Social Media Hacks that you cannot afford to miss in the year 2019

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It is super easy to get started on social media, right? Wrong!

It is not just about creating a social media profile for your brand, start posting and expect instant results. Social media is all about attention. Whatever you post on social media, if it is not gaining attention, it is useless for your brand.

You can use social media to create a brand reputation, establish a good relationship with your audience, and help them make the right decision by placing an order on your website.

To help you achieve all that, here are 4 quick easy & insanely useful social media hacks which can help you generate sales and grow your audience through social media.

1. Begin with a good story

If there is one thing that I remember from my childhood, it is the bedtime stories that my mother used to tell me right before we go to sleep. Why? Because everyone loves stories and a good story is remembered by everyone.

good story
Social Media Hacks that you cannot afford to miss in the year 2019 1

On social media, marketers have this amazing opportunity to tell real-life stories of customers. How a certain customer faced a problem and your brand helped them sort out their problem?

To cut through the crowd you need to market your product in an enticing manner. Storytelling is a powerful way to integrate your product into the lives of your customers.

It is a fantastic medium to build trust and authentic with your brand personality. No need to complicate things. Just a few interesting facts can do the job right.

2. When in doubt, use a meme

If you’re a social media bug you know how the meme operates. For those who don’t know, a meme is a humorous way to convey a very important message in a memorable manner.

Social Media Hacks that you cannot afford to miss in the year 2019 2

In social media, memes are used to make things easy for people to understand. Since the nature of meme is visual it is easy for users to remember the message. The great thing about a meme is it is highly shareable which makes it a perfect hack for social media.

So, how can you use the power of meme? Simple, there are meme-generating websites which can help you create free memes just by adding a caption. You can put your brand name at the corner of the meme and it is all set to be shared on social media with your customers to enjoy.

3. Social selling is a way out

With the success of Amazon Spark, it is now official that people are willing to buy products even from social media. It is common for brands to buy directly from social networks. You can target more customers with popular hashtags, trends, and infographics.

This is a way in which you can reach people in a non-creepy way. You can even grab the attention at a global level.

People find social selling safe and secure because people don’t need to leave the app to buy the product. You can even integrate social media selling with the Shopify platform.

Most of the web design agency professionals are using social selling to leverage their brands. Consider building up a following on social media. Search for trends, hashtags, and conversations which are related to your brand.
If you want to master the art of social selling, start with entertaining posts, and informative posts.

4. Video content is still a hit

If you don’t have anything to post on social media the best thing to do is to make a blog and convert it into a video. Pick the important points and showcase them in a video format.

video content
Social Media Hacks that you cannot afford to miss in the year 2019 3

Do you know that 64% of the viewers are likely to buy a product if there is a video related to a product?

Some more food for thought-

If your customers are in an awareness stage, you can create a video about what is the problem that you’re willing to solve and show how the brand is solving the brand. For consideration stage, you need to mention the buyer’s stage guide or let the consumer know why they should go for your brand.

A video for consumers who are at the decision stage can directly relate to the solution which you’re proving to your customers. Video content is a fantastic way to get attention. But ensure that a video can also turn out bad and for that, you need to be prepared.

The best approach is to first share your video in some focus groups. This will give you some idea about the tone of the people who are seeing your video.

In closing

Social media is a powerful way to entice customers in buying from you. It is the easiest way to build trust and gain instant feedback on your product and service.

There is no way you can afford to miss the opportunity to let this go. Sure, you can see what your competitors are doing, but not everything what is working for your customer will work for you too. You need to see what is working for your brand and what you can leave out.

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