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Tips for choosing a good domain name for your website

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Giving your brand a name took a lot of thought, right? You either thought long and hard to get a meaningful name or had one that has inspired you for ages. But either way, the decided name had to be well-thought of and well-executed.

Selecting a domain name for your business website deserves the same level of thoroughness. So, here are a few tips that can help you get the best domain name for it.

Go with the .com extension

The domain extension Dotcom is the most popular on the internet, so it is the most memorable. But it is not the only one. There is .blog, .org, and .photography among many others. As you can see, some of these extensions have been specified to the business’s niche, and that has its perks. But for memorability, always go for .com. This extension rolls off the tongue, and it makes you more recognized by most internet search engines.

Keep the domain name at around 15 characters long

Do you have an idea of how long 15 characters look like? Well, let us give you a practical example.

Take a look at the sub-topic of this section, ‘Keep the domain name under 15 characters.’ This five-letter and one number sentence have 37 characters. And so, if you aim to go for a short fifteen-character domain, you will have to cut the wording to half.

You have to take note that even space in-between the words are considered characters. But luckily, domain names do not have spaces. So if we refer to our example, we get this 18-character domain chain: ‘keepthedomainunder.com’ (do not count the .com).

It may seem like an unrealistic goal, but it is not. What you do is ensure that you have your brand’s name in the domain, even if it surpasses the 15-character mark. The point is to make your brand memorable. And cutting it short is not wise because it will be incomplete. An excellent suggestion is to use the initials of your brand name if it is a long combination of words.

Having a long domain name could result in your clients making typos while looking for you. And this results in you losing traffic to your website.

Make the domain name easy to pronounce and spell

There is nothing wrong with fancy and complicated words; just don’t use them on your domain name if you want to have traffic towards your page. Picking a complicated name people find hard to spell will result in losing clients since they cannot get to you easily.

Pronunciation comes in handy when you have to verbally mention to someone your domain name. Let’s say you do not have your business card; then you have to spell out the domain name literally. Now imagine it is complicated jargon; see how it can be misunderstood?

To surpass such a challenge, consider using a domain name generator that will give you super suggestions. And from that list, you can select whichever resonates well with you.

Stay clear from using hyphens in your domain name

Let’s be real; no one ever naturally thinks of hyphenating a domain name, so why should you do that? Hyphenated domain names are usually associated with duped pages. So, to appear legit, do not include it in your name.

Hyphens can be confusing to a first-time visitor, and they may end up on your competitors’ page because of a typo by forgetting to insert the hyphen.

Avoid double letters

A domain name with two words that end and start with the same letter may be a challenge. And so if you can avoid them, please do. Just imagine typing in a domain name such as pressselling.com. The three ‘sss’ can be confusing, and someone might miss one ‘s’ and end up on an error page instead.

Select a flexible domain name that is non-niche specific

Remember when we mentioned domain extensions like .photography, or .blog. You may use them, but it is not advisable, especially if you may want to expand. This can be a bit of a struggle to make an expansion of your business in the future.

Think of it this way;

Let’s say you started with a blog about summer wear and have a domain such as summerstyle.com. But now, you want to expand your business to look into other seasonal clothing like winter or spring. With this domain, your hands are tied to some degree. A brilliant and broad domain for such a brand would be seasonalstyle.com. This encompasses all seasons’ styles and gives you space to grow and diversify.

Wrap up

Deciding on a domain name needs time and effort, and these tips will help you get to that point. Ideally, your aim should be memorability and functionality to keep your brand relevant. So follow all the above tips, and you will land on a domain name that represents your business website best.


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