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17 Top SEO tools you can’t miss out on to gain SEO benefits

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Search engine optimization is one of the most unavoidable exercises of any online business wherewith the exercise we get you the visibility and rankings for your website. SEO benefits are huge which you realize after the exercise is complete and you see the results coming. To further support the exercise, countless SEO tools are available today with the sole intention of making your entire SEO exercise or campaign comfortable and result-oriented.

SEO tools are the tools or software which are used to make the entire SEO exercise or campaign error-free and get you great rankings. We are sure these tools will be helpful in making the entire exercise a breeze for you and the SEO benefits come to you faster.

We have shortlisted a few of the pertinent and easy to use SEO tools for you which can really assist you in carrying out your entire SEO exercise.

The SEO campaign strategy as we call it is an amalgamation of a couple of processes touching different aspects of SEO so that they can combine together to enhance the rankings of the website. Likewise, depending on the particular SEO exercise, we have particular SEO tools available.

For a better understanding, we have placed the tools in different categories as per the process they provide:

  • On-page optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Technical optimization
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Tag management

Here are the different top SEO tools based on the category and the service they provide:

On-page SEO tools

Moving to the SEO stage, we have a few tools for our help that can assist us with this process. Let’s move to On-Page SEO tools that can be of help.

Open SEO stats

Open SEO Stats

This is a free chrome extension provided to gain insights into the web pages and the on-page SEO is provided on the page. This tool identifies the on-page SEO elements which comprise of the page title, any canonicals if they exist, the H1 and H2 tags and Meta descriptions existing in the page. With this tool, you can easily audit your webpage in a very hassle-free manner where you don’t need to go through the entire source code line by line.

Thus this is a very convenient tool where:

  • You can easily and quickly go through the entire code and carry out all the SEO checks.
  • Read the page title.
  • Check easily if the meta description is in place or not.
  • Review the H1 and H2 tags


The one-click, easy to use chrome extension helps you scan the website which you wish to. This tool will do an audit of the website’s on-page elements which are currently present on the website. Not just this it carries out a complete scan on the website as to how user-friendly it is, how fluidic and fast it is, the speed at which it is opening and also how much the visitor remains engrossed on the website.


The Tool is great as it provides the following:

  • A detailed SEO report for you to check on
  • Grades the website on the SEO parameters so that you can easily judge how well the website fares amidst others
  • Suggests the incorporation of different exercises which can benefit the website and its standing in the long run.


A very versatile tool combining analytics of the website as well as the performance parameters of the website. The distinguishing feature of this tool is that it combines Google Analytics data as a guide for its optimization processes. It is here that the tool will take into account the website’s SEO along with social media positioning. So as to carry out an analysis of the website’s current status. Further, as a great tool, Quicksprout will highlight the areas which are problematic. And need to be improved to give you sturdy positioning and eventually enhanced rankings


This tool is great for:

  • Faster turnaround time in carrying out analysis.
  • Provides reports which can be easily downloaded and even exported to different formats.
  • Studies and provides great analytical reports and studies the website’s performance.

This is yet another chrome extension that is designed to identify any kind of broken links existing in the website. This tool simply goes through all the links on the website and checks which ones are broken and white-hat links by highlighting the unwanted unhealthy ones.

Distinguishing feature:

  • This tool is a big asset in finding the broken links. Also enhances the user experience on the website and improves traffic.

Keyword Research tools

Google Keyword Planner tool

This is one of a kind tool that takes the keyword data directly from Google. Though we are all aware Google keeps much of the things to it and has that surprise element to keep everyone guessing, still this tool more or less gives very accurate results.

This tool is available free of cost for everyone where it also provides the AdWords search volume for you to make an assessment so as to make a selection of the right keyword for you. Added to this, the tool also provides the metrics on the particular keyword that we select.

Also, through the handy export feature where you get a cluster of keywords that can be further analyzed to judge the suitability for your SEO campaign strategy. These can be further analyzed to come to the more specific keywords phrases which can give you SEO benefits in your SEO campaign.

The added advantages of the tool:

  • Exhaustive keyword research.
  • High-level Keyword grouping.
  • Provides features to export keywords.
  • Makes you think and come up with newer keywords related to your business.
  • Comes with the estimation of a keyword phrase.
  • Comes up with search data targeting from the geographical point of view

Answer the Public

Taking a clue from Google Autosuggest, with the answer the Public tool you can easily come up with innumerable key terms or keywords after studying the search terms that your potential customers or people are using. This is more of a visual keyword research tool where it provides search phrases in terms of questions.

This tool can be helpful in a couple of ways:

  • Motivates you to think about creating new content and gives you ideas for the same.
  • Preempts what your customers must be searching.
  • Gives a visual representation to search terms.

Reddit keyword research tool

The Keyword research tool extracts the data and the terms directly from Reddit.

The alternate keyword tool brings out the phrases which will define your business and generates great phrases pertinent to your business.

This is a great tool where:

  • It opens the window to the alternate set of keywords.
  • Makes you view the website from a totally new angle.
  • Brings out and discusses with you the seed keywords.
  • It gives you insight on how to address the issues, handling complaints and other questions that could arise.

As the name suggests this is an SEO tool that tells you how a keyword is trending amidst the Google Search Engine and how much is it popular with the masses. It goes back comparing the trends from the data which goes back to almost a decade. The idea is to deliver such a robust set of keywords that take your SEO campaign strategy in the right direction giving you positive results and saves you both time and money.

Google Trends

The advantage of the tool:

  • It keeps a constant check on the SEO keywords and how they are trending.
  • Compares similar keywords and how they are trending.
  • Come up with similar keywords which will suffice the geographical aspects too and provide solutions to any queries that might arise.
  • These could be just a few of the tools to help you in the selection of your Keywords.

Technical SEO

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

As the name suggests it works like a spider where it stealthily crawls the entire URL structure and taking in as many details as possible from the URL. It carries out a quick check of the page titles, metadata, identifies broken links, creates the sitemap, and much more. The tool is available for free till a count of 500 URLs is scanned, for the URLs beyond this number you will have to purchase the tool.

The tool works best where:

  • It crawls and scans the website.
  • Auditing redirects.
  • Finds duplicate written content.
  • Finds broken links, secure as well as non-secure pages.
  • Identifies any kind of technical issues if there are any on the website.

Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool provided by Google tests as well as validates the markup language as well as structured data from the schema.org. Here it validates your website’s markup data where it places the JSON-LD, microdata or RDFa inside the testing tool, or inputs the URL for a genuine markup. The tool will provide you with a report on the errors existing on the website pertaining to the markup on the website to judge how correct it is.

This tool works best where:

  • Tests the data markup.
  • Identifies and highlights markup errors.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool checks for the speed of the website as to how fast the pages are opening. The faster the speed of the website has higher chances of gaining a higher rank amidst search engines. This tool is a great page speed SEO tool which carries out a speed check on mobiles as well as desktops to see how it behaves. Further, this gives out points to your development team for improvement so that they can keep a check and improve their programming in case of any speed retardation.

This tool is amazing where:

  • Checks the websites speed.
  • Pinpoints the areas which cause the speed to slow down in the website and affect SEO and rankings.

Website Penalty Indicator

No matter how much of checking you carry out, errors are bound to happen and it is quite possible that owing to the mistake you could get penalized too. In fact, you might not be even aware when your website has been penalized. Also, all your prospective clients do check on your website history and see how it fares on the internet.

Keeping this in mind you must check on your websites penalties and sought out ways on its rectifications. This is where the website penalty indicator comes to your rescue where it gives you to review and studies traffic coming to your website with SEM Rush organic traffic and also Google analytics. Thus, it is a great check tool especially when you are pitching for new clients.

This tool is great for:

  • Identifying your website’s health whenever updates happen.


Google Analytics

No website can survive if this tool is not incorporated. This is truly a must requirement.

It gives a great insight as to how the individual pages are attracting traffic to the website, where it studies and compares the data over a period of time

Well, it’s never late to start using the Google tool as the benefits are far-reaching and can tremendously impact your websites performance SEO campaign strategy.

This tool helps in:

  • Studying the website and how it is performing.
  • Highlights areas that need improvement in the website.
  • Studies the traffic coming to the website.

Google Search Console

Another tool provided by Google provides a host of features. The search Console provides features like how many pages are present for indexing on the website, finds the most preferred landing pages, identifies links coming to your website, queries on your website, and many other things. Another advantage of this tool is it gives suggestions for updated and new sitemaps so that the new pages can be indexed and redefines the SEO campaign strategy.

This tool helps you in:

  • Identifying errors.
  • Gives website’s analytics and gives an insight into overall website health.

For further details visit the Website.

Search Analytics for Sheets

We all have been using Google sheets and we have a free add-on tool for Google Sheets. It gives you the feature to extract data from Google Search Console whereby it foregoes the 90-day date limit. Adding further you can get all the information on the ranking, queries, impressions, and landing pages from the Google Sheets.

This tool works best for:

  • Searching data on the website of the past and also for retrieving analytics data on the website.

Marketing Tag Management

Google Tag Manager

This tool provides you with an easy and organized way to place tags on your website. By doing so, you ease out your developers’ job where you can centrally carry out the exercise on your end with ease. Also, you can edit the same in the future as well. The tag manager carries out the entire thing from this central location and updates the code as well as snippets on to the site.

Google Tag Manager

A great tool for

  • Managing tags.
  • Tracking events.
  • Editing and uploading code and snippets.

For further information Visit Website.

Google Tag Assistant

The free Chrome extension is helpful in debugging Google Tags which would include Analytics, Tag Manager, AdWords, Meta tags, and much more. Here the Tag assistant incorporates a color-coded system to give you an insight into the health of your website and also the way the tags have been incorporated. It basically guides you as to how the tags have been installed on your website and judges if they are beneficial for you and guides you in case changes are required.

The tool works best where:

  • Verifies Google tags.
  • Debugs tags to give you maximum benefit.

The above-discussed Google tools are just a few of the huge array of tools available for your SEO campaign. The aim is to just give you greater SEO benefits all the way and enhance traffic coming to your website and redefine your SEO Campaign strategy to give you higher improved results.


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