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PUBG Battlegrounds 15.1 Patch Notes: Check out Everything Coming in PUBG 

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As we approach the month of bliss, and spotting a Xmas tree in the backyard would give you an immense rapture; hurray, the month of joy is here; gaming realm is no different; it is a traditional approach that every game will get a new update in December to celebrate the festival of joy, Perhaps we are also here with a piece of information about the latest update for a battle royale game PUBG.

To celebrate Christmas, PUBG has planned to bring a dream come accurate update with an update 15.1. An official Twitter post from PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS reads, “Battlegrounds Triathlon is a dream come true with Update 15.1’s Mountain Bike! To learn about everything new, including the weapons rebalances, check out the latest Patch Report video or jump into the Live Servers!” As we know about the Mountain Bike arrival In the land of battle quite earlier with multiple leaks. The new patch update 15.1 includes New Vehicle, Weapons, World Update, a few weapons adjustments, Map Service Update, and many more things waiting to check your presence.  

Map service update

The gaming community is high-priority to the developers; PUBG also follows the same pattern to avoid unnecessary chaos to the team. Recently, PUBG announced our long-term MAP SERVICE PLAN to the players. However, the MAP SERVICE PLAN  was not something that players expected. Thereupon, PUBG has changed the map rotation service for Season 15 to the following: 

  • Normal Match
  • Erangel / Miramar / Sanhok / Taego / Vikendi 
  • Ranked 
  • Erangel / Miramar / Taego 

And also, the Taego map will be at the same place as players want the map to stay back in the land. Tango is a trendy map, and it is maintained for the last couple of months.

New vehicle: Mountain Bike

Start your stopwatch. Be ready to take a ride!

Here comes the highly anticipated Mountain Bike, a fan-requested eco-Friendly vehicle to the Battlegrounds. Mountain Bike can be accessible as a lootable item in its folded state. You can get a Mountain Bike on the fringes of the map. Most importantly, the bike is designed with a gleaming outlook without an engine, so you can lure out enemies without producing irksome noises. The motorcycle combines with driver shooting mode, merging all these far-fetched technical specifications would undoubtedly be a huge surprise for your enemies, meanwhile do not forget you are also an enemy in someone’s point of view. 

Mountain bike specifications

  • Maps: All maps in regular matches 
  • spawned in a folded form 
  • Unfold it into a rideable vehicle or store them in inventory
  • It folds back into an item when stored back into the inventory
  • Due to the absence of a speedometer, the current traveling speed is not displayed
  • Does not spawn in Esports Mode
  • Maximum number of passengers: One 
  • Max speed without sprinting (85% Throttle): 50 km/h
  • Riding with 40% or more Boost (90% Throttle): 54 km/h 
  • Riding with sprint tapping (100% Throttle): 62 km/h 
  • HP: Cannot be destroyed, including the wheels 
  • Item weight: 70

Weapon balance

If we talk about battle royale games, each gun has its purpose at some point in time and in specific locations; PUBG collected feedback from players across the globe and made some changes in the weapons.  


P90 lacks the power of range shots, but with the attachments, P90 conducts well on fields and stability. Still, PUBG wants to increase the recoil difficulty while supplying less ammo because PUBG believes AR should dominate the Range shooting.  


A considerable amount of players would partially ignore the need for shotguns in the game; perhaps they haven’t known the outcome of the gun; considering the feedback from players, PUBG has decided to enhance the effective range shots of shotguns in the game. 

  • Increased damage drop-off range to improve effective content by several meters per shotgun 
  • Increased hit probability on short-range 
  • Increased Sawed-Off damage by 1


LMGS are also a character of the underdog in the game; thereupon, PUBG is prepping up to increase the damage amount to improve the weapon role in the game. 


SMGs are certainly a significant weapon in the game; howbeit few players feel not in the way it seems, so, To incentivize more accurate firing, PUBG increases the Head Damage multiplier. 

  • Increased Head Damage multiplier from 1.8 to 2.1 
  • Increased PP-19 Bizon weapon accuracy during ADS full-auto firing 
  • Decreased UMP45 Damage at longer ranges. Decreased UMP45 weapon accuracy during ADS full-auto firing (via PUBG blog)


AUG is not something that players would quickly get while exploring the houses, but it seems the P90 outstrips AUG, so thus PUBG gives some more nourishment to the gun to make it more powerful.

  • Increased damage by 1 
  • Increased damage drop-off range to improve effective range

Worlds update

PUBGs KAKAO FRIENDS! Limited time event is arriving as part of the season 15 world’s update. Kakao Friends are some adorable characters that hatch out from KakaoTalk emoticons designed by the most significant artist Hozo. To celebrate the festival, PUBG is making some changes to the Vikendi map.

  • Dinoland has transformed into KAKAO FRIENDS LAND
  • Kakao Friends statues have been positioned here and there in KAKAO FRIENDS LAND
  • Billboards for KAKAO FRIENDS have been added
  • Buildings have been decorated with KAKAO FRIENDS ornaments.

Sanhok update 

Since the launch of Sahok, Bootcamp has been one of the best places on the map, Bootcamp has been brought up to the players to experience a dynamic flow of the map, but few players complained about it, thereupon PUBG planning to restructure Bootcamp and bring best out of it as Sanhok undergoes a major lookover. 

To reduce the complexity and bunched-up feeling of Bootcamp, the central tower has been repositioned from the center to the right. We have then considered different angles and distances and adjusted the layout of the other buildings around the center area to provide an open space for better shooting.


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