virtual Reality enables users to feel the experiences and not just watch what is happening. Want to learn how to tell stories in an engaging way? You can find many tutorials online regarding the nuances of storytelling and learn this art on your own.

VR Web Development

Slowly yet steadily, virtual reality is gaining momentum in web designing. While learning VR Web Development you will come across WebVR. It contains the JavaScript libraries that are used while designing VR websites. Nowadays, web browsers have started supporting Virtual Reality. Soon with the click of a button, users will be able to begin their virtual reality experience. WebVR will enable the websites to simulate real-life situations. For instance, hotel websites will be able to provide a VR tour of the hotel. If you already have an idea of programming, you can begin with learning VR web development online. There are courses available on Udemy.

All set to learn? It’s time to build a schedule!

You already have a list of things that you require for becoming a Virtual Reality Developer. Now it is time to build a plan for how you will achieve your target. But amidst your daily chores, responsibilities, and duties, it might not be easy for you to devote much time to learn everything all together. Students are already busy with their assignments and coursework while the office goers have to deal with strict project deadlines.

In such hectic schedules, we recommend you to pick up one skill at a time, devote 5 minutes a day to it and start learning. A study schedule which contains a list of topics to learn with the resources where you can find them can be your blueprint to success.

Remember, consistency is the key to success! If you want to become a part of the Virtual Reality Revolution, you need to take out some time out of your busy day. Having a plan will keep things sorted for you. All you have to do then is take consistent action. So are you ready to begin your VR learning journey?


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